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Celine and Her ... Son?!

5/30/2007 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who's that mini-Fabio posing with Celine Dion on the cover of Hello magazine? Believe it or not that's her six-year-old son, Rene Charles!
Celine Dion
Let's hope with Celine's cheese-tastic run at Caesars Palace in Vegas finally coming to an end this year, that she'll soon have the time to get adorable lil' Rene his much needed haircut. Androgyny be damned!


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Didn't you guys know it? Celine wished all of her life for a girl. Because she is a high powered star, she can change her boy into a girl. Hey, the name Renee fits already. What's next, a sex change? It looks like she had his hair highlighted and taper cut, with a bit of layering on the ends. My husband would would have vetoed this a long time ago. I guess we know who wears the pants in the family.

2701 days ago


It looks like the boy is gay and knows it already! The only thing missing is the purple shirt!!!!!! For the love of god, cut his hair or make him come out!

2701 days ago

big joe    

she look's like a great mom.

2701 days ago


why does Lil Rene remind me of brendan fraser in george of the jungle there?

also it took some convincing to believe twas a boy.

2701 days ago


i think i just lost my lunch

2701 days ago


Celine has the "House of Wax" look. This is the 3rd picture of Celine that I have seen this week with the horrible Wax-Funeral look. It must be one her 13 brothers/sisters giving Photoshop a try. It never fails. You can always tell when a newbie gives photoshop a try. She should call her lawyers and get her money back. Her money is probably in India, by now.

2701 days ago


Sometimes you guys are such rude ass holes.

2701 days ago


If he wasn't Celine Dion's son, one of his classmates would have kicked his a$$ by now. He probably has a private tutor. No way is that kid gonna make it in any school looking like a girl. He's a drag queen already. Why doesn't she accept that she had a son and not a daughter like she wanted? Maybe it's time to use some more of those frozen eggs.

2701 days ago



2701 days ago


Now I know why she didn't mind naming him after his father. Renee is a girls name and she must have really wanted a girl!!! Poor kid doesn't even know how odd he looks. Either that or he is gay and doesn't care. Its too early for him to come out of the closet if he is gay. would he know it by now? Celine looks like she is from a wax museum!

2701 days ago

Cassandra Delicious    

LOL... to #1 kiki: Beautiful child?!?!?!?! are you kidding me? LOL... and you're disgusted? Well that says a lot about you when you sit here and read this crap...

Forget the hair!!! What about the BLOUSE he's wearing? LOL... OMG, I have never laughed so hard... thank you TMZ, this is hysterical!!!!! I will be laughing for the rest of the afternoon....

2701 days ago


Artie Lang:

Dude, I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at your comment. Tears streaming down my face. Too funny. By the way, I agree.

2701 days ago


That's already bordering on perverted, from the parents. Even the way they brushed it to one side over-the-shoulder. Poor test-tube baby!!!!

2701 days ago


At first glance I thought, 'Who is the little girl?' I understand and even like, at times, long hair on boys and men but as Cari said, "the curly ends looks way too precious." Hollywood kids have too much baggage already without having to be mistaken for the opposite gender. Kate Hudson's son, too - get them some haircuts...or at least a trim!

2701 days ago


I don't think there is anything wrong with the long hair. He's beautiful and that's that. If his parents want his hair long then they can keep it long. I'm sure if the kid din't want it long they owuld get it cut. So leave them all alone!

2701 days ago
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