Who is Chow's Mystery VIP?

6/14/2007 9:03 AM PDT
Mr. Chow pulled out all the chopsticks for a mystery guest last night -- but who the heck was it?

Eating in a private upstairs dining room made famous by Britney's cheeky b-day celebration -- the famous crooner had the restaurant staff place a room divider in front of the giant window, then put a wild escape plan into action by having them cover his limo with tablecloths. When the musician emerged from a kitchen exit in the back, staffers tried to block his face with a few umbrellas.

Who is this celeb who's too famous to show his face? He's not Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias or Ricky Martin. It's Luis Miguel. What, never heard of him? He's virtually unknown by American Top 40 radio, but Miguel is the bestselling living Latin artist in the world, second only to Julio Iglesias. Now you know.