Simon to Ryan I'm the American Idol Bee-yotch!

6/12/2007 2:22 PM PDT

Simon to Ryan: I'm the American Idol, Bee-yotch!

Simon Cowell added fuel to his bitchfest with Ryan Seacrest, by claiming the more airtime he gets on "American Idol" the better the show's ratings are. Settle down, ladies!

The dueling divas took to the airwaves on Tuesday
, when Simon called in to KIIS FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," after news hit that Ryan jokingly said the drop in "A.I." ratings this season were all Simon's fault. Sanjaya say what?!

Ryan believes if Simon wants credit for the show's success (which Cowell does claim), he also has to take the blame when it fumbles. Seacrest added, "Plus, there's a little bit of ego that's getting out of control with you." Ya think?

Simon, who is more vocal during the audition episodes, hit back at Ryan by saying, "When I'm allowed more airtime we get 34 million viewers. When I say nothing -- and you're talking -- we get 12 million less."

Oh for the love of Dunkleman, just hug it out already!