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Mischa Barton


5/28/2007 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

barton-1TMZ has learned that actress Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital this evening after suffering an adverse reaction to medication.

Sources tell TMZ that the former "OC" star was at a friend's Memorial Day BBQ enjoying a few holiday cocktails when she began to feel extremely ill. Mischa, who has been quite sick with bronchitis since traveling to Cannes, London and Paris the past several weeks, apparently didn't get the memo -- you can't drink alcohol while taking antibiotics!

The 21-year-old celeb was rushed to an undisclosed medical facility in Los Angeles, where we are told she is "resting comfortably."

A rep for Barton tells TMZ that the starlet is with family and "feeling much better."


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not impressed    

Ok, we're a bunch of idiots who believe that story. Have you not seen numerous pictures of her smoking joints in her SUV? Where there's smoke there's fire and I would bet my bottom dollar that marijuana is the least of her problems. An accidental mixing of legitimate mediations with booze.......I think not. This is just another example of people too immature to handle the success and excess of Hollywood. Paris and Lindsay better make room in the's just a matter of time until this one ends up there as well.

2518 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

She's already a goner. Sorry to tell you this. :-( RIP, Mischa Barton. May your mediocre performance on 'The OC' be considered to be your crescendo. *sniff, sniff*

2518 days ago


#14 C Overgaard
Love it. Your on to something.
I do think Lindsey should have to take care of that tree however (off chain time of course). Maybe chain her to it in a hug on Sundays.
It looked to be an old palm? maybe been there long time. It's what upset me the most!

2518 days ago


> # 7- ron weasley< "Update: TMZ has confirmed our scoop, though they're claiming Mischa suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics and alcohol"

lol I don't even trust the name!
TMZ Cant just put "your tip/scoop" up without verifying it and following thier own procedures!
I am glad they have that standered. So far they are saying what her reps have claimed which all one can do. As soon as TMZ verifies other information they will change page to update. They have done so in many instances.

2518 days ago


People have dangerous reactions to antibiotics all the time, especially the fluroquinolones like Avelox and Cipro..

I took Avelox a couple weeks ago and had to be hospitalized because my skin turned purple, blood vessels in the whites of my eyes burst, my pulse went through the roof, as did my blood pressure.

So it is certainly possibly she did have a bad reaction to an antibiotic. it's also possible she wasnt taking antibiotics at all, and just freaked out on too much coke and shrooms.

2518 days ago


god, I wish these spoiled pitiful "actresses" would come live on an airforce base with a fixed income in REALITY for a minute and see why they have it so bad in Hollywood with their millions that they must destroy their health and body and minds for WHAT? The next big night out? wow. How completely useless. She is ridiculous, so are all these actress/heiress/pop star girls. They are fun to read about you think they realize that they ARE the trainwrecks that we can't help from watching, or do you think they really think they are doing something great here?

2518 days ago


I guess Linds doesn't want a serious acting career--if she did she'd be doing the Natalie Portman thing, the Scarlett Johansson thing, etc and be caring more about her career rather than partying every single second of the day. She should face it--she's totally self-destructive, like Britney and Paris--and her "career" is on a downward spiral. In two years she will be dead, since her "yes men," mainly her mother, seem to be incredibly pre-occupied with giving her what she "wants," rather then what she needs.
Prediction: we'll be hearing about a fatal overdose in a few years.

2518 days ago


Reading the blog I find most realize there is more to this story to be scooped up.
Question is how much do we care? She is ok ( this time) and it is
Mischa Barton.
Maybe TMZ needs to conserve gas, prioritize dramas.

2518 days ago

fame ho    

Have sympathy for these young prosti-tots???? Cry me a river...these loser slut whores will be all washed up by the ripe old age of 30...What's a party without shrooming and a big bag of blow and the every night ER visit??? My God the local LA hospitals can not even take care of the real sick and injured with all the drug overdoses of the under 21 celebrity losers...Where is a real human that is sick or injured to go when all the ER rooms are filled to the brim with the coked out HO's??? I wonder how many people were pushed aside to make room for this bimbo from self induced stooper??? If I lived in LA I would protest that these HO's are taking up all the ER beds.

2518 days ago


#22 Mande
I think they are handicapped by narcissism and slow brain cell development that's why they act. But what do I know :)
>By the way If you are in the military. Thank you.

2518 days ago


#23: I'm getting that same vibe, and I hope it's not so. But really...there are so many trainwrecks out there right now. What are the odds something WON'T happen to one of them?

2518 days ago


If Perez Hilton starts to snake his way over into this site I will leave TMZ. .His standards are desperately low. "Most" of his audience
(who will follow) obnoxious crude brats.

2518 days ago


It does seem to be picking up momentum. Like a suspense filled movie we wonder & wait. Who it will be?
Or..... we are just hearing about stuff more now.

2518 days ago


It was SHROOMS and yes cocaine, Perez had it right!!!!! Antibiotics? hahahahhahahaah

2518 days ago


It's very sad that these young actresses are using drugs and partying in such a destructive way. Of course, lots of young people are going to drink, and smoke a couple of joints here and there. But, to risk their life (driving while drunk, under the influence of drugs, getting into accidents, etc.) and take such chances is really unbelievable. They have plenty of money to hire drivers, therapists, cabs, and assistants to help them. I sincerely hope that all of them (Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Mischa, etc. etc.) get the help they need and realize that there is more out there than being wasted all of the time.

2518 days ago
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