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Blinged Out in the Afterlife!

6/2/2007 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

British artist Damien Hirst recently unveiled his latest weird and wacky masterpiece -- a real human skull encased in more than $25 million in diamonds. Diamonds are a (dead) girl's best friend!

Hirst bought the skull from a curiosity shop in his native London, and coated it in more than 8,000 jewels, including a pear-shaped pink diamond which is set square in the skull's forehead. The very modest Hirst says the piece is "uplifting, takes your breath away," even though he was originally worried that "we'd end up with an Ali G ring." Respect!

Hirst is best known for encasing a dead shark in formaldehyde. How soon before all of hip hop's biggest ballers are knocking down his door?


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John Q. Public    

This is a very practical thing. I think everyone should have one. Friggin Idiots.

2702 days ago


The fact that this idiot gets promoted as some sort of great artist is a supreme example of the ridiculous, pathetic and worthless nature of the art market.
His sort of art is not made to make people feel good but on the contrary, makes people feel worthless, empty and ignoant to even look at it.
He is nothing and in the future will be a dead rotting peice of garbage just like the sort of art that he makes.

2702 days ago

jProud American Author    

2702 days ago


That's JUST SICKO.. you pervert

2702 days ago




2702 days ago


and children are starving in Africa.....

2702 days ago

jack sparrow    

I read it was 98 million so which is it? whatever---that's stupid

2702 days ago

Get the Facts Straight    

Where's the pic of the artwork?? Pretty stupid to post an article about a piece of art and not show the readers what you are talking about.

And the skull was NOT "coated" in diamonds. It was duplicated using platinum and diamonds. The only original part of the skull in the artwork are the teeth.

And, yes, it is a pretty stupid piece of art and a huge waste of money.

2702 days ago


And to think, there are starving children in this hapless world

2702 days ago

West Coastian    

Hey #6, he's British, not American ya doorknob.

Here's a photo of the skull:

2702 days ago


NOw we know where TMZ gets it Frickin crap from...British tabloid BS

2702 days ago


I admire the concept. I would admire the art more if the shiny bling was gold from the teeth of war veterans, the shine would be more pure.
The skull of the man used as a shell deserves more than a reference.
This is the degree of commercialization that is beyond art.
Extract the diamonds and send their value in food to people domestic or foreign who can't feed themselves or their kids or their relatives. Beauty and art do not need to be fabricated out of materials that can benefit the needy. It seems so unnecessary to say this. Only right to say it.

2702 days ago


Is that Legal ?

2702 days ago


I agree with # 19 / MC.

That is a really really stupid and ignorant thing to do as art.. Let's see him do something really cool like make art out of trash or recycled materials or do something creative to feed people or save the planet or something.
Damien Hirst is a British moron and the fact he has actually been called the most famous artist in the world is a joke. If you asked 100 people who this guy was by name, I bet 99 of them would not know who he was or even have ever heard of him. True fame is when you say a name and everyone knows who you are talking about.
The art world is this miniscule tiny percentage of snots who think they are affecting change in the world or represent some kind of culture when in reality they represent nothing. I mean. look what thye are trotting out as the art world star. He's an idiot.
The revolutiton will not be televised.

2702 days ago

Mrs. Watkins    

Looks kind of nifty! It is a shame some of you are not able to just appreciate edgy art.

2702 days ago
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