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Arrest Warrant Issued for Tom Sizemore

5/31/2007 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Sizemore is officially a wanted man.

TMZ has learned that a Los Angeles County judge has issued a bench warrant for the Sizemore's arrest, after he was booked on drug charges in Bakersfield earlier this month.

The "Black Hawk Down" actor's arrest may have violated the terms of Sizemore's probation from a 2004 drug conviction. Tom must now turn himself over to authorities, so a judge can determine if he should be thrown behind bars.

A date for the probation violation hearing has not been set.


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Marc Wasserman    


We're behind you and wish you the best. We thank you for working with us and look forward to workin gwith you again in the near future.

Tom will appear as GOD in our independent fim COMMUTE. Tom also appeared on The Commuter Talk Show:

2675 days ago

Dr. Heelan    

Mr. Sizemore... The minute you were born, you were God's gift to this world. You are an amazing talent and underneath all the negative aspects of your life... there is an amazing man... You can't change the past, so why let it haunt you? You CAN paint the future..but first you have to want to. I, along with millions of others that truly appreciate the talent you have, sure hope you want to... soon. Your mind doesn't control you. You control your mind... YOU and only YOU have the key to change your life. USE THE KEY, MR. SIZEMORE... AND REACH OUT TO THE MANY THAT ARE DESPERATE TO HELP YOU OVERCOME YOUR PERSONAL DEMONS/ADDICTIONS... EVERYONE IS TRYING TO HELP YOU!

2666 days ago


Why don't they all give him a break! Tom is a kind, sensitive person, he's an artist, he loves Dylan Thomas.. so can't be that bad. Just let him breath, he's only human. Do you get on the back of the thousands anonymous meth-and-other-stuff users? no. All he needs is some people trust him, not push him even deeper. If he wishes to, pls feel free to give him my e-mail address. Bye from cloudy Paris.

2662 days ago


Tom, Tom, Tom - are the drugs really worth flushing your life and career down the toilet? What an idiot.

2679 days ago

John Q. Public    


Get your crap togethor you friggin idiot.

At this rate you will be dead soon.

2679 days ago

Marie Jane    

Haha! And some prosecutor recently said he should go to jail ( Looks like they got there wish!

2679 days ago

He's Boring now    

Like this wasnt expected....nice to see the Judicial system is not giving breaks to actors who continually break the law. Hope you have your affairs in order Tommy, now go turn yourself in before they come and get you.

Go do some hard time and get your mind right since previous Treatment and Threats didnt seem to do the trick. Only you can make the difference now, not a program, not a sponsor, not a promise.

Good Riddance and Good Luck

2679 days ago

hello, it    

Who is he and why should I care?

2679 days ago

the wise old owl    

Geez........what a loser ! He's probably smoking some METH somewhere and doesn't know who he is or what day it is. It's pathetic and very sad.

Unfortunately going to prison will not help this man or cure him from his addiction. He is not a violent offender and he is only harming himself.

It's a shame that Rehab didn't help him before but with his kind of addiction demons he needs more than a 30 day stay. He needs to check himself in for at least 120 days. Kieth Urban said when he went to rehab he was suppose to stay 90 days but realized he wasn't " READY ' yet. He recognized that those demons were still there and he stayed longer. A very smart man.

If Tom continues to live in denial and not except that he has a problem he will end up dead. Either by an overdose or else killed by someone in that sleezy world of people he associates with. I wish him luck. He's going to need it.

2679 days ago


I wonder if he can jet over to Promises and chat with Lindsay Lohan. Scared straight kinda thang!

2679 days ago



2679 days ago


Yay! More people behind bars for drugs then before, rape, murder, molestation, assult, kidnapping, abuse... no really you guys keep it going. I'm so glad he's locked up and not ppl that actually a danger to our society.

Thanks America.

2679 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Nothing is going to happen to him. He'll get a little slap on the wrist and be sent on his way. Then he'll get busted again, get another slap, sent on his way again.......rinse and repeat.

2679 days ago


This guy has one foot in a grave and the other on a banana peel.

2679 days ago


I know this guy has screwed up royally..but there is something likeable about him, and he really is a good actor...he's gonna get a stretch in jail this time for sure...I hope he gets himself straightened out before he kills himself...

2679 days ago
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