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Hottest Videos -- Week of 05/27

6/2/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out Lohan at Les Deux before her infamous accident. TMZ cameras caught her partying 'til the wee hours.

Check out Mini-Brit giving Mini K-Fed a verbal lashing that all sizes of K-Fed rightly deserve.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is hilarious. In fact, this video is the best thing Cuba and former "OC" star Benjamin McKenzie have appeared in for quite a while. Check it out.


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RON left one off the list...

2667 days ago

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Ontario    

I don't care what anybody says about my lady Lindsay Lohan...... there are only three things that one can say about her....... she is HOT!!!!! HOT!!!! HOT!!!!

2667 days ago

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Ontario    

I also don't care what anybody says about my lady, Britney Spears...... she is HOT!!!!! HOT!!!!! HOT!!!!!! I LOVE BRITNEY!!!!!!

2667 days ago


So what if Lindsay stays up "til the wee hours". As a night person myself what!
And as ppl on a night shift , so what!

2667 days ago


Yeah, i have to admit that LL is hot!

2667 days ago

What's she smokin'?    

Lilo is hot..... she'd make a good high class whore if she can just keep putting that white stuff up her nose.

2667 days ago

Paul Kline    

There is absolutely nothing funny , unless you have a warped, sick sense of humor about Miss USA tripping on the stage at Miss Universe. Here this lovely young woman was representing our country and tripped on her dressed. To top it off the mexican audience gave her a bad time about it. I say boycott Mexico!

2667 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a wonderful talent. It is just unfortunate she lowers herself to showing off her body. Less is never more as far as integrity goes.

2667 days ago


Mexico wasn't booing her because she fell they booed her because they hate Americans. The scum bags leech off our country and then boo us. I wish Americans would wake up and abandon Mexico.

2667 days ago


lindsay is really pretty its jus a shame that she lowers herself like this because she obviously talented.....i saw the previews to her new movie and it is honestly i think she needs to go to jail for 23days like paris (so she cant leave when she please) and get better

2667 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a whore, plain and simple. I'm betting that she searched for this kind of a role. She probably takes it anyway guys give it to her! SLUT!

2666 days ago


Leave Miss USA alone for God's sake, enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2666 days ago


LL needs to get her act together. Her face is looking old & haggard in pix lately. She needs to grow up & use her brains. Her career is going down the drain, she could've killed somebody in that accident, needs to wear panties (not an attractive look). I can't believe she doesn't die of embarrassment knowing EVERYBODY has seen her skanky crotch. Celebrating her bday in Vegas? BAD IDEA. And why in hell aren't these clubs held accountable for serving alcohol to minors?

The little brat needs to start acting like a responsible person instead of a drunken slut.

2666 days ago

Miss USA may have fallen but in true American spirit got back up with class.    

I absolutely can laugh at the Miss USA incident but it's heart tugging to know how it was that she fell. I just read an article from the Post that mentioned the Mexican audience at the venue in Mexico City was booing Miss USA from the start of the telecast from opening intro's. During evening wear round she was getting booed heavily but due to the music and canned applause from the television network we were not able to hear it until the Q&A. She was also harrased at the National costume competition by mexicans in Mexico City the day before. It wasn't a matter of lack of was a matter of a PSYCHOnation in which she had to compete in. Here we have an American citizen who competed in Mexico during an America run event (the Miss Universe competition) and look at the way all the Mexican people treated her, yet they expect ...scratch that...they feel ENTITLED to come to our country, butt in line mind you, come here illegally any shape or form how, commit crimes, use tax payer dollars, contribute nothing to society, have Mexican flags outside their homes, NOT assimiliate to the culture whatsoever and be respected by us, the American citizens. This should (and I hope) is a huge wake up call to many Americans. It's been covered from every news outlet. CNN, News wire, Fox News, MSNBC. THIS is how they treat a 19 year old girl American in Mexico when the cameras are on...imagine what they do when the cameras aren't. Think about that next time you invest your money into the Mexican way of life aka tourism.

2666 days ago

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