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$54M Pants Suit Judge Mistaken for DC's CrackBarry

6/14/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBitch confused my face! Former DC mayor Marion Barry made an appearance last night on ABC's World News, but there was nary a crack pipe in sight.

ABC's crack staff used B-roll footage of Barry, who's now a DC city councilman, in their piece about Judge Roy Pearson, the guy who's suing his former dry cleaner for $54 million over a pair of pants.

It's the second time in two weeks that two African-American public figures have been confused for one another by the media. Just last week, Rep. John Conyers and Rep. William Jefferson were confused for one another on FOX News.

ABC admitted the gaff on its website, and corrected it for its west coast broadcast, adding that it was "deeply sorry for this mistake."


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This guy is a Judge?? I would never want to go in front of him for anything! Maybe he will make a sitcom out of this, and Cartman can play his part!
Get Real!!!

2653 days ago


It's a sad commentary on our justice system when the court doesn't just turn these cases away and make the person who files the lawsuit pay the legal fees of the defendant. It's also sad to think a man this disturbed could be a judge.

2653 days ago


All black people look the same so I understand there can be confusion.

2653 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

What would Judge Judy say?

2653 days ago


At this point in time it a liitle ridiculous for the media to confuse these folks! At this point we know they dont all look alike...........

2653 days ago


All White people look the same!!!! AlllAsian people look the same!!!! At least black people come in different shades which is more than I can say for us.......

2653 days ago


This "judge" should just be shot for stupidity. His whole case is bull$h!t. Unless he had a powerball ticket in his pocket (in which case still wouldn't be the dry cleaner's fault), there's no way that pair of pants can ultimately cost him $54M. Just another jackass trying to milk the system. If by some BS reason this idiot wins the case, dry cleaners are going to have to get some kind of insurance from being sued, or make a policy that they aren't responsible for lost clothing... then EVERYONE who uses a dry cleaner's will get screwed. What an a$$!

2653 days ago


I understand the must be smokin' crack to think its ok to sue a dry cleaners for 54 mil. I hope he gets disbarred.

2653 days ago

Avenging Angel    

Excuse us Sir, for mistaking you for the other disgrace to the system.

2653 days ago

CA Mom    

This guy is a joke. I wonder if he is an elected judge or appointed. Either way the people of his state should get rid of him. Here we have a couple working hard for a better life, and this low life is looking for two things instant fame, and free money. What a black mark on our system to allow this. Why hasn't the judge handling this farce thrown it out? Are judges like cops, meaning one won't speaks against another?

2653 days ago


Pearson is a disgrace to the judicial system. He is greedy and arrogant. Shame he is putting these hard working people through such a court case. Heck! shame he is wasting tax payers money to gain notoriety and money. Heaven help those people who have to face this shameful man in court and have him make decisions abouth their cases. I wouldn't trust a thing he had to say or make judicial decisions about. There are plenty of cleaners close enough to his home that he doesn't have to rent a car to get there. In his position he probably has plenty of people working for him that can pick up the cleaning. SHAME ON YOU Pearson for being so narcistic and arrogant.

2653 days ago


It doesn't matter, they're both embarrassments and laughing stock to the rest of the country. DC deserves both of them.

2653 days ago

Hot Carl    

Only a greedy Jig would sue for $54m.... fine role model

2653 days ago

Madam Pince    

According to the New York Times, "Judge Pearson’s future as an administrative law judge is in limbo. His two-year term expired on May 2, and a judicial panel has yet to decide on his reappointment."

This guy is deeply disturbed, and I seriously doubt he has any chance of being reappointed. His career not only as a judge, but in any legal capacity, is dead -- as it should be. Idiot.

2653 days ago


ABC may have made an ignorant, racist mistake, who knows. but FOX "news" totally did it on purpose---they're just plain old scumbags!

2653 days ago
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