Paris Hilton's Medical Condition Is Stable

6/14/2007 12:01 PM PDT
In a statement at Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. headquarters, spokesperson Steve Whitmore announced that Paris Hilton's medical condition is stable and her condition will continue to be monitored.

Whitmore also made it clear that the decision to move Hilton from Twin Towers back to Lynwood around 10:55 PM last night was entirely up to the Sheriff. When TMZ asked if Nancy Grace or any other person in the media had anything to do with the Sheriff's decision, Whitmore said, "No, the Sheriff, after he gets consultation and receieves the best information available, makes the decision."

Whitmore also would not comment on how Hilton was transferred back to Lynwood Jail, and said that she would be staying there until June 25. Paris is being held in the medical clinic at Lynwood.