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Jillian Barberie: Ready to Pop!

6/8/2007 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Good Day L.A." co-hostess Jillian Barberie and her gorgeous friends celebrated with a baby shower last weekend at the home of Kris and Bruce Jenner, and "EXTRA" was there to join in the fun. Some of the celebrity guests in attendance were hot mama Heather Locklear, bootyful Kim Kardashian, and "George Lopez's" Constance Marie.

Jillian and actor-hubby Grant Reynolds' little girl is due in July.


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WHO CARES!!! Why, oh why, would you give her any more "15 minutes of fame"? She wants to be SOMEBODY so bad! She tried to be the cool, hip "wanna be down" chick. Now she trying to become special because she is having a baby. She's not the first, nor will she be the last. She name drops so much, it makes her look pathetic. Please, don't encourage her nor waste our time!

2694 days ago


get you're child a lifetime membership in the united states chess federation, only one thousand dollars...

2694 days ago


She's a wanna be. I can't stand her.

2661 days ago


I love Julian I think she looks great!!!! WOW Everyone seems to be haters... How cruel can people be for god's sake your going to have a baby. Well congratulations!!!! I just had a baby girl and she is everything to me and pretty soon you'll be experiencing the joy. Well again you look great and I love your show

2694 days ago


I like Jillian b/c of her work for animals and her encouragement for people to rescue them and not buy them, and not wear carcasses as clothing, but after seeing her on the LA news in the morning. I'd like to ask her how the hell we all got here if she is the first woman to ever have a baby. . .

2694 days ago


As Jillian says "WHO CARES".......It seems to be her answer to Paris, Lindsey, Rosie, Britney, and on and on......So......WHO CARES JILLIAN? Oh but she does say she loves Donald Trump......GAWD what an idiot. She's all about the Hollywood crap and money and fake and now her big ass saggy boobs.....yuck

2693 days ago

Paris aka jailbird    

WOW!! LOOK AT THE TWINS ( * ) ( * ) !! THAT'S HOT!

2693 days ago


The brunette in the middle could gain my support any day!

2693 days ago

F * * *k em!!    

well Jillian we know you are a beautiful person inside and out. So many sad little people either didn't listen or were never taught "if you don't have anything nice to say-don't say anything at all".I'm sure they are all perfect as they sit and judge you-hair,husband/wife,boobs,personality,careers,weight,friends,no skeletons in the closet,oh and obviously "good(none judgemental)christians.-Thats what i love about you Jillian is that you have never acted Perfect,you have been real and shared your demons and you can still laugh and joke and not take this life so serious . SO F * * K EM!! & keep doin your own thing 'cause the haters sure will. Also please keep speaking for and helping animals !! How about starting a hollywood campaign on China,we should all be disgusted with whats going on over there and what they send over here. How many of our pets did they poison?? Get em Jill I'll support you all the way!!

2657 days ago


1st time for me on TMZ and i just happened to see Jillians name and checked it out. GOD how sad all you Jillain bashers are.
I bet you are all fat, old, ulgy,and have tit's that hit the floor. You sound like jellous high school girls. DEAL WITH IT ....She is a fox and you can't handle it...
All women get big boobs when they are prego...Jilly was just big to start with and you are all women who probably had to pay for your's....hahaha
You are the SAD ones.......

2656 days ago

savage stallion    

first she hates kids and will never be married, then she brags she loves porn? and thats something to be proud of, then everybodys else life is so aahhh who cares, exacetely bigJ who cares, every morning who was your preg. oh how long , even when you guys interview guys, how long was your wifes preg, ya we cant tell your prego with your boobsa hanging out, oh thats right they are always hanging out, your so cool bigJ that you havent done any lamaze classes, that just shows us your a true brainac, some people like paris, at least when she starts talking guys arent runing for the hills, ya you look good, but can you just sit their and be quite, dorthy and goatee man and i would lovess it, i think your jealous of paris cause its taking all your baby time, oh that hurts huh, take as much time for prego as you want say five years

2691 days ago


Oh my GAWD, I thought that I was the ONLY one annoyed with Jillian. Kudos to Dorothy for renewing her faith, and keeping her java down every morning when Jillian speaks about her baby every chance that she gets. She was the HATER when Dorothy was preggers and when Lisa Breck got married. Regardless of the subject, she finds a way to revert the attention back to herself! She constanly professes her happiness, but she seems soooooo sad. Since she announced that she was preggers (yaaaaaawn), the show has become more and more redundant.

Does her husband have a job, or will he be employed as the nanny (since she isn't planning to hire one)?

2691 days ago


this nobody loooks so disgusting, did she fail to look in the mirror? I can't believe Heather could rub her stomach and not comment on those huge utters staring at her face

2690 days ago

Allred Tree    

This amoral cretin should be deported out of this country and off our airwaves. She is hideous. I predict that her husband will file for divorce and custody of this poor baby that everyone is sick of hearing about within a year.

I am surprised Steve doesn't slap her off the podium and Dorothy must have the patience of a saint. Jillian Barberie is an insanely jealous, no talent scumbag and wanted at one point to be on The View - HA!

2687 days ago


Dj...what an idiot! What are you 12years old? Get a clue!

Jill is mental and pathectic....anyone who admires someone like her I question they're sanity as says a lot about you's SCARY!

Find someone with some substance...some class....someone who has done good in the world and in they're life, to admire! Idolizing someone like Jill is nothing to be proud of.

You should be ashamed of yourself......REACH HIGHER!

2648 days ago
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