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Anne Heche Did NOT Lose Custody

6/12/2007 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Heche, Coley LaffoonTMZ published a story yesterday that Coley Laffoon, Anne Heche's soon-to-be ex, was awarded custody of their son. That is not the case.

Sources say the judge ruled that the child must reside in Los Angeles. When Anne is in town, physical custody is split 50/50. When she is not in town -- beginning in August, she goes back to Vancouver to shoot her TV show, "Men in Trees" -- the child will live full-time with Coley and Anne will get visitation every other weekend.

As we already reported, Coley got spousal support and child support.


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This guy is a looooooooser!!!!

2660 days ago


seems to me TMZ keeps reporting stories that are not factually correct.

2660 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Coley is a KEPT man? Where's your pride, man. Thought he was a camera man or something. She's good to be gone, IMHO.

2660 days ago


TMZ's mistakes in this story aren't the only ones they'll ever make...
but, FYI:
Harvey Levin is a moron.

2660 days ago

All American Girl    

So he basically got custody if he getting spousal & child support. She has to the man of the family and support his lame ass.

2660 days ago


TMZ youve been having to print an awful lot of retractions lately. Maybe Harvey better spend less time preening for the cable news channels and actually do a little Editorial work for a change.

2660 days ago


She's lucky the family court didn't delve more deeply into her disturbed behavior...they gave the more stable parent more time w/the kid.

Never will forget her showing up at some stranger's house, north of LA, all whacked out & delusional...then gets a tv show of her own. The guy is lucky to be free of her & so is the kid.

2660 days ago


Now I don't know if I should believe these TMZ stories, or not!

2660 days ago


#6-yeah, he IS all over the TV, isn't he? Does he own TMZ, or what?

2660 days ago


TMZ perhaps you should make sure that your statements are factually correct before you end up with a libel suit or 10 on your hands. But, then again, shame on us for continuing to read your lies and obvious attempts at demeaning celebrities.

2660 days ago


better to be first then retract, then right & last!!!

2660 days ago



TMZ is owned by Time-Warner ET is owned by Paramount Studios...back in the day, Hard Copy & other entertainment-paparazzi based tv shows were, the major networks & movie studios run them..........

thus, contracts are made between publicity-seekers like Paris Hilton, etc and TMZ, ET etc, in a symbiotic-parasitic relationship...the "actors" are paid for their "paparazzi"'s no "accident" they know where to be to take their pics.......this is biz of "Hollywood".

2660 days ago

NOT a fan of TMZ    

Harvey Levin needs to get over himself. I'd rather get RIGHT information, than FAST information!! QUALITY over QUICK! (Idiot!)

As for Mr. Mom... Frankly - I think he's better off without his skitzo @ss! Unstable whackadoo! And as for him cleaning up with Child Support and Alimony... GOOD! If this were a woman in the same situation, we wouldn't think a THING of it.

P.S. Harvey's still an idiot.

2660 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

I'm glad you made the correction here, TMZ.
Now what you should do is, remember next time you get overzealous in your 'reporting', a correction might not satisfy your next victim.

I won't even go into the BIAS you guys shamelessly exhibit here. But out and out misinformation is totally unacceptable. Well, unless you just want idiots on your site. THINK next time before you just go off on someone you obviously are out to destroy.

2660 days ago

NOT a fan of TMZ    


Harvey Levin is a moron, idiot, and has a face for RADIO!

As for Mr. Mom... GOOD! Let him keep the kid! Away from Ms. Wackadoo Hache! She's a bag-o-nuts for sure! If it were a woman getting customer, support and alimony we'd never bat an eye...

P.S. Havey's still a moron

2660 days ago
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