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Does Britney Change Clothes for Cash?

6/13/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears sure loves to change her clothes -- the dethroned pop princess is often seen wearing a plethora of looks on the same day. For someone who doesn't have much going on, she sure has a whole lotta wardrobe changes! Why? Is Britney changing clothes to sell photos -- and profiting from it?

When a star is snapped on the same day wearing the same thing, chances are that media outlets (like TMZ) are less likely to purchase more than one photo. But when a gallivanting starlet wears one look during the day (like the Kritik outfit on the left) and then changes into another (ghetto housewife, right), the photos of both outfits will likely sell. Cha-ching!

So, if Britney's multiple looks are a calculated strategy to sell photos -- is she in on the deal?

Rumors are that Britney is working with a certain stalkerazzi agency. We contacted Brit's rep but didn't hear back by post time.


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interesting. that's probably why we got to see a picture of Jayden James. i'm sure she got paid for it. pathetic.

2657 days ago


Like the yellow and white outfit! Anyone know where it came from?

2657 days ago


she has like fifty bazwillion dollars! why would she have to sell photos?! unless she just likes the attention. oh, the speculation!

2657 days ago



don't be a moron. No photo can be a "proof" that a child is "perfectly normal and healthy". Especially not Britney Spears child. He is quite cute but to be honest, not very normal looking. In all the photos there is something off with his left eye and it can't be a coincidence that it's always the same eye.

It also can't be a coincidence that his crazy, hillbilly uneducated mother kept covering him so people won't see him while she could not wait to do all kind of magazine spreads etc. with SPF.

It also can't be a coincidence that X17 who seems to be the only stalkerazzi company that "coincidentally" manages to gets such photos carefully makes sure never to show JJ in full frontal shots or from the left side.

So as far as appearances go, we shall know more after we have seen 3, 4, 5 'en face' pics of JJ. Do you wanna bet that such pics will not come from x17?

But as far as normalcy and health are concerned, we will have to wait a bit longer, won't we?

2657 days ago


Is this is the case, why aren't all the celebrities shaving their heads? Is Britney the only attention starved person in Hollywood? Hmmmm

2657 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Nice fat gut loser!

2657 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Well good for Britney if she is making a profit off of her pics.

Why is it ok for people to follow her around all day and make a profit off of her, but at the hint of Britney making $$ ... its all bad.

2657 days ago


She has to make money somehow.....fake singing just isn't cutting it anymore...

2657 days ago


Will this disgusting Skank ever go away???

2657 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Ghetto housewife? Knock it off TMZ! --- In both of these pictures the clothes look as if they are too small.

2656 days ago


So does a celeb get a cut everytime they are in a photo? I didnt know that

2656 days ago



2656 days ago


#12 tnt -- Britney's mom is the one who made Britney what she is. And you wish she would take those babies and raise them to be trailer trash too? If Lynne Spears gets her hands on them, I can tell you what they'll grow up like, being males -- Ever see the movie A Time To Kill? Well, those 2 redneck baby rapers in the movie are what Lynne will raise. What Britney and her kids need is to get the hell away from her mother, her sly little money lovin' cousin, and since she can't keep the kids away from KTrashFed, at least she should straighten our her act and go to court and win more time with her kids and less time for KTrashFed. By the way, Lynne has no interest whatsoever in taking care of her grandchildren. She's the one who took them and gave them to KFed when Brit went to rehab. She didn't want to tote around grandchildren and cramp what she thinks is her "young" style. Not!

2650 days ago


It's true that everytime one of us writes stuff here, it helps Britney make more money. She may realize this, that negative publicity helps her financially more than no publiciity, but somehow I can't imagine her that smart. The poor girl is just dim witted. And yeah, ainsley is right, she is exactly what her mama made her. ANd who's living the good life and enjoying the money Brit made? Her mama.

2650 days ago


I wonder if Lynne Spears has polished her image up some? I recall reading about her and Brit back when Brit first hit the big time, and what I read said she was a day care teacher, not a second grade teacher. I wonder if that's true? Of course she polished up her wardrobe with Brit's money, what everybody says there is true. And have you notice, with all Britney's money she never has on any pretty jewelry. Wonder what that?

2650 days ago
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