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Ant to Joe Rogan: You're a "Homophobe!"

6/14/2007 8:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ant with inset of Joe RoganIs fear of the gays a factor with comedian Joe Rogan? One pissed off VH1 star seems to think so.

Ant, the openly gay host of "Celebrity Fit Club" and star of "Last Comic Standing," fired off a seething message on his Myspace page, in response to Rogan's accusations on a radio show that Ant has been stealing jokes from other comics -- the most horrific insult in the world of stand-up comedy. In the post, Ant claims that the only reason the former "Fear Factor" star has made the accusation is because, "Joe just can't come right out and call me a FAGGOT," adding that the accusation of joke theft is "another way to gaybash." He also slams Rogan as a "homophobe."

On the page, Ant says he's ready for Rogan's retaliation, saying "I can't wait to hear him proclaim, 'ANT's using the homophobic card? How come a straight guy can't talk about a gay guy and blah blah blah.' A spade is a spade and I call 'em like I see 'em."

A rep for Rogan had no immediate response.


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I don't know about what Joe Rogan said about other comics stealing jokes. However, I have seen him perform, he can be a little crude but still funny. In terms of being homophobic, I really don't think he is, period. No offense Joe, if you are reading this, but I always kind of thought he might actually be gay. In regards to Ant, I am a guy that likes guys (I hate being called gay, it makes me feel like I am perpetually happy!). I have seen Ant perform on various shows, I find him so annoying and irritating and hate to say it, stereotypical of what "straight" people perceive all gay men to be like. That bugs me more than Joe Rogan making comments about comics stealing jokes. Grow up Ant (and get a real name!)

2609 days ago


Both are pathetic, Ant will whore himself anyway possible to get his name mentioned in the press.... maybe he should pay more attention to that horrible toupee of his, and Joe is trying to kick start his career again....

2641 days ago


discrimination is discrimination, no mater how u put it,if ur gay ,straight , black or white. it is wrong to do this to any one. we live in the 21 century. come on people have u learned any thing. look how many celebrities have gotten in trouble for saying thing they later regret. because they lose there jobs over something so stupid they said.

2628 days ago

ann coulter    

joe rogan is the furthest thing from a homophobe and i should know cuz i'm gay. ant is just that, a bug. his demeanor on celeb. fit club is condescending to say the least. he thinks his shit don't stink. he has zero talent, is not funny, is a midget and has a shitty hair piece. how he gets jobs is the biggest mind-boggler here. now where'd i put that can of bug spray?

2657 days ago


I felt sorry for this item. No comments. But seriously. Ant? Joe Rogan?

No wonder...

You'd get more action out of a blurb about Phillis Diller rubbing lotion all over Angela Landsbury. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

2657 days ago


Joe Rogan is a dog. He makes jokes at other people's expense, with no thought for humanity or dignity. The man has no couth.

2657 days ago


Umm, so you can't say anything bad about a gay man or it's gaybashing...? I don't care about either of these guys, but I really don't have any sympathy for the whiner....

2657 days ago


I watched a clip where Joe Rogan ripped a woman apart back stage after his "comedy" act, if you can call what he says on stage comedy.

2657 days ago


# 4 Come OUT of the closet already !!!

2657 days ago


Joe Rogan wtf !!!! The only reason he should be on a radio show is to ,show what a walking piece of shit sounds like ....When he was born the doc. threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth. Joe should go kill his parents ,then kill himself . Comic ? . His mom used pus from a crack whore's ass in place of sperm . Oh, by the way who is Joe Rogan ?

2657 days ago


# 7...are you in the closet with # 4...?

2657 days ago


Rogan is a comic? Ant is hysterical. Rogan even had Stern wondering if he liked the girls. Guess Howard and Ant were right.

2657 days ago


They are heading them off at the pass. I know they are going to say I am using the homophobic card or race card. That is their defense against anyone who disagrees or says anything negative about blacks, hispanics, etc. or gays? It sounds to me that is using the homphobic card. Joe does not appear to say he is gay, but is using others material. That is why they want the hate crime law passed, so no one can say anything about anyone besides whites and Christians. They don't want freedom of speech for anyone but themselves.

2657 days ago


This is Joe Rogan's "crusade". He accused Dane Cook of ripping off Louis C.K., and years ago, accused Denis Leary of stealing material from Bill Hicks. Rogan needs to worry about his own career instead of everybody elses.

2657 days ago


# 12...You should be able to answer your own question....don't ya think? Do you not recall how you handled that scenario last night with Tom?

2657 days ago
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