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Who Is F-ing Over Lindsay Lohan?

6/6/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Lindsay Lohan tries to recover in rehab, it's apparent that someone in her inner circle is trying to torpedo her progress. With frenemies like these ... who needs enemies?!
lindsay lohan
This week, year-old pictures featuring a knife-wielding Lindsay with Vanessa Minnillo were plastered all over the Internet and in the tabloids. TMZ has confirmed that these pictures were stolen from LiLo's apartment -- and sold to a UK tabloid! Cha-ching!

We've also learned that Lindsay has had only three or four visitors at Promises -- all friends, no family (paging Dina Lohan!) -- but information about her has been leaked to the National Enquirer! One of her so-called BFFs is blabbing, and Lilo's not happy about it.

TMZ contacted Lindsay's rep, who would not comment on exactly who is talking about Linds. As for the pics, the rep told us, "Unfortunately, we live in a society where we allow stolen pictures to make a profit. I can't believe magazines would purchase and publish stolen, personal photos. If anyone wants to step up to the plate and donate the profits from their sale, we would be happy to point you in the direction of a charity in need."


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At least Lindsay works for her money and it wasnt given to her and can someone please tell me why those knife pictures were so bad

2694 days ago


Many celebrities have had their story's or photo's they should NOT have been in sold.

TMZ Please stop attempting to deflect responsibility from Lindsey herself. Your doing her no favors.

Her own father did not help her progress or recovery by appearing on national TV announcing his daughters addictions.

2694 days ago

montana mike    

calling mommy dearest--sorry honey, i'm out making plans to have my own reality show, and prostitute out the other kids. i don't have time for you right now, but i will need you when you get out because the coke dealer will only deal with you. you be good and mommy will see you when you get out

2694 days ago

Laurie R    

I agree, i think it's that lesbian dj she supposedly had a fling with. it's sad because normally i would say she should only trust her childhood friends, but, she never really had a childhood. no visit from mother lohan eh? no surprise....LL doesn't have any parties to go to in rehab.

2694 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Xena, Thanks for the compliment but I am not Dina... I didn't say Dina was a great mother...but I am sick of the losers on here that can't wait to tear someone down. I feel sorry for Lindsey and I feel bad about how Dina has gotten bad press... which I highly suspect is from her affair with Stedman.

2694 days ago


It's probally that DJ Sam Ronson who sold the pics She is the same one that pulled over at the gas station so the photags could snap Lindsey knocked out.

2694 days ago

Animal Lover    

Dina Lohan is the skankiest piece of garbage from Long Island. I think she and Joey Buttafuoco need to hook up, now wouldn't that make such a nice two peas in a pod. They basically come from the same area so you can see why they'd have so much in common...two trashballs who care nothing about their kids, only who can be in the limelight more. They make me sick each one of them!

2694 days ago


I am so sick and tired of these stars whinning when things get tough. Let's see when they are acting like bimbos, partying hard, and flashing there bodies everywhere they love it, I repeat, Love the attention they get. Now, when personal photos pop up and secrets are told they get all sad and whine and cry. Welcome to real life. Everyday people have there secrets told and everyday people have things stolen, even photos they do not want people to see which can get posted on the internet. These so called celebs choose to air there lives when its convenient yet when things get rough, they want privacy? I don't think so. There are famous people who choose not to get caught up in the party life style. I will give you a great example - Donald Trump's daughter (see I don't even know her name but remember reading an article about how well she is doing and how she choose not to get caught up in the party scene).

2694 days ago


I bet her mother is the one doing the back stabbing, she wants her daughter in the news every day,she has keys to the pad right?

2694 days ago


It's that DJ Sam girl, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Get Well Lindsey and come back and kick some but.

2694 days ago


Dina is prepping LL's sibliings to be her next cash cow, that's why she's too busy to visit.

2694 days ago


I wish TMZ would find the interview with Dina Lohan at some event shortly after Lindsay was publicly reprimanded by that producer for partying so much she didn't bother showing up for work on a movie. Skanky Dina was interviewd for some reason, and she said, Lindsay gets it. Dina said Lindsay works harder than most hookers. Swear to God, this idiot woman actually said that about her daughter. But I can't remember the event, it's probably on the internet somewhere. And why would such a worthless moron like Dina Lohan get ANYTHING on TV? Oh yeah, cause everyone loves to watch a trainwreck. Sad that that is how this slut mother gets attention.

2694 days ago


30 days from today...
Lindsay will be in jail
and Paris will be in rehab

2694 days ago


Lindsey needs to drop a few friends from her inner circle. Like the girl who pulled over at the gas station (what a creep)

2694 days ago


Totally the work of Samantha Ronson

2694 days ago
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