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Celine and Her ... Son?!

5/30/2007 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who's that mini-Fabio posing with Celine Dion on the cover of Hello magazine? Believe it or not that's her six-year-old son, Rene Charles!
Celine Dion
Let's hope with Celine's cheese-tastic run at Caesars Palace in Vegas finally coming to an end this year, that she'll soon have the time to get adorable lil' Rene his much needed haircut. Androgyny be damned!


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Making decisions to a 6 year old is empowering and gives one a sense of self and control. Who's he hurting???

2679 days ago


Geez, I never hear a word about Johnny Depp and he has been wearing his hair long for years.

2679 days ago


I actualy don't get all this messing around with René-Charles hair.
Or about Celine wanted a girl instead of a boy
Do we bugg grown up men when they let their hair grow long?
NO... We woman, most of the time find them : SEXY, BAD BOYS AND
we babble in front of them, so, what is with making fun of a boy that
likes to have his long hair??
What it is to be next?? Make fun of a little girl that cut her hair short
because SHE LIKES THAT or because that is the way Her parents want
to have her hair???

I saw a few comments about Celine having some frozen eggs and catholisism
like: What is she going to do with that??
I am sorry but one of the first things I learn by becoming Catholic
was to stop looking at other but To take care of MY OWN business!!!!
Itsnt that a sin to be talking trash about other, or judging others????

Why don't people just enjoy Celine for what she is? One of the best PERFORMERS
in the whole world , and enjoy the fact that she wants to share with us, her fans
the joy of her life? Her Son.

And then we wonder why artis hide their kids, their private life
because people can't just accept, but instead they have to be JUDGING
like if us, in our little world were PERFECT!!!

René-Charles looks awesome with long hair
He doesn't look like a little girl and Celine looks Happy with him
what else can they ask for??

Celine, On T'adore chez nous!!!

2678 days ago


Long hair, short hair, pink hair, green hair - who cares???? I went through some difficult times with one of my children and now everything is really great. It has taught me to just be greatful that I have this beautiful child and NOTHING else matters. Remember.....when you point a finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you.

2678 days ago

dirty undies needed washing    

The kid is good looking
The mother caused the confusion

2677 days ago


Rene is really is cute but I can see Celine is over doting w/him... hair is pretty but he supposedly goes shopping with his aunt at salon stores for special shampoo- strange for a 6yo t even care about!

II am disturbed by Celine's airbrushed face! She looks nothing like she did as a young teenager...the boy looks like his father...which is a good thing...

2677 days ago

Lorraine N    

I really like Celine Dion, but I do have to agree that her son needs to have a haircut. Sure, the curls looks cute...but it's time for them to go. I would never let my son grow his hair out that long.

2677 days ago


Seriously thought he was a girl before I read the article. Celine and her husband should consider giving him a haircut even if they don't cut it all off. It's just too long, and it gives the wrong first impression to adults.

Besides, he's name is Rene AND his hair is long.

Kids have enough to deal with in life without hair being an issue.

2677 days ago


#321:what r talking about???u said just stupid things-and i cant understand.........

2677 days ago


Her son is adorable. But unless he is homeschooled - at some point his hair will be a point of humiliation for him with the other kids. Kids can be cruel (as can the media). CD is such a charitable person, she should cut his hair, and contribute it to Locks of Love for cancer patients. He is a beautiful child, but at some point the "rich and famous" parents have to realize that their celebrity doesn't buy a "pass" for their kid.

2675 days ago


you have a beatiful son, let him be a boy, please cute his hair.
get him some clothes that are bright and cute for him.
I think you can afford it, if not i will call oprah for some money from the angel network,
if it not all gone to africa? this angel network is oprah money which the people sent
her, but to hear tell it, it oprahs!!

2674 days ago


I wonder if Mommy will perform at the gay pride events when he gets older

2506 days ago


That poor child ... Celine Dion is a child herself! Can you imagine what it's like growing up with her? I mean, she met that creepy husband of hers when she was 14 years old ... yuck. I feel so sorry for Rene Charles. While I agree that Ryder Robinson needs a haircut too, at least he seems to be having a somewhat normal childhood, unlike little Rene Charles. Wonder if he ever goes out of the house, has playdates with other kids ... school??? See, Celine never had those things I'm sure, so she just doesn't have a clue.

We'll see how messed up this kid turns out. The best thing for him is to be talented like his mom so he can continue to live in the bubble that Celine and Creepazoid created for him.

2502 days ago


If that is a boy . . . then I am a monkey's uncle. Let the kid have a haircut . . . he could then look more like dad instead of mum

2672 days ago


As a hairstylist, I have no problem with the long hair, it's just the other things that often go with it. When I worked in a high end salon in a very upscale California neighborhood we had lots of little boys who looked like this. And mom's sometimes brought them in to have it high lighted, french braided and, yes, a few times, even set in rollers!

I don't think its so much that they wanted daughters but its a matter of having so much money that they truely believe the rules of society don't apply to them.

2671 days ago
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