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CONFIRMED! Paris WILL Phone It In!

6/8/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris will appear at her hearing today via telephone.

We've also learned that LAPD is turning people away from Hilton's West Hollywood home who don't have the proper press credentials. Luckily, we do.


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trash with cash! shameful!

2702 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Gee I wish I was a celebrity so I could do whatever I wanted to without consequence...

2702 days ago


Any of you who are blaming the media are full of it. Paris is a media whore who LOVES the spotlight, and seeks it out on a continual basis, every chance she gets. Now the attention has turned negative. Poor, poor Paris. It works both ways, sister. DEAL WITH IT.

2702 days ago


Great. The reason for her and her attorney doing this is obvious. Now she can avoid the Judge seeing that she doesn't look sick, and can act by phone. They should have made her go in, because it would have been harder for her to get away with making a mockery of the court. Paris is not too sick to serve her sentence. She just has an unethical psychiatrist that will say anything to get her out of it. And if she has a really bad rash as some media say, she probably had an allergy to food or something, and then ate it before jail so she would break out.! If it is mental as some other media says, than again, just her trying to get out of it. She will do anything to get out of this. And if that is not what happened, either her parents paid someone, or Paris did some "offering " in her private cell to someone. Because the Sheriff knew he would get at least some slack for this, so they probably had some incentive. I hope the Judge sends her butt back to jail. She could have killed someone drinking and driving, her attitude was that she was anove the law, and she had attitude in court. The few people that say that it is ridiculous for a traffoc violation, just do not get it, because she went for more reasons in her situation.

2702 days ago


We've always heard "they take care of their own in Hollywood" Hasn't this been the case for as long as Hollywood has been on the map?

She has just sealed her own coffin = she has now become a joke to everyone. How will she ever regain her public composure once this is over? What a mess.

Wouldn't have been better to allow her more in leniency in her cell like reading material and a few extra minutes spent outside of her cell instead of breaching her sentence entirely?

I'm confused by this because there is nothing in the books that allow for the release unless the judge responsible for the sentence overturns his decision.

2702 days ago


LOL Are you kidding me andbassador of loveliness! She's not my andbassador of loveliness! I never thought Paris was that great looking! If you want loveliness try a celeb that has grace and respect! Their are plenty of other celebs that are way more lovely then PARIS HILTON !PLEASE LOVELINESS you got to be kidding me!

2702 days ago


Why doesn't she have to go?

2702 days ago


For those who are upset that she is being treated better are hypocrites! She's obviously being treated unfairly because if this was a regular joe-schmo, the sheriff's decision to allow the inmate house arrest would not have result in another court case like the one Paris has this morning!

2702 days ago


WTF... any of us "regular" folks would NOT be allowed to do ANY state!! wtf?? if ya have money..that means ya can pad the pockets of ALL the officials and NOT do the time like the rest of us??? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? the system works for ya if ya have enough money....sad, sad, sad..

2702 days ago


What a shame. Justice for the rich is for their convenience?

Q: How often do inmates at county get their own Dr to show up to help them escape their punishment? How many this year? Last year?

Q: When inmates are called back to court when on house arrest, how often do they get to phone in? Is this common?

Q: Will the Judge and Prosecutor have ANY power here to see that justice is done?

Q: Will the Sheriff be held responsible at all?

2702 days ago

Larry Fan    


2702 days ago


She needs to go back to jail or this just once again proves that if you are a certain type of person, that your actions hold no consequesnces.

2702 days ago


well maybe you can call rick her dad at his office if you think this is unfair

or write him at its all public record

310-278-3311 hilton and hyland

2702 days ago


Why is the LA judicial system cutting her so many breaks? Last time I checked, I believed that the "average" americans and the non-famous millionares, pay taxes to pay county & governmnet salaries. With all the breaks this loser is getting it sounds like the Hiltons are the ones who pay the salaries. I would be so ashamed if this was my daughter, regardless of how much money I had. What a freaking embarrassement to the entire family. As for her parents buying her a get out of jail free card they are scum just like their daughter. I truly hope people boycott the Hilton brand hotels. I know it will never happen but it would be nice. Paris and her family are making a joke out of our judicial system and our judicial system is allowing it. GO figure. $$$$$$$. Baca, Mr. County Prosecutor & all others, when Paris drives drunk and kills one of your loved ones remember that you sold your soul to the devil.

2702 days ago


You Go Girl!

2702 days ago
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