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"Sopranos" Fans Whack Creator's Wiki Entry

6/12/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We all know that a lot of "Sopranos" fans thought that the series ended on a terrible note -- but taking a hit out on creator David Chase's Wikipedia entry? Oh marone!

TMZ was checking out Chase's Wiki page this morning, and noticed that the first line read, "David Chase ... is a homosexual American television writer." Now we're all for the gays, but the sexual-orientation thing seemed odd, since Chase has been married to the same woman for over twenty years.

Well, it turns out that the entry was "vandalized" by some Wiki thugs, which then caused the Wikipedia folks to clamp down immediately, disallowing any changes to the page. Wikipedia didn't comment on the changes in Chase's entry, but it won't be available again for editing until next Monday.

Yesterday, in an interview with a New Jersey paper, Chase said that he wasn't trying to "[mess] with" fans, just trying to entertain them with the provocative ending, which concluded the series in nearly ten seconds of black screen.


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chase manhattan...

2689 days ago

Real Deal    

did not write this, but got it from a source and it makes sense:
>OK, at first I was really angry. I mean really, really angry. I can't
>believe though that no-one has posted by now what happened. The only
>thing I saw that was right, was that in the last scene we are seeing
>through Tony's eyes (the black screen). Remember when he was speaking with
>Bobby on the boat...basically saying that you don't see it happening when
>you just see blackness?
>So here is what I found out. The guy at the bar is also credited as
>Nikki Leotardo. The same actor played him in the first part of season 6
>during a brief sit down concerning the future of Vito. That wasn't that
>long ago. Apparently, he is the nephew of Phil. Phil's brother Nikki
>Senior was killed in 1976 in a car accident. Absolutely Genius!!!! David
>Chase is truly rewarding the true fans who pay attention to detail.
>So the point would have been that life continues and we may never know
>the end of the Sopranos. But if you pay attention to the history, you
>will find that all the answers lie in the characters in the restaurant.
>The trucker was the brother of the guy who was robbed by Christopher in
>Season 2. Remember the DVD players? The trucker had to identify the
>body. The boy scouts were in the train store and the black guys at the
>end were the ones who tried to kill Tony and only clipped him in the ear
>(was that season 2 or 3?).
>Absolutely incredible!!!! There were three people in the restaurant who
>had reason to kill Tony and then it just ends. This was Chase's way of
>proving that he will not escape his past. It will not go on forever
>despite that he would like it to "don't stop". Not the fans!!! Tony
>would like it to keep going but just as we have to say goodbye, so does
>he. No more Tony and I guess we are supposed to be happy that Meadow
>didn't get clipped as well (she would have been between the shooter and
>Tony) since she is the only one worth a crap in that family.
>Thank you David Chase for making it so obscure that I feel bad for
>hating you at first. Absolutely amazing!!!!"

2689 days ago


its too bad idiots cant see what a great ending it really was!!!.....morons!

2689 days ago

Peds Nurse    

I wasn't paying attention to my kids during the last episode. When it went blank I thought my kids had turned the power off to my room. I went out screaming at them!! They kept saying they didn't know what I was talking about. I watched the West Coast feed and realized my/Davids mistake. I'm still paying for calling them liars (lol)!!!!

2689 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Damn, Britney's ass is looking good!

2689 days ago

Dawn Lavely    

No ending would've been good enough for me because I didn't want it to end. I love the Sopranos and will deeply miss the opportunity to peek in on thier lives...good entertainment is SO hard to find these days!

2689 days ago


It was a BRILLIANT last episode. David, not everyone hated it. Your true fans, and the smart population, LOVED IT.

2689 days ago


response to #2. DAMN! Now I'm going to go back and watch all the episodes again. If this is true, it makes the ending was even more brilliant then I originally thought.

2689 days ago


. I have been watching the show since season 1 and grew to love the characters and have an attachment. I felt so sick when Adrianna was killed, the depressing episode stayed with me for the rest of the night. I love Tony. I don't want to see him get whacked or grieve over his family. I didn't want him to turn into an informant or go into hiding. I like that he was what we thought he was all along. There was no moving away, new babies being born, death (well of a beloved character anyway), no winning the lottery. It stayed true to itself. If you don’t like that ending well then you can use one of your crazy theories to make it work for you. David Chase is a genius! I love you Howard!

2689 days ago


I don't care one way or the other...LOL

2689 days ago


Wayyyy too funny.... The ending left everyone with way too many questions.....the last show sucked!

2689 days ago


For the record, it's not "marone" it's "Madonna". The Jersey/Sicilian wannabe pronunciations SOUNDS like ma-rone. Like "American" sounds like Marry-gan.

2689 days ago


I'm just glad this show and "Friends" are both OVER. Bring back Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place!! Now those were good ones!

2689 days ago


The ending was crap....and I love how everyone "knows" what the ending was supposed to mean. The fact is if your not David Chase you don't know crap, you just think you know!I felt Chase whizzed on all of the fans of the past 7 years by having that ending plain and simple

2689 days ago


Rosie is a BIG FAT PIG!

2689 days ago
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