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Smilin' in the Slammer

6/4/2007 3:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Paris ... just a couple hours after turning herself in to authorities to report for her 23-day jail sentence. Note that Paris is already sporting her brand new white jail uniform.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department just released the official mug shot for Ms. Hilton, and despite a long night -- and an even longer day before it -- all chronicled by, Paris managed a smile for the camera.

Paris surrendered herself to authorities just a few hours ago, as TMZ showed you exclusively -- and we'll be on the story all day long.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that the other Paris Hilton mugshot, which was released by the sheriff's department earlier this morning, was not taken when she checked in last night. We're still trying to determine exactly when the photo was taken.

Paris Mugshot


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The only thing phonier than Paris Hilton
is the hypocrites who keep whining
that they don't want to see any stories about her.

What are you phonies doing on a gossip site then,
clicking on a story about Paris Hilton?

Stupid, transparent, assholes

2634 days ago


You do the crime You do the time.
simple as that
she should not be shown favoritism
then maybe she won't want to go back!

2634 days ago


i dont see no orange jumpsuit in this "mugshot".

2634 days ago


23 days is nothing. I wish the papparazzi would STOP TAKING HER PICTURE PLEASE!

2634 days ago



2634 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

#3: Hey Joshua,

Fear not. You will reach puberty some day.

2634 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

This is the official mug shot?
From the perspective of victims of drunk drivers, stupid move, Paris. Very.

2634 days ago


What looks like topless and poseing for porn. Please don't think that THIS picture is the MUG shot. If you do then you are as stupide as she is with makeing the types of choices with the oppertunities she has blown. No pun intended but take it for what it's worth. The sorce will continue to do the wrong thing because of lack of parental guidence. Her own parents! not the guy who follows her around with the law book in hand but never opens it up to her! Get clue Paris and see the light. You are in our prayers to see you are worth the Good, give up the spoiled little drunk slut ACT! your better even if there was no money. Good luck in jail and learn who you are what you can be.

2634 days ago


It's sad when you have to resort to name calling
shame on you bo bo

2634 days ago


in that 'mugshot"..whats that stuff on her bottom that sores? ...the jail is overcrowded...yet the herpe queen gets a private cell..figures...

2634 days ago

come on    

PLEASE, this is a different pic. than was first added wasn't it??? the big clump of hair thing is not there...or is it just me??

2634 days ago


I do not believe this is a mug shot, and even if it IS, WHY release it to the public?

Yes, Paris will make money, etc. and become even more infamous after her jail stint, but I do NOT envy her. I would not want to BE her for the next 23 days. Liberty is the most precious freedom we have, and we should zealously guard that freedom every single day of our lives.

Hopefully, Paris will learn that we can't just violate the law and then flounce off about our business. Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Every time we get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we literally hold our lives and the lives of others in the palms of our hands.

When it comes to the law with respect to driving, we cannot simply claim ignorance.

Human being were not meant to be locked up like animals, but it is the way of our criminal justice system. May God be with her inside that small, cramped space.

2634 days ago


She certainly does know how to work the media.
She's photographed more than any celebrity living or dead.
Why I have no idea.

2634 days ago


Take more responsibility for the decisions she makes?

Is it just me, or is that one of the stupidiest statements ever? Who else would be responsible for decisions she makes?

2634 days ago


Today, Bijou Phillips was on Howard Stern, promoting Hostel II

She revealed that she was very tight with Paris Hilton at one time.
She said that Paris has invented a language.
She taught it to her closest friends.
The purpose of the language, is so that Paris can insult people
without them knowing what she is saying.

I am not kidding.
Another Sirius subscriber can confirm this.

2634 days ago
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