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CONFIRMED! Paris WILL Phone It In!

6/8/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris will appear at her hearing today via telephone.

We've also learned that LAPD is turning people away from Hilton's West Hollywood home who don't have the proper press credentials. Luckily, we do.


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I feel so sorry for her!

2658 days ago


PLEASE support Paris in her quest for liberty.
REMEMBER: Paris is our Ambassador of Loveliness to the World!!

2658 days ago


She is such a pussy.

I really, really hope that the public totally turns their back to they did to OJ. Now when OJ's name is brought up, the world pretty much just thinks "LOSER."

Make this person disappear. She is an embarrassment to American pop culture. Famous for being rich and not having to work a day in her life for anything. That is what so outrageous about this. And to watch her parents enable this behavior is disgusting. They've got to be really, really proud - ha! And the thing is they probably are! I know my parents would be supportive in a situation like this, but they wouldn't bail me out - because I'm an adult. So is she - but treated like a freaking princess, literally. OMG - it's so disgusting.

2658 days ago


Again, California and LA prove to be the crapholes of the universe.

Paris is a shlub and needs to get her butt into the courtroom.

2658 days ago

pa posse    

don't even give her the time of day!! she's definitely not worth all the hype!!

2658 days ago


She at this point is being unfairly mistreated. She’s didn’t let herself out of jail, the county sheriff did- he is the one to be disciplined for his actions, not her. I agree that she should not have been let out; however, now that she has it’s not fair to send her back.

2658 days ago

Go Figure    

You have GOT to be kidding me. Although not surprising. #7, you said it best. This is such a disgrace for our legal system. I'm sure other countries or looking at us, laughing and telling us to grow some balls and stand up for what is right, not what money or power can buy.
BTW......Why hasn't Gov. Arnold stepped in? Oh that's right....he did step in. Right into the the Hilton masion, while have tea and crumpets.........

2658 days ago

Narko Nerko    

Lay off her folks. You all are just jealous of her beauty and her money. Grow up and accept you place on the food chain and pray to God for Paris.

2658 days ago

Paris is a spoiled brat    

She is a spoiled, egotistical, self serving, immature brat. This is a terrible message to all. If you complain enough, you'll get off. If you have enough money, you'll get goes on and on. She is ridiculous.

2658 days ago

El Santo Gordo    

I am surprised and appalled that she gets such privledges; if she were shunned suddenly by the public & paparazzi maybe then she's learn that live won't be able to live all her life off being cute and not being used. She (unfortunately) has become an unfair role model and shows the future of America (our children) that there is little that can't be accomplished without being gorgeous & superficial.

Best always for the trophy she always will be without a real human being.

El Santo Gordo

2658 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

Not that it matters to the vultures but all of this could have been avoided ten years ago. When Womens Wear Daily starting prining aricles about the cute little girls, Nicky & Paris Hilton, partying in clubs in NYC perhaps the cute little girls should have been taken away from their brain dead parents. It is too late now.

2658 days ago


Do you want your tax dollars going to keep Paris in jail? I sure don't! Let do her time at home.

2658 days ago


YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ! Wow ... that sure sets the bar doesn't ? Now no celebrity will be answering for their own actions. If they don't feel like doing something ... just pout, cry and stomp their feet and refuse to comply and .... there you go. I guess money does rule the world. SPOILED BITCH !!!!!!!!

2658 days ago


Well, this is all silly. She should have never even had to go to jail. I will not be locking all my doors just because Paris is out of the pokey!

2658 days ago


I hope the Judge reaches through that phone and bitch-slaps her, her Attorney, her parents and those ratty-ass looking 'so-called' dogs of hers!!!

2658 days ago
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