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Is Lindsay

Dumping Movie and Career

with Hard Partying?

5/29/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Lindsay Lohan throw away the chance to work with screen legend Shirley MacLaine after her weekend bust on suspicion of DUI? Is she quickly becoming the female equivalent of the former Robert Downey, Jr., i.e., an instant liability on film sets because of her crazy antics?

TMZ is told that "Poor Things" -- a crime caper about a granny gang starring MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis -- is set to begin shooting with Lohan on Thursday, with three weeks of location filming in Los Angeles. Lohan's court date on the DUI charge isn't until August, so that won't matter, but if she's checking into rehab, as has been reported, she clearly won't be around to work.

So far, the film's production company, Still Rolling Productions, tells the trades that the shoot won't be affected. No studio is yet attached, and calls to Lohan's people and MacLaine's reps haven't been returned.

But the bigger question is whether the drinking and drug problems are killing Lohan's career, making her uninsurable for films that studios and investors pour millions of dollars into -- because she's proven to be so erratic. One source tells TMZ that Lohan should be an absolute angel on the "Poor Things" shoot if she doesn't want to further jeopardize her career, and a film insurance executive tells TMZ that he would have to think "very, very hard" before insuring Lohan because she's become such "a loose cannon."

Lilo better get it in gear for this flick -- no one wants to see Shirley MacLaine angry!!


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44. ----------------------------------------------
Your comments: Re : #38
"That city" (LA) is full of opportunity and options for a
bright talented young person LA has some wonderful schools.
It's not the city it's what you choose to do and be apart of in the city.
Those online IQ test are a joke. Get off the internet and go to
collage,Get a real idea on how an IQ works.

Posted at 1:46PM on May 29th 2007 by Scout
LOL you don't have to tell me about L.A...I live in Marina del Rey and my family live in Chatsworth. You obviously did not read my post and your reply has absolutely no bearing to my question regarding serving liquor illegally to under age minors. I think you need to go to college...BTW it's spelled with an E not an A LOL.

2642 days ago


Why are you people ripping into her so hard. She is making lots of mistakers that is true but come-on she is just 20 years old. Not vey many 20 year olds are mature.

2642 days ago

phoenix rising    

#6 you're right, she was adorable in Parent Trap. She is also a beautiful girl now, unlike Paris Hilton and others. She could grow into a legendary movie beauty or she could end up tragically like other young stars. I pray for her even though I'm not very religious. She can't be that dumb to throw her youth, beauty, and promising life away. Maybe when she gets out she should go to a retreat somewhere, smell the roses, and just stay away from that Sunset Boulevard trash.

2642 days ago


I think all of it is blown out of wack, The only pictures they take of her are the ones that show the worst, I think she has a chance if people would her the hell alone and let her live a normal life and stay out of her damn business!!!!!!!!

2642 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

There have been numerous actors/actresses over the years that have battled major addictions, and they were given second, third and beyond chances to redeem themselves. For example, Robert Downey Jr.!

2642 days ago


My concern is that this A---hole could have killed innocent people while DUI. Same for Paris, Brittany, Nicole. What will it take? A fatal accident of an innocent person caused by their partying?

2642 days ago


She's just a spoiled, over-rated, no-talent, trashy celebrity with absolutely NO CLASS. Why can't she just go away so we never have to see or hear about her again??????????????

2642 days ago


brian Shut the F--k up, already.

2642 days ago


This is your career circling the drain.

2642 days ago


Well she always has her talent with the stripper pole.. yahoo

2642 days ago


As unexcusable as her behavior is, if she truly is hooked on drugs or booze, or most likely both it will take a lot more than just pushing for her to really get clean again. She'll have to hit rock bottom, and maybe even then she won't get on the ball. I find it appalling that these young celebrities are being illegally served liquor and nothing is being done about it. I'm only 16 and I see people my age drinking and the like all the time and I think everyone, famous or not, should be held responsible for their actions. And like many others said, where is the publicity for the few celebrities who live a clean life?

2642 days ago


She is a complete waste of good oxygen.

2642 days ago


Just like Paris hopfully will share a jail cell with Paris, just because your Linsey Lohan you can get away because you have tons of money what right idea are you giving to your fans Ms. Lohan,you already had 2 cars accidents, so a total of 3 your out: you need to pay for your mistakes and that just because your famouse you think you can get away with a DUI, and running from the Law Linsey;
you are trying to be the next Paris, they need to suspend your Drivers License as well: you will kill somebody; going to rehab is not enough for you getting treatment that's the easy way out the mother's of Drunk Driving will agree with me that you should have never been drinking and driving in the first place:hope you go to jail too and you need to share a cell with your friend Paris:All your movies you mad really bad;Just because you have lots of money in the bank does not get you off: your Lawyer is so stupid he needs to send you to jail hope the prosocuter puts you there in jail: commuity duty is not for you: go to jail don't get get out of jail free:
Pay for your Mistakes:
I don't Fell sorry for you one bit:Pay for your mistakes:

2642 days ago


what a loser.... Fire-crotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2642 days ago


This girl really needs help.......................
It is sad when u make all this money and it goes to there head..............
She needs alot of help

2642 days ago
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