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Sucks Face at 'Shrek'

6/5/2007 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Heroes" jailbait princess Hayden Panettiere and boyfriend Stephen Colletti were caught hand-in-hand at a matinee on Monday. Then they got closer.

The twosome was spotted at The Grove cinema in L.A., where they locked lips and cuddled through a screening of "Shrek The Third." PDA at a kiddie flick -- some material may not be suitable for children!

Panettiere was wearing a solid band on her engagement ring finger -- is a commitment near for these two? Hayden can legally walk down the aisle when she turns 18 ... in August.


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One more thing Kell:

The stats you just quoted normally apply to prepubescent teens. Not on the adult level. Now I know how old you are by your thought process!

2697 days ago


In addition Kell:

The stats you just posted about maturity level is usually talked about in pre-pubscent teens. Not on the adult level. Your comments just gave away your age.

2697 days ago


how old i am by my thought process??!! LOL ok sure. what are you 50? wouldnt be surprised. not everyone in this world wants to be uptight and crusty like you. haha. too funny... go look up the facts big guy/girl ..whatever you are.

2697 days ago


and one more thing:
your repeating yourself just gave away yours.

2697 days ago

Whippet Good    

These two made out at the movies? Um, who cares? Find something else to report TMZ!!!!

2697 days ago

Lynn J.    

The girl is just as much as fault as he is. She is choosing, I shall say it again, choosing on her own accord and free will to be in a relationship with him. And whether or not there is sexual activity is not for the public to decide. However, place blame where blame is due, it's not like she's some innocent child that he swept off her feet. She's 17 and smokes, from what i hear that's not legal either.

2697 days ago


Rape the cheerleader, save the world.

2697 days ago


I don't see why everyone's freaking out... yes, they are probably having sex, but it's none of our business. And she doesn't throw her sexual (or lack of) trysts to the public eye, so people should be greatful for that.

Plus he looks young, and based on what I've seen, she's probably more mature than he is.

2697 days ago


I hate the legging revolution, but WHITE. Mistake, Hayden, mistake. I used to watch her on Guiding Light. I guess she started working for Playskool:
Heroes Discussion:

2696 days ago


I'm calling the cops!!!!

2696 days ago


rape? the age of consent varies by state. it could be 16. i think some of you need to chill.

2696 days ago

Mike J.    

All you NERDS listen up:

They are 4 years apart. Your parents have a wider variance. Just because you couldn't touch a girl if she fell out of the sky and wiggled on your face doesn't mean you should march around on TMZ and run your month. Sit down in your chair, remove the tampon from your month and shut up. The world is dumber from having to read your lame-ass comments you dorks!

2696 days ago


She needs to be 17 instead of 20 something. Girls just grow up to fast. SLOW DOWN!

2663 days ago

Rockstar Love    

Hayden is so cute. I think this guy is lucky. And yes, it is illegal in the state of CA for them to even be kissing. If this guy showed up on Dateline NBC he would be arrested. An adult making out with a minor is illegal even if she will be 18 soon. Look at the 17 yo that had sex with his 14 yo gf. He is in Jail now. Her parents should be concerned. TMZ you should call those slimy cops in Beverly Hills and have this guy arrested.

Go to for more hollywood gossip.

2685 days ago
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