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CONFIRMED! Paris WILL Phone It In!

6/8/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris will appear at her hearing today via telephone.

We've also learned that LAPD is turning people away from Hilton's West Hollywood home who don't have the proper press credentials. Luckily, we do.


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Most of the losers who seem to take such offense at Paris' release probably are jailbirds themselves!

2632 days ago

The Peace of Celebrity NOT    

PARIS-SITE has thrived on exhibiting herself throughout her adult life. Now that she has done something that is worthy of voyourism, she runs to hid and whinny little heiress gets special treatment. It is time to pony up Paris-site.

2632 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I can't wait for day 41 just to see if she comes out as if nothing happened. She may not realize it, but her life has changed forever. I don't think she will like the change.

2632 days ago


This is crazy, I feel sorry for her. She needs to be smart and lay low like her bro and sister do.

2632 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

So the sheriffs office is on the take. I mean come on because of his actions now the police have to sit in front of her house. Give me a break. If I were the tax payers I would be furious 1) she blatenly disobeyed the laws how many times 2) came to court late as if you have to accept me as I am 3) crys and will not eat like a spoiled child so the sheriff sends her home to club med. 4) now the tax payers are paying for police detail

Come on la what is wrong with you letting her off the hook? She belongs in jail and no now because of her actions she is costing you even moreeeeeeeeeeeee money. Did you read the original order from the judge, she was NOT to be on house arrest with an electronic monitoring device. Now if you want to let her go and she goes off and kills someone or better yet her actions set a precident and now anyone who does was she does will not see the inside of a jail and they will kill someone. This is crazy maybe california needs to be wiped off the map as it sin city.

Paris Hilton and her family come out on top as they are letting you pay their way.

2632 days ago


Judge Judy said it best in regard to Paris--"Beauty fades but stupid lasts forever". She needs a purpose in life other than to pose on the red carpet and party her life away.

2632 days ago


Paris needs to go back to jail, my son did the same thing and did his time in jail.
Paris do the right thing and go back to jail!!!!!

2632 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Listen do not blame the judge. The sheriffs office is being paid off and they need to hide the cover up so of course they are going to fight it.

Plus if she is that fragile then she needs to be in the psych ward as she is a danger to herself and society. She can snap at any moment. You cannot leave someone who can snap at any moment alone. When someone in my family became fragile she spent 3 months in the hospital.

2632 days ago


I don't get what the big deal is. I'm a normal person and I only had to serve 6 days for violating probation for my 2nd DUI. and I'm in a state where the laws are tough.

2632 days ago


I guess Paris couldn't get used to sleeping in the same bed every night. Hollywood's Town Pump, Paris Hilton.

2632 days ago


We should consider a special Celebrity Court in LA, much like traffic court and divorce court.

The celeb could choose regular court, or if a certified celebrity with rating potential, Celebrity Court.

Celeb Court would have Camera lighting, special makeup for the mugshots, comparable sentences to other celebrities with background video, and exclusive luxury cells for the reduced sentences.

The intake cavity search should be televised, and special cable tv channels showing prison video should be set up.

To increase ratings, the public should vote on Cingular as to the sentence or therapy, like American Idol.In fact, the Public should be able to haul celebs before Celeb court.

2632 days ago

Rev Dr Knowinso Jones, Esquire    

Good God What a set of lungs !!!!!
That bitch could run a mile without
catching a breath !!!!!

2632 days ago


My guess is all of these losers who post criticism of Paris on this site would give everything they own to spend five minutes in her shoes!

2632 days ago

sin of sodom    

Celebutons always get special treatment. Its the american way. What a joke we are to the ENTIRE world!! We are so soft on crime. Out system is FAR from perfect. It is no wonder why Americans are the laughing stock of the entire world.

2632 days ago


Holed-up in the Hilton Fortress?? Amazing, this sickening family has paid some whore physician, to say poor-Paris is just too sick to go out in public. That she may have a nervous breakdown.

Everyone sees through you Paris. You and your skank-family. Maybe people with morals should boy-cott your lavish Hilton hotels.

2632 days ago
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