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Chauffeured by Lawyer

to Rehab

5/29/2007 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan checked into Promises rehab facility under the watchful eye of her lawyer.

TMZ spotted mega-lawyer Blair Berk driving Lohan to the facility on Monday. Sources tell TMZ this is "a serious medical treatment program," not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past. We're told Lohan will be a resident at the facility, possibly for 30 days, but her outpatient treatment will last much longer.

It would seem Lohan's next movie project may be on the skids, at least temporarily. We were told shooting was expected to start the day after tomorrow, but that almost certainly will not happen.


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Hey, maybe she can hook up with the dude that Brittany met up with at that place. Didn't he go back for more 'rehab'?
I do hope she is able to get healthy. But, I am sure her Lawyer convinced her to go to this Health Resort so the charges piling up against her will be minimalized.
Good luck to her anyway.

2667 days ago


Please carpool. Britney and Paris and Nicole need Promises also. Save the earth and my sanity for 30 days.

2667 days ago


She is NOT serious about Rehab. After the accident she was partying again as reports were swirling that she was going to check in. She's only going so she her lawyer can tell the judge that she's already a changed person. However, how serious do you think she's going to take rehab? I personally don't think she'll last. I think she'll get kicked out.

What a mess!

2667 days ago


I hope she gets better in Rehab. I personally don't think she even needed to go - she's young and having fun, leave the girl alone. She's also a great actress so hopefully she'll work something out and can still be in the movie.

2667 days ago

who cares?    

she is just a normal young lady--now stop bashing the whore!

2667 days ago


These 30 day rehab home study on-line with shopping and spa field trips are worthless. Ninety days at least and no less.

2667 days ago

Pat B    

This tramp is talentless, so shouldn't even do Lifetime movies. When she gets out of Rehab she has a court date in August. Hopefully they throw her ass in jail. They have alot of charges against her underage drinking (again), drugs, causing an accident. The drugs alone is a felony. Paris will be out by then, she can tell Lindsey what to expect. She probably thinks going to rehab will help her out when she goes to court, to show she's getting help. NOT!! We know she'll be out drinking and drugging again and again she's hopeless. What about her loser mom. She's out there trying to get her 15 minutes of fame off her daughter. Nightclubs should get fined for letting all these underage stupid kids in. If your not 21 you can't come in, no matter who you are!! Lindsey sucks as an actress and singer ( i use those terms loosely). She needs to look for an other line of work, something she's good at like crack whore, stripper, or flasher.

2667 days ago


I just hope the next time we get to watch a video of Lindsey Lohan, it is of her being turned away from the doors of every nightclub in LA for being UNDERAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why aren't these bars being prosecuted for allowing underage drinkers in for the publicity. MK and Ashley, Lindsey, Hillary Duff, etc...have no business being in a bar. Everyone knows who they are and that they are underaged. If something terrible would have happened with that crash, the bar could be sued. If I were them I'd never let her in again.

2667 days ago


This place ( Promises) was featured on a few TV shows. Who they trying to kid?
I give Lohan 2 weeks out before she is sneaking booze from her closet at home.
Had she gone to some place outside of her party zone I might have more hope. I promise she needs a lot more than 30 days.

2667 days ago


I know this is not a funny matter, but...

I don't think she want to be outdone by Paris Hilton, so she's gone and done it!!!

Personnally I wish she and her whole gang of ding bats need to go away for good already. Her days of being a cutesy are long gone....Really!!!

2667 days ago


While it is good to hear that she is getting professional help for her addictions, it is getting tiresome that celebs use the "going to rehab" card only when facing a court of law to minimize what they may be sentenced with -- maybe she should have never left a rehab facility so soon the last time considering her DUI accident and another rough nite the very next night! Maybe society should consider doing our part and not cover these troubled starlets so much when they hit rock bottom,. Maybe a good old fashion non condoning of self-destruction and reckless behavior is more in order here since so many of these celebs are ruining their lives & possibly endangering others while they cant take the time to realize how fortunate they really are as opposed to ruminating about how awful their lives are in their minds. Their behavior and our being fascinated with it is NOT a decent message for our children.

For all you that think drinking, doing blow & whatever else for recreation is no big deal, wake up, its deadly & destructive...nothing funny or impressive about that.

2667 days ago

Muskoka Girl    

is she was so serious about wanting to get help well then why didin't she check in right after her hit and run no she continued partying the rest of the weekend shes only in rehab to make herself look good in court give me a break to little to late lohan noone feels sorry for you your disaster of a mom should check herself in to FAMILY OF LOSERS

2667 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

I see a remake of the 70s 3D movie, Girls in Prison.

2667 days ago


"not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past"

Um, Who are the other startlets???? Lohan was the only one who went to the "in and out ruse" called WONDERLAND!

2667 days ago


If I were a rich as she is, I might be a party fiend too, especially if the DANG BARS and CLUBS didn't drool all over her and break the law by serving her!

These underage celebrities can go anywhere they want and get drunk. Oh, they might be stopped once in a while, but when do you ever hear that the farking nightclub they were at was found liable for serving a minor???

2667 days ago
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