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ADD Is What Ails Paris

6/12/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has learned that Paris Hilton suffers from extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and claustrophobia, and these conditions may have triggered the Sheriff's decision to spring her from Lynwood Jail last week.

We're told Hilton is taking Adderall for her ADD -- which is costing the state a pretty penny. Although our sources were not specific, we're told Hilton was not receiving all of her medications at Lynwood. As a result, Hilton was having severe panic attacks in jail. There were times she was so debilitated, she could not push the panic button in her cell.

Paris at her best: click to launch galleryAs for how she's doing, she's depressed but not really crying. She has a pencil and a pad of paper and she's spending her time writing down her thoughts. We're also told she's losing weight -- although she's no Nicole Richie.

Brit Gone Wild

Spears gone wild: click to watch videoBritney Spears just loves showing off all that junk inside her trunk.

The mother of two was spotted outside Joseph's in Hollywood last night, where she gave the wildly snapping paparazzi an eyeful of her once taut tush as she hopped into her car. The crowd of paps can even be heard groaning as her rear made its very special appearance. At least she wore panties this time!

Britney did manage to keep one embarrassing feature somewhat covered though -- holding her hands over her nasty hair extensions on her way into the restaurant/club.

Brit and Family in Hawaii: Click to launch photos

Hayden Gives Her Dog a Bone

Celebs and their dogs: Click to launch photos
"Heroes" hottie Hayden Panettiere grabbed her furry friend and hit the runway in New York last night for the 8th annual Paws for Style benefit fashion show. Save a puppy, save the world.

Hayden joined a pack of stars who are raising money and awareness for animal rescue.

Whoopi -- The New Rosie?

Ladies of the view: click to launch galleryWill "The View" be making Whoopi ... Rosie's replacement next summer? Star (the magazine, not Jones) seems to think so. "As far as everyone at ABC is concerned, she has the job," according to a "network insider." The mag says that Babwa and crew have been talking to Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr, Ricki Lake, and Gayle King, but that Whoopi "has won everyone over." What's more, she's "liberal and outspoken but not crazy like Rosie." And just to add insult to injury as far as Rosie goes (the two are friends), Whoopi's getting the year-to-year deal that Rosie wanted. A "View" rep says, "No offer has been made to any potential candidate."

'Sopranos' Creator to Fans -- Take That Ending and Shove It

david chase"Sopranos" creator David Chase doesn't see what all the fuss is -- about the ending to the mob drama. He tells the Star-Ledger of New Jersey that he has "no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there," concerning the final scene, which had fans aghast with its ambiguity and abruptness, going to black for five full seconds after building up. "We did what we thought we had to do," says Chase, and he definitely didn't design the ending to work into a possible movie.

The cast, meanwhile, at a viewing party for the show, said that they didn't know which ending would end up being used, but didn't comment on it beyond that.

Naomi CampbellParty Favors: Naomi Provides Unassailable Proof That She's a Coldhearted Bitch ... Travolta Gets Heat from Gays Over "Hairspray" ... Vanessa Keeps Bongo Deal ... Lukas Rossi Strums It at REVOLUTION

Naomi Campbell's road to the cover of W magazine was easy street, she says, according to Gatecrasher. "All I had to do was scrub some floors and hit my maid," she was overheard saying. ... Gay leaders are calling for a boycott of "Hairspray" because, they say, star John Travolta's religion -- Scientology -- rejects gays and lesbians as members, and according to MSNBC, "operates reparative therapy clinics to 'cure' homosexuality." ... Vanessa Minnillo will continue to be the face of Bongo jeans even after those sketchy knife-play pics with Lindsay Lohan. ... We're told that Canadian rocker Lukas Rossi -- "Rock Star: Supernova" winner -- did an acoustic set at The Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas over the weekend.


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America has gone absolutely nuts. Newspapers, radio, TV newscasts. Everything is Paris Hilton. Her agents are certainly earning their money. All this attention for someone who does nothing to earn the attention. She was simply lucky enough to have been born into the Hilton Hotel Dynasty. She has an older sister who gets no publicity, who has a job, who earns a living (and then some) and who is a responsible member of society. And then we have "poor" Paris Hilton who believes her own publicity -- that she is above the judicial system; that she should not be held accountable for her DUIs and suspended driving licenses. If she was Paris Anybody else, she would have been tried, received a sentence and ordered to serve it. She wouldn't be giving news conferences from her prison cell, or receiving celebrity justice. I truly believe that Paris Hilton would get more sympathy and have more credibility if she simply "did the time for the crime". Her "poor me" act has gotten very old and a lot of people are very tired.

