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Paris Hilton's Medical Condition Is Stable

6/14/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a statement at Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. headquarters, spokesperson Steve Whitmore announced that Paris Hilton's medical condition is stable and her condition will continue to be monitored.

Whitmore also made it clear that the decision to move Hilton from Twin Towers back to Lynwood around 10:55 PM last night was entirely up to the Sheriff. When TMZ asked if Nancy Grace or any other person in the media had anything to do with the Sheriff's decision, Whitmore said, "No, the Sheriff, after he gets consultation and receieves the best information available, makes the decision."

Whitmore also would not comment on how Hilton was transferred back to Lynwood Jail, and said that she would be staying there until June 25. Paris is being held in the medical clinic at Lynwood.


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getting tired of crap    

Really, guess the sheriff is waiting for the check to clear before her condition goes south again.

2691 days ago


WHO THE HELL CARES!!!! Is there no other entertainment news going on today? Enough of Paris.

2691 days ago


TMZ, Please, Paris Hilton sucks! Please stop promoting her.

2691 days ago


one minute she's a mess, she's having panic attacts, the next minute she's fine? who gives these updates? give it a rest, I think the world is sick of hearing about her, and everyone wishes she would just go away, and could care less if she's well or not!!!

2691 days ago


darn!!! you guys should have a special website for Paris Hilton... I WANT TO SEE SOMEBODY ELSE, i am sick of everybody making her the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD... I guess i deserve it for checking these blogs... damn fool...

2691 days ago


TMZ.....let me know the "breaking news" when she wipes her a$$

2691 days ago


Who cares! are we going to hear about her in another four hrs. When its time to take another pill. Her agent is working over time with this case......

2691 days ago


Don't care anymore

2691 days ago


If I had it my way, she would have been transferred back to Lynnwood on the toe of my boot.

2691 days ago

Goerge Bush    

She's being bounced around like a softball. I feel sympathy for her and I think that if it were ANYONE else she would not be treated to horrible.
I hope she holds up and can get the heck out of that stinkhole.
Paris, go on a nice vacation when you get out. Better yet, marry Starvros and go to the Greek islands!
We Love you!!! Take care if you can..........

2691 days ago


I thought she told BABA WAWA that she was doing better...

wtf is goin on?

She is crying, she is strong, she is crying, she is strong, I hope each day and moment is miserable for her, she deserves it, I hope it breaks her!

2691 days ago


Paris was panicking until she accidentally bit down on her herpe blister and popped the ooze down her throat.

The warm ooze shooting down her throat helped temporarily.

2691 days ago


It is so obvious that Paris is TMZ' and Harvey's cash cow. Give it a rest!

2691 days ago


ENOUGH!!!!!! Is there nothing else to talk about. If we've come to a place where Paris Hilton is top news everyday, then we've hit a low a nation. MOVE ON!!!!!!!

2691 days ago


Ahhhhh ... NANCY GRACE! Now that's one woman I'd love to see jump straight down Paris' throat. Grace would totally whip her into shape. Go Nancy!!

2691 days ago
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