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Was Paris a Victim of "The Nancy Grace Effect"?

6/14/2007 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace has been one of the harshest critics of Sheriff Lee Baca's handling of Paris Hilton, but did she have a hand in getting Paris transferred last night?

Grace slammed Hilton and her "medical condition" on her June 12 show, saying, "I want to find out how attention deficit disorder, mild and very recent depression, dry skin and a bout of claustrophobia can land you in a privileged unit reserved for the acutely medically ill. I don't understand that."

Today, TMZ asked Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore if Grace or any other person in the media had anything to do with the Sheriff's decision. Whitmore told us, "No. The Sheriff, after he gets consultation and receives the best information available, makes the decision."

Hard to blame him if it did though -- Grace can be kind of scary.


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Michelle from Madison    

Suggestion to help save the trapped Utah miners.
The Utah mine disaster has turned into a monumental problem to rescue trapped miners. A simple solution to this dilemma: Have CNN mandate Nancy Grace out of her in-patient psych-hospital right now, and place Nancy down in the Utah mine with a lengthy written-script for her to read out-loud. Direct her mouth towards the areas where they need removal of coal, support beams, and timbers, and by having Nancy speak out loud, it will generate enough hot air to help cause the coal and beams to incinerate and disappear, and will then allow passage by some rescue-miners to help finally locate some of the missing miners. Get a court-order if necessary to get Nancy back out of her Houston psych-hospital, and get her mouth finally working for victims for a change. While it would truly be the first time Nancy Grace would have ever affected a positive change for any victim, at least it is a start. Apparently, her doctors have objected thus far to all efforts to have Nancy released early from her psych-ward. But, there remains victims that are in need of some monumental volumes of hot air, and Nancy has proven she can generate that volume of hot-air needed to incinerate everything in her path. Victims lives are at stake, the doctors need to release Nancy right now and have her travel with a doctor to prevent Nancy from drinking herself into another fall like she just did again weeks ago. Nancy really should stop her alcoholic and non-stop drinking, especially if she is pregnant as she claims right now. She certainly comes across as the drunk she actually is.

2632 days ago


I pretty much hate Nancy Grace-she won't let anyone else speak, and when they do, she generally ridicules their answers-but I gotta go with her on this one-somebody has to question tha sherriffs office!

2697 days ago

getting tired of crap    

No one caves in because Nancy Grace gets mad. You'd sooner find someone who lost money because of one of Bill O'Reilly's boycotts.

2697 days ago

Animal Lover    

Way to go Nancy!!!!!!!! It's disgusting the privileges Hilton is getting, if Nancy made an impact then so be it.

2697 days ago


oh, Nancy Grace just lets EVERYONE have it!! That's her job... doubt she had anything to do with ANYTHING that went on.

2697 days ago


Nancy Grace is a bitter and hateful woman. She was directly responsible for a woman's suicide. She and Bill O'Riley should be marooned on an island somewhere and forgotten about.

2697 days ago


Amen to that,#4!

2697 days ago


My God TMZ - enough of Paris Hilton already. I've always admired Harvey Levin, but enough is enough Harvey! This is 80% of your site these days. You can't tell me there's nothing else 'juicy' to report in Celebrity Land. This is old, old, old news. Let her do her time - and stand outside the jailhouse doors the day she's let out. Jeesh, who would've thought serving hard time would boost one's celebrity-ism. If it wasn't for the media, mainly you guys, she'd still just be the spoiled rich kid.

2697 days ago


Well, I sure hope Nancy added to the dissatisfaction of most of the world and she was heard!

2697 days ago

Queensryche Rules    

Now that's one scary woman!!!!! Mommy!

Kate Beckinsale

2697 days ago


You darn tootin that Sheriff put her back in Lynwood b/c daggomit I told him say and everyone does everything I telll them to do. That Paris should sit in that jail and think about that drink she had and all the other illegal activies she has never gotten caught doing! Why? Because my name is Nancy Grace and what I say goes. Bob, you have anything to say?

Bob "Yeah, Nancy, I disagree.."

Nancy "Bob, so I guess if I'd say it's daylight outside, you'd disagree on that too? bla bla bla"

2697 days ago


But I love you, Nancy!! She's in a position to say what everyone else is thinking... I watch her every day...

2697 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I hate Nancy Grace!

2697 days ago


She is a screaming harpy!!!

However, I do agree that Hilton is getting preferential treatment and wasting valuable bedspace in the hospital section of the jail. She should be in the general population and given her meds like every other inmate.

2697 days ago


Nancy Grace is not a journalist. She is a whiney, bully with ego issues and air time. That being said, I think her show had something to do with Paris being moved. Never thought I'd say this but, "Thank-you, Nancy."Quite a beat down.

2697 days ago
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