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Britney: Say Cheeeese!!!

6/13/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a bright pink message for photogs yesterday -- hit me baby, one more time!!!

Having already flashed her ass and a boob this week, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston have to call "mom," completed a public pie-fecta by offering the paparazzi a little "full-frontal" action after she left a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday.

Everybody say it together now -- at least she's got something on this time!


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What we have here is a picture of a very sick, desperate woman who will do anything for media attention no matter how negative. The world realized that her former image was completely manufactured and she never had any singing talent. Her former looks are gone. The only thing she has left is the ability to flash her ass and vag to the world. I officially feel sad for her.

2635 days ago

Beyonce sucks    

To Ivona,

I don't know who you're beef is with, but I find it funny that in your comment you say that they are classless, yet you are defending Britney Spears of all people. Thanks, I needed that laugh

2635 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

How is she an exhibitionist when you low-lives are aiming a camera up her dress at her crotch? C'mon, Calling a woman trashy for getting out of her car is going too far.
Now, look what you've done, making me defend Britney Spears.

2635 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

SOCIAL SERVICES - PLEASE take those children away from this sicko. She is an exhibitionists. She knows cameras are on her. She does NOT have to dress like a whore and shore off her privates to people who do NOT want to see her mess.

SICKENING. Behave like a parent you horrible piece of trash!

2635 days ago


Imagin.. Little Girls like me, used to look up to her... now that im a little girl anymore- and shes older and sluttier- i feel so stupid. i mean common.. WHO didnt like her when she first came out?

now shes just-- horrible, its embarrasing, ----

How in the hell could i have wanted to be like her ....


2635 days ago

Enough is Enough    

#1 Britney knows exactly what she is doing . How many times can you get your pic taken with your legs spread and NOT learn how to properly get out of a car ? Like the yesterday, she actually climbed over a seat showing her butt. Come on.....She knows.

#2 Sad these actions show how mentally unstable she must be, giving a good reason to end up having her kids taken away from her.

#3 How sad she cares nothing that one day her sons will view these pics. She has no self esteem or self respect.

#4 Her mother should Baker-Act her and force her to get the mental help, she obviously needs very much.

2635 days ago


#51 You didn't have camaras flashing at you so you probably didn't care if you panties were seen. Britney knows that the cams are there so she should have some common sense and have some class and exit the car like a lady. And what would you say her excuse was yesterday for having her a$$ up in the air inside the car. Come on stop making excuses for this girl, and see her for what she is a no class trash.

2635 days ago


This is exactly why she is flashing her body parts to the get press. Paris has dominated the media lately and Brit Brit is putting her..errr...2 cents in to coin a phrase.

2635 days ago


She is SO wonder why she's got loser guys after her....she is a prime example of white trash. It's unfortunate because she was so pretty back in the day. She makes Paris Hilton seem totally classy.

2635 days ago



2635 days ago


This doesn't even look like Britney - her nose is different, and when was the last time you saw Brit with a french manicure? I thought it was Nicole Richie with a few pounds packed on her at first glance!

Either way...loser move, paps. Britney or not, this person's a human being and doesn't deserve to have her girly bits posted all over the internet against her will. *rolling eyes*

2635 days ago


OMG!!! Does this chic have no shame!!!??? Seriously!! How desperate does one really have to be?? I feel bad for her kids when they get older and they see pics of their mothers privates! What a disgrace, her mother must be at her proudest!! I hope Jaime Lyn is learning a lot from her older sis, on what NOT to do. Hopefully their mother raised one normal kid!! Jaime Lyn, make your momma proud and DON'T follow in your sisters footsteps, PLEASE!!!

2635 days ago

MIchael D.    

At first, I thought "poor girl, she's just had too much too soon." Now, I realize, she's using all of us to keep herself in the tabloids.

She is a miniscule talent that WAS cute and seemingly naive; she is now a manipulative, self-absorbed ego-maniac, who cares nothing about how her children will see her in the future, nor how young girls everywhere emulate her.

My advice to parents; NIX Brittney. Better yet, to the media, NIX BRITNEY. She's too stupid.

2635 days ago


She is just another piece of crap California parent. What do you expect !!!!

2635 days ago


I almosts always sympathize with celebrities "mistakes" and advocate forgiveness and understanding when one is going thru and hard time and making bad choices (Paris, Lindsay, Britney in the past, etc.) But not this time. After Britney's very bad publicity over her naked crotch shots and other panty flashing capers, you would think she would have learned by now not to do it. Incidentally, a true lady doesn't have to learn anyway, it just comes naturally, but some women have to be paper trained first. There is only one explanation for these continuing escapades: She is trash and obviously wants to keep on flashing her clothed or unclothed underparts to the world. (And yes, ultimately, both are as equally tasteless and unladylike). And no, camera angle doesn't matter. A proper and tasteful lady will exist a car with her legs together and her hand down on the front of her skirt so there is no room to see. Is Britney making any attempt to do this? No. Trash. Pure and simple.

2635 days ago
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