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Paris' Partying Proxy

6/8/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Paris Hilton ordered back to jail, Fake Paris is doing her best to be a good replacement.

TMZ spotted professional Hilton imitator Natalie Reid outside Area last night, where she tried as hard as she could to be the extension-wearing, tacky-clothed partier that Paris can't be these days. Sucking on a lollipop, the bra-revealing wannabe pimped her appearance on "The Next Best Thing" and danced around in a horrendous dress while hitting on a nearby cop.

Ms. Hilton-alike was also on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, appearing in a skit as a rifle-brandishing version of her famous jailbird counterpart.


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ac sports book    

Nothing is as good as the real thing.

2695 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Paris banged the jail warden for early release. She should have banged the judge.

2695 days ago



2695 days ago


This girl needs to get a life.

2695 days ago


this silly tramp should get her own paris is bad enough now we have to deal with a fake one?

2695 days ago

Write Paris    

2695 days ago


prison hilton will inherit a lot...

2695 days ago


who cares anyway.............what a joke

2695 days ago


paris does have a nick nose, the way it hooks and hangs down. LOL, that one imposter has a scrunched up face, its all jacked up!

2695 days ago


this look alike should be hired to do the time for her cuz Paris does NOT deserve to be in jail!

2695 days ago


I really sympathize with Paris Hilton. Sheriff Baca is right that Paris does not belong in jail. A 3-day jail term is the right penance. I don't believe how most of the TV commentators make fun of Paris. She does not deserve this media coverage. I agree she is a brat but she is no murderer. Why not talk about the positive issues, ha? Or are you all just jealous. I hope that who ever poked fun at Paris will one day give Paris the chance to laugh the loudest. PARIS, hang in there.

2695 days ago


# 15, hello...........Paris is nothing without media coverage, that is what she thrives on, she is not famous for her acting. You want everyone to talk about the "positive" she's done? Why dont you start, nobody else could think of any.

2695 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Thsi 'look alike' is not our Paris.
The real Paris does not dress tacky or cheap.
she always wears the 'right' thing.

So many bash Paris but look at how many people have made comments on TMZ.......
Paris is going to send her time in she would have done if the Sheriff had not released and started this media circus. He was concerned about her.

She did get unfair treatment.........For her 'crime' the sentence is unusual.
And not the time has become cruel. But she will stick it out.............until the end of her sentence

2694 days ago


I am going to write this comment, but it will have no value or meaning because the people that are "commenting" on Paris Hilton can't spell, have so much hatred in their hearts that I can feel it through cyberspace, and obviously only get joy out of trashing other people. I have read through some of these comments in amazement. Even Paris is wondering why people are so FIXATED on her. I am not writing this because of her; I am writing this because of the unbelievably hateful, stupid, cruel things people have said about her. Why do you freaks care -- or, rather, not care?

And not only the freaks on this site, but the media! It is unbelievable. Our troops are dying in Iraq, people are starving, homeless, desperate, our government is corrupt, health insurance in this country sucks, people can't afford to buy gas, they can't afford food -- and yet, what is the most important thing in the word? Paris! Paris is crying, Paris praying, Paris is screaming. Okay. SO WHAT? I mean, we have all these COMMENTATORS on TV going ON and ON and ON about PARIS!

I don't have anything against her. She's a rich girl removed reality. Okay. Now she knows what reality is. So, are all the hateful people at TMZ supposed to now break out the champagne and start clinking flute glasses with their retarded buddies?

It is truly sad that the entire focus of this nation is on one rich, troubled young woman. Even SHE is smart enough to know how stupid all this attention is.

It's even sadder that TMZ lets any ass post stupid, vicious, hateful diatribes (all misspelled). Yes, we have "freedom of speech" in this country, but has anyone ever heard of "common sense" or "common decency"? Not anymore, and certainly not on TMZ. TMZ indulges everyone's penchant for hateful gossip, and Paris seems to have been born for them to make catty remarks about and take potshots at.

Why don't we all grow up and get on with what's important in life? Let Paris do her time IN PEACE. But this is a fantasy, because as I write this I am sure some heartless jerk with his camera is "living" outside the jail and hoping to catch a shot of Paris crying or screaming. Because, let's face it, apparently that's all that's important in America.

While we focus all our energies on whether Paris is "comfortable" in her cell, other evil world powers will be planning their next attack on our soil. But why would that matter to anyone? We have to make sure that Paris is eating and sleeping and that she's okay.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

2694 days ago

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