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Britney -- Victim of Pap Smear?

6/13/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The vagina effect. Simple. Shocking. Effective. But is it intentional?

As you may undoubtedly recall, Britney Spears has had a few "oopsies" over the last year -- oopsies that left her no-no special parts "accidentally" exposed. But who's to blame? Oversmellous paps? Or an attention-craving exhibitionist?

Take a look at the evidence -- and decide for yourself!


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Geez..... give me a break. I really don't think she has a CLUE that she's giving "freebies" when it actually happens. Not a clue. She doesn't act like a lady - more like trailer trash. Hope she doesn't think what she's doing is cute if she has seen and of the Tabs reports. Have to admit I used to like watching Brit just to see what would happen next - career wise. But, unfortunately, she's fallen off the deep end and I don't know if anyone (including her) can figure out how to show her the light. I'd hate to think she'd have to really hit rock bottom (as if she hasn't yet) to wise up. They have it all and piss it away - then whine about it. So sad. Wish I had that problem! She needs to be a MOM, get back in the studio and put out some new music and get on with life. Always the optimist, I wish her well.

2689 days ago


What an over rated slut whore but I like how her ass jiggle when she hope to the back seat of that truck

2689 days ago


Any woman pass the age of 5 knows to keep her legs together when getting out of a car or chair. She is obviously doing this on purpose. Negative attention seeking is a symptom of much deeper problems. Problems Britney doesn't seem to want to address. My sympathy lies with her poor children. I hope she is saving for their therapy bills!

2689 days ago


Pure white trash!!!! BRIT!!!! stop acting like a whore

2689 days ago

Fair Observer    

She has to do something to get the attention off of Paris and onto her!

2689 days ago


She's a flaming moron and an unfit mother. K-fed are you paying attention?

2689 days ago


1 word....TRASHY!

2689 days ago


WTF? Why isn't she arrested for indecent exposure? Any other skank walking down the street with that much hanging out would surely be up on charges and at least sentenced to the same as Paris. Or in Britney's case she should have a felonty conviction for being a repeat offender. At the very least, her mere tackiness should earn her a fine...

2689 days ago


On my days off I tend to wear a jean skirt, not a Turtle Skirt (for those that don't know what a turtle skirt is I'll tell you - its a skirt that when you bend over you can see the snapper), but not a long skirt either. Anyway, I have a noticed that when I go to get out of my car sometimes I give a little flash. I am sooo emabarrassed and pray no one saw. Here's the thing, it is never a shot like that. I think its more a self consicous thing with me I know the second I do it and instantly fix it. She is so doing this on purpose. No one spreads there legs like that to get out of a car - that is too widespread.

2689 days ago


Yes, we all agree a stylist would be good, but she's saving her money since she's going to have to pay people to attend a concert. Doesn't she have any friends? I mean non-paid people who like her?...and would say, "that doesn't really work for you" (a.k.a. you look like a crack whore). TRAIN WRECK!!!

2689 days ago


Of COURSE she does it on purpose! Anyone who thinks otherwise, that she's unaware of it, is a complete moron. I have worn short skirts and managed to get in and out of vehicles without flashing anybody. This is purely attention-seeking behavior, and because America just LOVES train wrecks, it's working for her. It also ensures that the photogs will keep their lenses trained on her instead of someone more news-worthy.

2689 days ago

how sad    

Brit definitely wants the attention....if she didn't she'd move out of LA.
Those poor kids.

2689 days ago


What a trashy little girl!

2689 days ago


Her kids, when they grow up, will be sooooo proud of her. Why bother putting clothes on?

2689 days ago

tooth fairy    

If she wants to flash people on purpose to get attention and boost her career, she should at least groom herself and not wear ridiculous tasteless outfit. This is apparently not working and not helping her career. I want to vomit when I see her photos. She is a hillbilly.

2689 days ago
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