2654 days ago

Princess Poon    

TMZ gets more stupid and childish every day. Who writes these columns? High School students?

2654 days ago

Ms Ellen    

If I were Whoopie, I'd stay as far away from *The Veiw* as possible.

I do not trust Barbara W. at all any more.

2654 days ago


Paris Hilton...that little spoiled Bratt if it was anybody else they would have just said Deal with it ..and thats that ..not put her in a motel like room and able to play around all day and for that sheriff he should be pulled from office or better yet put in jail...ya know someone should check his bank account just to see if he excepeted any bribe (payoff) money from MIss Spoiled Bratt's Parents its just not fare...................

2654 days ago

Ms Ellen    

As far as Paris is concerned, she'll be oaky.

2654 days ago


Paris Hilton is trying anything & everything to get out of jail! I'm surprised she hasn't faked a heart attack or somethin'. HEY PARIS, YOU STUPID BITCH, YOU BROKE THE LAW! YOU DESERVE TO GO TO JAIL - JUST LIKE EVERY OTHTER LAW ABIDING CITIZEN! NOW, she wants to cry ADD? OMG! Kids have ADD! Give the damn bitch a placibo & lock her in her damn cell & throw away the key! You could give the ignert heifer an asperin & she wouldn't know the difference! Somebody needs to slip her some Prozac & calm her down & explain to her that she has to pay her debt to society! JEEZ! I'm sick to death of hearin' about the crazy-assed BITCH!

2654 days ago


Pure white trash

2654 days ago

Maria D    

Enough with the stupid celebrities. Paris is a high school dropout who got what she deserves. Most parents wouldn't let their 16 year old kids drop out of HS but apparantly the Hiltons don't think an education is necessary. Looks are only skin deep, and they fade. Then what's she got?

2654 days ago

Reverend Mother    

Hopefully Ms. Hilton will not depart jail ,seeking poor unfortunate Black or African children for ubiquitous photo op. Please, Ms. Hilton, do not go into or be sent into Black community to speak to lesser than(s) & unfortunates = Usual reprieve for many European celebrities/stars; photos hugging, smiling, patting heads of poor Haitian children or some Africans somehwere (or those portraying such). Those redemptive false, fake, fraudulent saving grace pictures portray Humans who would never approach or think, on own, to give community service in presumed or alleged ghettos anyplace within world.

2654 days ago


This young woman is pathetic. Where is her family????? I can't help of thinking of Nicole Brown Simpson's family who loved the $$$$$$$$$ so much they let OJ beat her up and finally kill her. Brittney is obviously mentally ill and it is up to her family to get her the help she needs or take her children away and protect them from the mental abuse they are suffering because of her out of control behaviour

2654 days ago


Hilton's antics remind me of Rev. Jim Baker faking a breakdown just before he went to jail!!!

2654 days ago


I can't believe that 82 % of the people taking this poll think that Paris deserves to suffer longer. What an awful indication of how vicious people can be. No other first time offender who has been sent to jail for a misdemeanor of this sort has served this much of their time. I say let her out and perhaps she has reflected on just who she is and what she has done. I feel that she deserves the chance to prove herself once she is out. If she repeats her behavior then it would be a different story. Young people make mistakes, hers is just publicized. What kind of mistakes have your kids made? Who among you has driven on a suspended liscense or is driving around without insurance or has had a couple of beers at the bar and driven home..there but for the grace of could be sitting..probably not as long as she will have to because some pompous Judge wants to make a name for himself by making an example of her. I have never been a Paris fan so my opinion is one of just how much justice is fair and this Judge on his high horse, wasn't.

2654 days ago


Leave the poor girl aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This world is so frickin cruel it's not even funny anymore. She is not a criminal, she is a human being that made a mistake and i truely believe she learned her lesson. YOu people are sooo cruel.
Paris I wish you the best. And for those who know nothing about anxiety and panic attacks it's worst than death. Hang in there girl. I am supporting you all the way.
Please don't ever drink and drive.

2654 days ago


bravo to the judge who says she has to stay in jail. it is about time someone soes not cave in to people with money and have them do their time just like anyone slse. paris needs to quit crying like a whiney baby and do her time. she is NOT a very good role model.

2654 days ago


Rob, (#3) Adults can have ADD. You're about as smart as Paris seems to be.

2654 days ago
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