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Ant to Joe Rogan: You're a "Homophobe!"

6/14/2007 8:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ant with inset of Joe RoganIs fear of the gays a factor with comedian Joe Rogan? One pissed off VH1 star seems to think so.

Ant, the openly gay host of "Celebrity Fit Club" and star of "Last Comic Standing," fired off a seething message on his Myspace page, in response to Rogan's accusations on a radio show that Ant has been stealing jokes from other comics -- the most horrific insult in the world of stand-up comedy. In the post, Ant claims that the only reason the former "Fear Factor" star has made the accusation is because, "Joe just can't come right out and call me a FAGGOT," adding that the accusation of joke theft is "another way to gaybash." He also slams Rogan as a "homophobe."

On the page, Ant says he's ready for Rogan's retaliation, saying "I can't wait to hear him proclaim, 'ANT's using the homophobic card? How come a straight guy can't talk about a gay guy and blah blah blah.' A spade is a spade and I call 'em like I see 'em."

A rep for Rogan had no immediate response.


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mark in nyc    

Let's face it Ant, ifyouwere not gay you would not be on TV. You do not have a single original joke.
Kudos for Joe Rogan calling him (Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, and others) on the worst sin of comedy STEALING OTHER PEOPLES JOKES!

I am not talking about topics or set ups (all comics have the same topics usually) but the actual viewpoint of the comic is what makes the joke. Example, if the topic was having a new child, Steve Martin would cover it one way, Richard Pryor would Ant cover it? Most likely exactly how someone else already has cause he is ripping them off.

I wish their ere one hundred Joe Rogans going around calling "personalities" on their theivary!

PS to Ant...sbad hair job, bad eye job....stop trying to look like Mario Cantone (A gay comic who writes his own material)

2650 days ago


This Is Joe Rogan's Comic Stand Watch ALL Or Just 1! And i Mean 1! blow out on comedy central like him preforming at a club, He Will Say Always "This Guy Is Stealing Something"

Ok Who Cares? And Hey Atleast they can get up there everynight with some funny jokes.

2650 days ago


Who cares about "Last Hack Standing" it's a bunch of lame middle of the road comics.

2650 days ago


Since when does saying that a comic is stealing jokes mean that you are homophobic? Also, when is a phobia considered to be anything other than a phobia? I am afraid to fly, does that mean that I am a worthless and insensitive person? If being around a gay person causes someone discomfort why is that wrong? Please stop trying to force people to embrace your sexuality. Love who you are and try not to care what others may think. As I remember, we have the freedom to think, say and be around people that we choose. Enough is enough.

2650 days ago


Joe Rogan constantly "calls people out" for stealing jokes because he does the same thing himself. I don't approve of it, but it's pretty common for comedian's to use other comedian's material during their act. Some are ok with it as long as they give credit later, some don't accept it all. The problem with Joe Rogan is that he's been trying to make it in the comedy business for YEARS and hasn't gotten anywhere, he then sees younger, more marketable comedians come in and accomplish something he hasn't. He gets pissed off and that's when the accusations start flying. Everybody in the business knows this about him and finds it hilarious because Joe seems to think if he can take these guys down he can claim his "rightful" place in the comedy world, but it's never dawned on him that he's just not that funny.

2646 days ago


WooHa23, TMZ is just reporting the story. Nowhere in the article is any opinion stated besides Ant's.

2646 days ago

Crystal -Dixie Chicks Fan-    

Ok yeah, some of you people are just idiots. Comment on the ******* story instead of insulting each other, god. I like gay people and I'm not a big fan of either of whatever.

2610 days ago


Joe proved Carlos Mencia steals jokes, too. So, according to Ant's theory, Carlos is gay, too? Joe is hilarious and has always been nice and fun to me and he knows I'm a big homo fan of his.

2646 days ago


I think Ant should try actually getting funny before starting a pseudowar with another pseudocelebrity. I've never heard anything original come out of Ant's mouth, just alot of stereotypical "drama" humor, so it's not hard to believe that he'd steal other comedian's work. I'm no huge fan of Joe Rogan, and I'm also gay, but can't for the life of me find the homophobic connection. Perhaps someone should read Ant the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

2639 days ago
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