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Dan Rather -- Paris Hilton Root of All Media Evil

6/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dan Rather continued his blowhard tour today, blaming the "dumbing down" and "tarting up" of news -- as he has put it -- on Paris Hilton and the media's blanket coverage of the heiress' jail travails.

Talking to FOX News, Rather slammed the wall-to-wall Paris-in-the-slammer coverage, criticizing his ex-bosses at CBS News for running Hilton stories on the evening news. "There's no empirical evidence that by going with Paris Hilton that [the newscast] attracts a younger audience," said Rather.

Rather tried to deflect criticism of news coverage from his replacement, Katie Couric, to his ex-boss, CBS CEO Les Mooves -- and now, inevitably, to Paris. Kenneth, what's the frequency?


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2698 days ago


finally a voice of reason

2698 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

He's right on both counts. As for that Katie Couric, she's a total disaster.

2698 days ago


Opps, another disgruntled employee

2698 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

To Dan Rather

You are no longer a signifcant reporter so go get a life and stop disrespecting women before someone that used to work for you writes a book.

You are the dumbest man ever to tell a lie and defend a lie after so many years as a respected reporter.

Now you sound like you hate woman and it's really not becoming and stop this crap NOW! DAMN IT.

Just ask you doctor for some enhancement products and go f u c k yourself.

2698 days ago

just wondering    

.....CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE DEPRESSING NEWS FROM THE MESS BUSH STARTED IN IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!>>....DAN....WE NEED PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......animal stories r old new on the evening telecasts like when u anchored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2698 days ago

Allred Tree    

Actually, I agree. When I want celebrity news, I watch Entertainment Tonight, Court TV, Fox News mostly. I find Katie Couric extremely annoying for some reason. Maybe she is just too old to be perky and when she tries toning that aspect of her persona down, it comes across as phony. Actually, I didn't care much for her on Today and often thought it looked like she was trying to stifle a laugh, even when reporting on something serious.

2698 days ago


Bravo Mr. Rather. Finally someone speaks out about the dumbing down of American news and the Paris Hilton story. Wake up people...stop paying attention and she'll go away.

2698 days ago


Who really cares about that little useless prison tart!
650,000 innocent Iraqis have been killed by Bush!
Over 3500 Americans have been killed by Bush!
Bush signed a dictatorship for himself if there is another catastrophy..

The only good thing about Paris is that it has balls to the walls showed us how unjust our legal system is AGAIN! [thanks OJ~he was #1]

Does anyone friggn care what is going on in the world anymore?

2698 days ago

how sad    

I totally agree with Dan Rather. There is way too much coverage of Paris
by "so called" reputable news organizations. Why don't they just leave celebrity
news to the entertainments programs?

This is the DUMBING DOWN of America for sure....when Paris gets more coverage
than our troops, the war, immigration, gas prices, and world news.

2698 days ago


CBS,NBC, and ABC are no longer the 3 mega channels they have been. I followed Dan to HDNET, and watch him there. I watched the news with Katie, and hated it. It wasn't news, just fluff, and interviews. The only other GREAT news anchor left is Brian Williams, although Charles Gibson is really starting to bring it on every night to report the news how I want to hear about it. Unfortunately we all grow old, and older. Things can't stay the same, because the world changes We are sick of hearing about the BUSH, CHENEY, fiasco in Irag, and I want my soldiers home defending my land, not someone else's. The presidential elections won't be the same without DAN on CBS, but perhaps Moonves, can give Hilton a mike, and let her cover it for her peers and him. The rest of us will be watching REAL news somewhere else.

2698 days ago


He's just an old wrinkled up hag that needs his pop tarts up his butt. Obviously he misses being "in" the media himself. Go garden or something...

2698 days ago

how sad    

Dan Rather is correct Americans are dumb and focus on stupid things.

2698 days ago


Don't waste my time Dan, Danny boy or Dammit what ever u like to be called. Your worthless and no one care about what you report on. Try reporting on something worth while like the wig on ur bald ass help.

2698 days ago


LOL.... Dan go sit your ass down and stop hating women you old fart !

2698 days ago
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