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Simon to Ryan

I'm the American Idol


6/12/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell added fuel to his bitchfest with Ryan Seacrest, by claiming the more airtime he gets on "American Idol" the better the show's ratings are. Settle down, ladies!
simon to ryan
The dueling divas took to the airwaves on Tuesday
, when Simon called in to KIIS FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," after news hit that Ryan jokingly said the drop in "A.I." ratings this season were all Simon's fault. Sanjaya say what?!

Ryan believes if Simon wants credit for the show's success (which Cowell does claim), he also has to take the blame when it fumbles. Seacrest added, "Plus, there's a little bit of ego that's getting out of control with you." Ya think?

Simon, who is more vocal during the audition episodes, hit back at Ryan by saying, "When I'm allowed more airtime we get 34 million viewers. When I say nothing -- and you're talking -- we get 12 million less."

Oh for the love of Dunkleman, just hug it out already!


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Susan Ernst    

American idol is only as good as the contestants. Taylor and Katharine and Elliot Yamin brought in the highest ratings of any American Idol.
Jordon Sparks? Give me a break. Nobody cared about Blake or Jordon. The ratings were down because nobody cared who won. It was a terrible year and they all know it. Jordon can sing great but no personailty-she won because she reminded people of Ugly Betty.
The show is old-nobody wants to see those old farts from the 60's anymore. Herman Hermits??? Are you kidding. Dump Clive Davis and get something that says 2007-sheesh.

2660 days ago

Normal Dude    

The drop in A.I. ratings may be due to their first ever Charity Fest and devoting an entire show to shaking down their viewers. Americans are charitied to death. Give us a break. Can't we watch entertainment without having the money grubbers hit us up just one more time? Isn't it always just one more time? Also they struck down the best and left us with the rest, as finalists. Simon's remarks on the best looking and singing idol showing some skin was condescending and meant to put her on the defensive. When you have the talent Haley Scarnato has you can dress anyway you want. A provocative singer, a provocative dresser. Was Simon afraid Haley's sexy look would awaken Ryan's castration anxieties? And, Sabrina Sloan--yes, also.

2660 days ago


Simon, has incredible sex appeal. Ryan, is smart, and knows where he comes from; he comes from a modest beginning and has made something of himself. Hence, his relating to the Idols. He seems like a truly nice guy.

Simon is a nice guy. Have to know English wit to know that is how they are, they are blunt. But he is a nice guy. The two together and Randy, make American Idol. Paula, it must be hard to be her week after week. She is nice, but there are times she should say nothing or be honest.

Just my opinion~

2660 days ago


THere is such a thing as good constructive criticism , which is necessary if someone is going to be a pro at anything, especially as a performer. Then there is just plain old ugliness, meant for the sole reason to grab ratings. Simon may ne right about some peoples talent, but he is mostly about plain old ugliness. No one needs to be told they are unattractice, or as he told one girl , fat and ugly. THe poor girl he said that to looked crushed, i agre, that had nothing to do with her singing talent. This is just a ratings grabber, and attention grabber, People who act as ugly as Cowell in life are usually drawn by this. This show could do just as well,anyday without this man and his ugliness on tv. This show is just a musical Jerry Springer, and reminds me of the mideival days when people liked to watch jousting in an arena to see who would get killed. This show needs to be taken off the air. Either that or Simon needs to be removed. I havent watched this show in ages and wont.

2660 days ago

nikkis mom    

The events that brought down the ratings on American Idol were Sanjaya; Randy's pitchy comments and "dawg" remarks and hearing Paula critique by saying - how nice they look!
Simon was the only judge that made sense. Ryan does nothing for the show. People got so tired of Sanjaya because of the voting system; they need to jude like DWTS so people like Scott Sorell, T. Hicks and Sanjaya don't ruin everthing

2660 days ago


you'd have to weld me to a chair and pry my eyelids open with toothpicks to get me to watch that garbage. in the few times i have watched (against my will) i have decided that simon got his job by spending time on his knees, because his taste in music is for the tone deaf. i never thought paula could sing either. great dancer baaaaaaad singer.

2660 days ago


who cares american idol is old and boring

2660 days ago

they will all make lots of money    

To. 8-KR. Give me a break. Carrie Underwood has won more awards than anyone. Clay Aiken, has sold more CD's than anyone, other than Kelly Clarkson. Apparently you don't have a clue. What about Chris Daughtry, his single HOME has been in the Billboard top 10 since November, unheard of.

Simon is American Idol, and since anyone who watches the show knows, Simon and Ryan are good friends and when they joke around, that also makes the show. The problem this past year was the talent just wasn't that great.

American Idol, Simon and Ryan RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2660 days ago


Simon makes the show! Ryan could be replaced and the show would go on.

It is time Ryan stopped acting like a spoiled child. His job is mc not judging

Simon's performance. As for a drop in the number of people watching the

show........other shows would be overjoyed to have the audience that the Idol has.

2660 days ago

el polacko    

good grief .. don't any of you silly people realize that the tiresome banter between ryan and simon is just shtick ?! if ryan's years 'mentoring' in merv griffin's crotch taught him anything it's to watch the teeth... and simon knows which side of ryan to butter.

2660 days ago


Ryan, when you have been a successful producer for many years perhaps you will have the right to critisize Simon. However, at this stage Mr. over-inflated DJ, I would be very careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. You are about as indispensable as Paris Hilton

2660 days ago


Here is cast in order of importance:
Ryan is completely replaceable and probably should be.

2660 days ago


Simon is the big DAWG on idol. He is Not the whole show,Even though he is a Asshole.
There would be no IDOL with out the whole GANG

2660 days ago


no simon, no show.

gaycrest is the most bland & boring robot on tv.

2660 days ago


if people can;t handle SImon, they will never make it in the entertainment industry. I know from FACT. When did Americans becoiem such whiney littel losers who fall apart at any and all criticism? What weaklings the baby Bommers and their spiled brood have become. TOUGHEN UP people!

If you wnat to be an actor or singer learn this simple fact... REJECTION is a way of life. If you can;t handle that, go back to selling shoes and having your mommy wipe your runny noses

2660 days ago
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