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Jennifer Aniston: Easy Like Sunday Morning

6/11/2007 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jilted Jen has a new boytoy! British model Paul Sculfor was spotted leaving Jennifer Aniston's Malibu pad on Sunday. The night before, Paul was seen on the town with bosom buddy Posh.

The former "Friends" star is the current Smart Water spokesperson, with her giant mug featured on billboards. Before driving off in his Range Rover, Sculfor quenched his thirst with a refreshing bottle of the stuff.

Way to work the product placement!


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Wonder how BRAD feel seing cute/pretty/LIKEABLE Jen out with such a HUNK?. I feel bad sometimes for Brad cause with manish Angelina he has put himself in a place of SUPERMOM/NANNY/ERRAND BOY AND DOMESTIC HELP.

Question? Why some men do stupid things like that??. How damn!

2693 days ago


Much much better than Brad "Angelina has my balls' Pitt. Or is it Jolie-Pitt? hmmmm.....

2693 days ago


Doesn't this almost imply Jennifer was his late night booty call though?

"British model Paul Sculfor was spotted leaving Jennifer Aniston's Malibu pad on Sunday. The night before, Paul was seen on the town with bosom buddy Posh"

2693 days ago


I sure hope it ends up in true love and a faithful marriage. I know she really wants children. She deserves the best after the way she was treated by Brad Pitt. This guy is so much better looking than Brad too! Way to go Jen! Best of Luck!

2693 days ago

Fabiola Thing    

Probably just using him for sex?!?!!?

I seriously doubt she's done more than shake his hand after the contract was signed.
He is not her boyfriend.
They are not dating.
They are not sleeping together.
They are business partners.It is an orchestrated publicity stunt to kepp her in the news.

2693 days ago

Fabiola Thing    

No. 57.

Yes, it does, I totally agree, except I think he slept in the guest room.

2693 days ago

Funny Answers    

Yes, I am glad sad sack has a boy friend. I don't know her personally, but did enjoy watching her as Rachel on Friends. She was good in that part. But her ex is not Brad, maybe her ex husband, but Vince is her ex, she went with him for more than a year. She seemed happy, and so did she. That is all that matters. So, her ex, Vince and she decided they were not right for each other. Most of you seem to think he was not up to her standards. How do you know her standards? Do you know her well enough to speak for her? She went with Tate, who by the way was a hottie, before Brad, then Vince. And if this guy makes her happy then more power to her. Let her date, find out who and what she wants in life. I hope, because I liked watching friends, that she can be as happy with the new guy as she was with Tate. Best of everything Ms. Aniston

2693 days ago


He is hot!!!!!!

2693 days ago


Hey Jen - not only did you get yourself a hottie, but you have managed to piss off the Brangelunatics to the point that they are stroking out. If you yourself a baby bump, they'll commit mass suicide. You go, gal.

2693 days ago


Good for Jennifer!

He's more handsome than Brad Pitt--can't wait to hear his accent! Hopefully, he will honor and protect her unlike how Brad Pitt violated their relationship. Brad Pitt lost me with his lack of integrity....

2693 days ago


I will give them, umm....3 months, top!!!

2693 days ago


1. There is no comparison between Brad and this guy. Brad is over 40 and still quite handsome. This guy is in his 20's and I doubt he'll look anywhere near as good as Pitt in 20 years;

2. I wouldn't call it classy to cry and play the victim to every magazine and t.v. show that would have you after YOU filed for divorce;

3. With a house full of children she CHOSE to care for, I'm sure Angelina has no time to even think about Anniston; and

4. Long before her divorce from Pitt, I remember seeing an interview w/ Anniston who spoke of her trust/abadonement issues because of her absentee father (soap star). So I'm sure she brought a HEAP of baggage to her marriage which was likely doomed from the start.

2693 days ago


man-whore at your service ! Would like you like a bottle of water to go with your order? Oh, duh, you've got plenty of that already !

2693 days ago


Jennifer is so beautiful and truly deserves happiness...why are people haters? Be it with this guy or someone else, she is ok...people just let it go with the whole Brangelina thing. She is better off without him and I am sure she has realized that already - she is and was always way too good for him!! Love u Jen - keep up the good work!

2693 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I wonder if he beats her?

2693 days ago
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