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Jodie Foster

Bottoms Out

5/31/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shield your eyes! Jodie's tweaking her wardrobe!

Jodie Foster was on the balcony of a real mountainside mansion for what was supposed to be a glamorous photo shoot -- but the glamor went down the cliff soon after she hiked up her dress to fix her understuff.

The Oscar winner put it all on display to make her adjustments, leaving this, er, rear view from the balcony.


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Whats wrong with it? She is phat! I'd hit it in a heartbeat!

2701 days ago

Karen Walker    

TMZ you suck. Leave Jody alone. She has worked very hard at keeping her life private, and you should respect that. Besides she is smarter and classier than most in Hollywood. Leave these kinds of shots to the dum sluts that hope and pray that they will have their a$$ plastered all over the internet.

2701 days ago


Thats Jodie Foster? She is starting to look like Bette Davis.

2701 days ago


No privacy whatsoever? She's hiking up her dress over see-through pantyhose and she's doing this on an outside balcony and PRIVACY is expected? I wouldn't undress on my own balcony and expect that no one would see, so why would she do it AND expect privacy? Even without photographers, did she not think that she is OUTSIDE and an expectation ff privacy is unrealistic, with or without photographers? Stupid is as stupid does.

2701 days ago

smart chick    

For some reason that just seems to cross the line. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Foster and found her a delightful person. She doesn't deserve to have her photo taken in this fashion. How low will you guys go? Next, looking through a partially open window at her as she takes a pee? I think she's great. Even better if she's gay. What a woman. And her butt looks great - especially for two kids.

2701 days ago


Why isn't she wearing panties????

2701 days ago

oh brother    

wow that looks like the profile of a piece of paper..

2701 days ago


Uhg that white girl has no booty. she is like hank hill off of king of the hill she has the inverted butt syndrom!

2701 days ago



2701 days ago

baby girl    

Rosie would tap that!

2701 days ago


Thats the price celebs pay....having a skanky TMZ photographer hiding under a rock until he thinks he can get a "money shot"......and this is considered news worthy? Pathetic!!!

2701 days ago

wasabi joe    

mmm mmm mmm love me some pancake ass

2701 days ago


I love looking at your site, but your comments are a bit too much. She IS NOT posing for the photog that took this picture. Seems to me that someone was hiding to catch it...give her a break. And, she looks great!

2701 days ago


To all that are supporting Jodie. I have a friend who did design work on a Foster film and said she was positively rude and spoke poorly of her fans. What comes around goes around, Jodie.

2701 days ago


Don't hate on Jodie!!! She probably looked around and didn't see those sneaky bastards in the bushes so she adjusted herself. No panties = No panty lines for the person who questioned why she wasn't wearing any. She looks great and she is one of our most talented actresses. Some people are just ugly and miserable so they sit at their keyboards and put everyone else down because it makes them feel better about their own shitty little lives. Peace Out!

2701 days ago
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