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Paula Abdul: About to Crack

6/3/2007 4:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Straight up now tell me: Paula Abdul spent much of last week in tears -- first on the phone in a private recorded conversation dissing former PR flak Howard Bragman, and then venting exclusively to TMZ when the very emotional call was leaked to the public. Now there are reports that Paula Abdul's current PR guru, David Brokaw, has resigned from his post with the ailing, wailing and flailing American Idol star. Gatecrasher called Brokaw's office to ask if Brokaw had quit and was told, "I'm not sure how to answer that right now." Quit? Fired? Either way, sources are saying the former pop tart is ... well, let's say, fragile.

Bruce Willis: Dangerous Dad

Poor Rumer, Scout and Tallulah: not only are they cursed with crazy first names -- when your dad is Bruce Willis, dating's gotta be a drag. Seems the "Die Hard" star just loves to intimidate the hell out of his daughter's boyfriends. In a recent interview with People magazine, Willis shared all of his favorite scare tactics: "just tell [the boys] I want to meet them -- that's the only thing I ask for. I just give them that look, that little look."

Willis isn't above verbal intimidation, too. "If they bring a little group of guys over to the house to have a pool party or whatever, I just say, 'Dude, what's your name?' and he says, 'Uh, Cinjun.' I say, 'Cinjun, you're in charge. If anything happens to one of my daughters, I'm coming to you first, and then I'm going to kill all your friends right in front of you, and you'll be last.'" Dad, take a chill pill!

Fat Joe Fesses Up

Fat Joe can (slowly) run, but he can't hide! After avoiding Miami Beach police all last week, the supersized rapper is now coming forward to talk to cops about a shooting he witnessed on Memorial Day. Joe initially claimed to have been traveling in Russia when the murders happened, but is now coming forward. Police suspect that he was in the car with victims Lessli Paz and Joey Navarro at the time of the shooting, even though Joe's lawyer denies he saw anything.

Party Favors...Billy Joel's New Beachfront Home...

Billy Joel is about to purchase actor Roy Scheider's home in the Hamptons, which had an asking price of nearly $19 million. Scheider and his family will be moving to a new as-yet-to-built home in Sag Harbor.


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Bruce really needs to chill on the intimidation factor. Dont know what the other girls look like, but that Rumer is butt ugly. If she has a date, he needs to smile and pay the guy.

2663 days ago


Bruce would be wiser to spend time with his kids in a way that didn't result in them displaying public behaviour that clearly shows their level of intellect. I believe we have been privy to seeing drunken loose photos of his daughter playing with adult toys and acting like an immature whore. Given that they spend time with the other loose "girls" of LA, he should focus his attention on the female groups the circulate within. Maybe they too will see the Hilton suite someday.

2663 days ago

WTF Joe?    

WTF Fat Joe? "initially claimed to have been traveling in Russia when the murders happened"

How in the h*ll can you claim to be in Russia when you were SEEN at the friggin resturant that had your bar tab? That was just plain stupid!

Plus, you were in the car waving to fans when this went down!


2663 days ago


I love Bruce and I'm sure he would be hilarious to watch when the boys come calling. However Kat - you are correct. The girlfriends they hang with are going to get them into a lot more trouble than any poor schmuck trying to take them out for dinner.

2663 days ago


Hey #3 WTF Joe
I don't think Fat Joe has ever been known for his intellectual prowess. A real rocket scientist that guy.

2663 days ago

Lenn K.    

I love Bruce Willis also, but how do you think the fathers of the twentysomethings you're dating feel. If you think your daughters are God's gift, then think about some 52 year old fart trying to get into their pants. All's fair in love and war!!!

2663 days ago


talk is cheap, brucie- appears rumer is tying to be the next paris/lindsay/trainwreck

2663 days ago

West Coastian    

Bruce would be better off payin' attention to the clubs that Rumer is hanging out at. He should be giving his daughter that "look".

2663 days ago


I like Bruce Willis's style. Whatever works with our girls, works for me. He's an involved parent to 3 girls, and I have 2 beauty's myself. It's a job, and he's up to it.. so am I. As for poor Paula, I feel sorry for her when she really wants to be with someone and her life is failing her and so is her health. Lay off of her and help her, don't mistreat her now.

2663 days ago


TOO Funny!! YOU GO BRUCE!!! anyone with kids will understand Bruces' handling of potential boyfriends... (if in fact the tabloid story of this is true)

2663 days ago


I feel for Paula, she is in physical pain constantly to begin with, under the public eye as a way to pay the mortgage, and this recent break in her nose was not easy. I know, thankfully I don't live with the scrutiny of the public eye, but I have suffered breast cancer and foot surgery this year and managed to trip over my 24 pound orange cat, "Shrimp," in the dark (all cats are black at night) 5 weeks ago and break my clavical, my jaw in two places, 3 ribs and the side of my left hand. Rarely does Paula get credit for her positive comments on American Idol, but rather she gets digged as if she were on something other than prescription drugs or from another planet. What is so wrong with being a nice person and looking for the GOOD which is what she essentially brings to that table?

2663 days ago

Auntie Em    

Dads are funny...they know from experience what the boys are after...can't blame 'em for trying to protect their little girls (which is what they are regardless of age)...and with Bruce Willis as the protective father, the boys will think more than twice about taking liberties.
My Dad like to show the boys the big oak tree with the rope in it that was out back...The rope was what was left of our tire swing...but they didn't know
As for Rumer, I have a feeling that her parents aren't going to let her get to the Britney/Lindsey stage.
Kat...clue me in to the "adult toys" and the behavior of an "immature whore" that you speak of...I must've missed something ;)

2663 days ago


Whazzup with Paula? She WHINES and CRIES about EVERYTHING! She's so annoying that way. Is something medically-physically wrong with her or is she a mental case? All her drama ALL the TIME. So tiresome, actually.

2663 days ago


Just my two cents worth - children of the wealthy Hollywood/showbiz crowd should be sent off to very expensive European boarding schools where they know exactly how to handle them. As my father instructed us, "Take your foolishness out of town Never break the law and/or embarrass your family in public or you'll receive no inheritance. This is not negotiable". He got our attention. What I see happening in Hollywood is overly permissive parents enabling horrible behavior in their children. Doesn't make sense to me unless they just don't care about raising good people who respect themselves and the law. Is the whole place morally vacant? Sure looks that way, doesn't it?

2663 days ago

White Rabbit    

1) People need to stop ragging on Paula -- she has had some misfortune in the past few months, but other than that, she has not made a nuisance of herself, so I say let her be.

2) I approve of Bruce's tactics, and I also agree w/Shelly, the 1st poster, that yes indeed, the unfortunatel-looking Rumer (and therefore Bruce) should be thankful that she'd actually have a date.

2663 days ago
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