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A-Rod Plays Ball ... and Chain

6/1/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With an uncomfortable grin plastered across his face, baseball's scandalicious $250 million man, Alex Rodriguez, escorted his wife to an expensive damage-control-style dinner in Boston yesterday. How romantic!

A-Rod, who's taking all sorts of heat for clubbin' and strip clubbin' with Playboy model and exotic dancer Joslyn Noel Morse, forked over some serious jack to dine with his better half, the former Cynthia Scurtis, at the exclusive No. 9 Park restaurant.

We have a feeling Cynthia might be getting a lot of special attention in the near future ... if A-Rod knows what's good for him ... and his bankbook.


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Bob Young,
You hit the nail on the head. How rude! Sherri, Dan, and Spanky hogging the site for their own purposes. They are so off topic it's not even funny.

Seriously, AOL chat room is for this type of kiddy conversation.


As for A-rod, hopefully he'll get caught up in the roids scandal and he'll realize what he has before it's gone!!!!

2708 days ago


As the former wife of a pro baseball player, I know from experience that they ALL cheat, they ALL lie and they ALL cover for one another! The older players have all cheated and either worked thru it, or divorced, the players now are cheating, and the younger guys coming up will learn from the pros on how its done. They are all a bunch of sickening dirt bags!

Every major league wife should know that there are no good guys in pro sports. I thought I had the one good one and he proved me wrong. Funny thing is that the year I found out about his many one night stands, he was named player of the year by some club for all his good and charitable deeds! What a crock! It is too easy not to cheat. The groupies run amuck and are willing to do anything for the claim to fame. Waitresses, strippers, you name it, work overtime to sleep with a ballplayer. They are in every city, at every game, lurking at every hotel lobby and bar. It is like kids in the candy store for these players. They can have their pick. The players have their own little club where they do whatever they want and think they will never be caught. When they do (they always do) get caught, the wives forgive and forget because they love the lifestyle being married to a player affords them.

I found out about my hubby's cheating ways and stayed the first time because I had a long term marriage, a toddler, and was pregnant again. We went to counseling and I didnt think he would ever be THAT stupid again, but I was wrong! IF he ever stopped cheating, it was only for a short time. Caught the second time, I divorced him and took the half that I had earned by being a faithful wife who moved 3 times a year for 13 years, dragging kids and pets with me.

Oh, he's now married to the last Ho he got caught cheating with, and there were many. They have a child together and she is just stupid enough to think he wont do the same thing to her. LOL! But honey, he is cheating on you too. Leopards DO NOT change their spots!

2708 days ago


Welcome to Boss-Town, A-FRAUD (on and off the field, obviously).
Nice going deceiving your wife AND Toronto the other night.
I hope we kick your butts tonight.
Oh, wait....even if you win tonight, you'll still be 12 1/2 games behind us, That's a shame. Mwhahahahahahahahaha.

2708 days ago


Firefighters are the same way - they spend a lot of time away from home, just like ball players, and lead double lives. Funny, though, how ball players and firefighters are known for "family values." Just too easy to cheat, and they do all stick up for and cover up for each other - but the wives know, and over time either get used to the lifestyle and choose to ignore the infidelity or they get divorced when they get sick of it. But the cheaters never change - although they're very quick to displace the blame on their wives because they "were never there for me."

2708 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

There is cheating and then there is CHEATING..if you have to be an unfaithful ass then do so. but to disrespect the mother of your children in public just cause you have a boner is inexcusable. For the love of God guys...AT LEAST BE DISCREET.

2708 days ago


F all you losers who are hating on arod and the yankees....i am willing to bet 99% of you would do the same shi# if you had that much money and lastly, can someone tell me the score of the game right now??? oh wait I got it...BOSTON is getting SPANKED!!
NY = best baseball in the world

2708 days ago


I have a feeling that the men on here who are praising A-Rod and making excuses for him would sing another tune if the tables had been turned and Cynthia had cheated on Alex. They'd be calling her a ho and telling A-Rod to "divorce the B!@#$."

2708 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

No Rory..sorry..99% of us would NOT do the same or not. Most ADULTS can tell the difference between a MARRIAGE...(you know that concept I am sure..where you HONOR THE VOWS you took together? ) and getting your joint copped by any groupie with her legs open. Then again if you are so involved with your "sport" as you seem to be...the only use that any woman would have in your pathetic life would be to bring you another beer....CHEERS!!!

2708 days ago

miss sheree    

Oh, does it really matter - she is no different than Kobe's wife - they marry the guy for the $$$ and that is the payment for sticking around when the PLAYER husband is discovered cheating.....that's why they marry broke women.

When Christie Brinkley and Halle Berry's guys went astray -they went straight to the divorce lawyer's office.

Cheaters always pick broke, stupid women - they know they won't ever leave them no matter what they do.

2708 days ago


Boy, since when did TMZ become a chat room for kiddie dropouts? Anyhow I hope Arod has a good prenup but you have to admit he is one heck of a ball player.

2708 days ago


YEA they have a 2 year old daughter, and this is nothing new. he's known in new york as the strip club king. he gives strippers his number, spends lavish gifts on them, takes them back to his hotel room. everyone knows. this is old news.

2708 days ago


chantel If that is true he is lower than I thought.

2708 days ago

He's Boring now    

There was a great story in the Chicago Tribune today about A-Rod and other Pro Players off field antics this morning. The real gyst of the story was how since near inception, Reporters have looked the other way when the A-Rods of Pro Sports were cheating on their wives. How it was an unwritten rule that Reporters were to never delve into that area of their lives as it was separate from the sport and afterall they are "sportswriters".

The A-Rod photos and story however may prove to be the watershed for Reporters to now come out of the closet when witnessing these antics. Saying that with and even referencing the internet and TMZ, cell phone cameras, and a celebrity hungry world now, this stuff will now become news and reported on.

I say good. I want to know who these phoney heroes are and I want US Corporations to know who they are to so the endorsements dont come in so automatically.

Just like the Paps follow the Hollywood idiots all over town, dont be too surprised due to A-Rod that these sports heroes will soon get a taste of the same thing.

Note as well the recent death of the St Louis Cardinals players, Hancock, who was drunk as a skunk and high on pot after a game and than was killed in a drunken driving accident. Its high time these phoneys, or at least the ones cheating and drunk driving get exposed in the press, the internet and to Corporate America.

And than they can all give thanks to mr Rodriguez for screwing up their good thing.

Thanks as well to Kam's posting for the personal insights into things many of us always suspected and to which I hope going forward will get the exposure it is due.

A-Rod is a number one bum of a person, shakey at best as a supposed top notch baseball player, and guy who probably needs counseling beyond a need to cheat on his wife.

2708 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Number 13 they have a kid together and she can prove his is out playing .,mm err she can take him for all his is worth don't ever think he control the money he controls nothing

2708 days ago


After she stuck with him during his episodes of clinical depression & his cheating on and off the field! No good deed goes unpunished.

2708 days ago
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