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Paris Will Spend Weekend in Med Jail

6/8/2007 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton will probably spend the weekend in a medical ward at the jail facility where she surrendered Sunday night, referred to as Twin Towers.

We're told the plans will firm up within an hour. Hilton will stay there over the weekend, when her lawyer will file an appeal, called a writ of habeas corpus, which means, essentially, the body is being held illegally.


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I know the situation is different. But jail is jail and Martha S had to do prison and she took it like a woman and used her time doing good things and helping others.

2659 days ago

The Truth    

I'm a huge fan of Paris. I love her, but she needs to do her time, and Sheriff Baca needs to be recalled. He also let Michelle Rodriguez out in 3 days.

2659 days ago


I thought she was going to be brave and set an example for young girls everywhere.

Now she's just desperate to get away from doing her time.


2659 days ago


Well, Twin Towers is better than CRDF! At least her room will be bigger in the medical ward! I hope she stays there awhile, so I can see her when I come in to work! lol Maybe i'll hook her up with some "real" food! lol

2659 days ago


IF (and that's a big IF) a medical condition exists, the public might not be so outraged if the public were made aware of what this so-called medical condition is and its severity. If it's something complicated and severe, the public MIGHT be a little less inclined to be so judgmental. I have no idea what that condition could possibly be, but stranger things have might be something the jail can't handle. Who knows? And that's the thing - we DON'T know...

And so therefore, it appears to me that the Hilton family stuck a couple hundred thousand bucks in the Sheriff's pocket to 'make a situation go away' for Paris. And if that's the case, it's not right and it needs to be researched.

Further, I don't know what she can appeal. She violated her probation - she goes to jail. That's how it works. What's to appeal about that? They're not holding her body illegally - this is what the judge ordered.

Sigh. I wish she would just suck it up and deal with it. She went into jail, I thought, with a reasonable amount of class (when considering Paris Hilton). Now she's just making herself look even more like a freaking spoiled baby.

Tell us what the medical condition is - please....then we'd all be in a better position to pass judgment (or not).

2659 days ago


Habeas Corpus? He didn't convict her again. He merely restored the wrongly overturned original conviction. No chance.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

2659 days ago


#34..are you kidding? A rehab facility??? That's too much of an IN thing these days. Let Paris go to jail and be the trend setter that she is!

Can I hear an amen from the choir?

2659 days ago


Okay everyone......Paris is grasping at straws...I had to spend 60 days at Lynwood for exactly the same way Paris has. I have ovarian cancer and I was not allowed out because of my medical condition...I had to serve 40 days with time off for good behavior. Lynwood has a fine medical facility and I was treated there for my cancer...if my cancer was not enough for them to let me out, then Paris medical problems can be treated there. She is a spoiled BITCH and deserves her time there as I did.

2659 days ago


What a complete joke. Amazing that the so called judge is more publicity hungry than her.

2659 days ago


She'll probally be back out. She needs to be released anyways because she doesn't deserve to be in jail. The punishment doesn't fit the crime. If this was anybody else they wouldn't be in jail for 45 days but just to make an example, she is. Its quite funny to look at all these people who talk so bad of her, and the thing is none of them know her. Women are jealous of her because she is rich, famous, spoiled, and guys agree with the women. There isnt really a legit explanation for why people should do no like her. The truth is obviously jealously.

2659 days ago

hojo jojo    

I think it's about time that we realize Money dosn't create happyness, If Paris would take the next 45 days and read the book that she has taken to carring around for a photo op she would find the author of happyness and of internal Joy that can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. I spent the better part of a year in a county correctional institute and came out a better person. I deserved to go in I committed the crime. I did my time and I spent the time reevaluating my life and where it was going. I was on the same path Paris is on now with Booze, Drugs, and Money. she needs to wake up and look at the pictures of Anna Nicole Smith now thats where shes headed

2659 days ago

El Santo Gordo    

Now that's funny!

El Santo Gordo

2659 days ago


Maybe this whole business will put things in perspective for those celebutards that say...... "Dealing with the Paparazzi and being a celebrity is like living in a prison." I'm thinking....NOT!!!!

2659 days ago


#5 Celebrate everyone's favorite jail bird, the Nelson Mandela of LA County's Aristobrats, in fine style.

DON"Y EVER linke Paris Hilton with Nelson Mandella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a man to be revered and admired! you have greatly insulted his name and what he represented! You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2659 days ago


It wasnt just driving on a suspended.. It was 2 times for driving on a suspended after getting a DUI

2659 days ago
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