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Jodie Foster

Bottoms Out

5/31/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shield your eyes! Jodie's tweaking her wardrobe!

Jodie Foster was on the balcony of a real mountainside mansion for what was supposed to be a glamorous photo shoot -- but the glamor went down the cliff soon after she hiked up her dress to fix her understuff.

The Oscar winner put it all on display to make her adjustments, leaving this, er, rear view from the balcony.


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Jodie IS highly educated-Yale grad, or some Ivy league-#48 a few of these people have nothing better to do in their silly little lives than to insult, and curse these people out. So sad today's youth is so numb.

2709 days ago

C Ya    

I have changed so many times in my car going out from work... good damn thing "I" am not a celb... yikes!

2709 days ago


# 53 obviously YOU don't work 9-5, It's only 4:00 , honey!!!!

2709 days ago


#51- Deliliah, I agree with what you said... but it's still crossing the line! The celeb-photographers seem to now only want to get imbarassing, demeaning photos! There is no consideration for decency any longer!!!

2709 days ago


I believe she was making sure her muffin top roll was secure with in her panty hose.
It would show through her black dress in a photo.
It's not un common for a woman her age to have that, in fact I see 20 yr old's in belly shirts with it hanging over low cut jeans.
Guys in swim trucks with it too!..We all could use some push ups!

2709 days ago


Delilah - When you say "If you can't take the heat that EVERYONE knows comes with the fame and the glory and the money, don't be a celebrity"...I think I should point out that back in the day when Jodi Foster BECAME a celebrity, the invasive environment that exists today was non-existent. She made her choice to be a celebrity at a time when papparazzis were not stalkers and a decency was a consideration to most of society. It is only in the past 10 years or so that the stalkerazzi has gotten out of hand thanks to the internet and instant technological advances that allow the obsessive nature of people who buy their stuff.

2709 days ago


Jodie Foster was child actress- she may not have even had a choice to become an actress Delilah. She turned out pretty good, considering the child stars of today cannot handle

2709 days ago


It would be interesting to know how much the photographer was paid for this photo! And then we would understand why such photos are taken.....MONEY IS THE BOTTOM LINE...unfortunately!

2709 days ago


she just turned me into a lesbian

2709 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

The peeping tom who shot this should be ashamed of themselves. This is one actress, who doesn't look for a lot of press. She does her job (extremely well) and lives her life.

I wish my rear looked that good.

This isn't news ....... it's making others in their 40's+ feel jealous that most of us don't look that good. haha

Go Jodie :)

2709 days ago


You people have no shame.........

2709 days ago


You nimrods, she looks great for her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2709 days ago

just me    

Jodie showing off! She still sports a mighty fine taut little tush with no stretch marks. Not many forty-something mommies of two do. Why not show it off?

2709 days ago



2709 days ago


Jodie may not have had a choice to become rich and famous, but she is today, and she is certainly smart enough to know that hiking up her clothing that high over those revealing pantyhose is best done behind closed doors, not bushes. And maybe the paparazzi weren't as aggressive years ago, but they are now and celebrities sure know it. I have to agree with Delilah, celebrities know how it is now, so going inside to adjust her pantyhose shouldn't have been such a major ordeal. I would have done that myself. And if I was a neighbor and saw that, I would consider MY privacy invaded by Jodie's nudity. I don't think shots like this are nice, since she wasn't actually posing to get this kind of attention, but really, just go inside to be on the safe side. And if anyone is to blame, it is all those attention whores like Lindsay and Britney and Paris and their ilk, they lowered the standards of good behavior for everyone and paparazzi took it from there. Jodie looks great, though, and maybe now she will be a little more careful where she fixes her clothing.

2709 days ago
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