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Who is Chow's Mystery VIP?

6/14/2007 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Chow pulled out all the chopsticks for a mystery guest last night -- but who the heck was it?

Eating in a private upstairs dining room made famous by Britney's cheeky b-day celebration -- the famous crooner had the restaurant staff place a room divider in front of the giant window, then put a wild escape plan into action by having them cover his limo with tablecloths. When the musician emerged from a kitchen exit in the back, staffers tried to block his face with a few umbrellas.

Who is this celeb who's too famous to show his face? He's not Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias or Ricky Martin. It's Luis Miguel. What, never heard of him? He's virtually unknown by American Top 40 radio, but Miguel is the bestselling living Latin artist in the world, second only to Julio Iglesias. Now you know.


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Oh my god, I really cant believe the ignorance of some people. Luis Miguel is the best latin singer not to mention handsome and talented. RICH he is, and if he chooses to keep his life private more power to him. He doesnt need to drive drunk or act stupid to get fans attention. HIS TALENT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!

2669 days ago


omg where the heck is luis miguel in this video???? he is way too good for your website TMZ.....and for anyone who doesn't know who he is i am sure you know more interesting/talented stars like paris hilton, spears, lohan, and the other one who makes a complete a$% of herself on televison tara reid or whatver her name is....i guess that's what america is all about!!!! LOL

2660 days ago


Poor excuse of a singer? Beg your pardon. You must be a Paris Hilton fan, I guess, you idiot.
This is a real singer! and doesn´t have to be american or be known in America or sing English songs to be a great singer.

...y punto.

2658 days ago


My, my, my
So much "ado"about nothing.
Luis Miguel has a dual US and Mexican citizenship. He was born in Puerto Rico (US protectorate) and was granted a Mexican citizenship because for years, he was thought to have been born in Veracruz, Mexico.
He is famously private and controls as much as he can about the exposure of himself and his family/friends in the media.
If he wants to go somewhere public and be private, the only party that has anything to say about it is the owner of the restaurant.
Heck, Michael Jackson has rented and closed down theme parks.
Luis Miguel is very talented, very professional and a great ambassador for REAL music.
Remember what Thumper's father said, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say nothing".

One more thing, why are people like Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart and the rest famous? Besides the familial connections, what do they do? And remember, $1MM for the Larry King interview. The media is one step closer to the likes of the paparazzi.

2655 days ago


Ok, some of you have really picked a nereve with me!! Look if you don't have all the facts then you really should not be passing judgments on something you know nothing about. Oh, I am sorry if your ignorance set in. Luis miguel IS well know all over the world.. In fact there is this website, that gives you the facts, and you can listen to music, see the latest pictures and videos. You will also see members from all over the world!!

2655 days ago

Melvin Hernandez    

Luis Miguel has been famous in Latin America since he was about 10 years old. He is now 37 years old! He also dated Mariah Carey for a couple of years after her divorce from Tommy Mottola. He is totally into himself as you can see....he and Mariah were perfect together. LOL

2688 days ago

buck naked    

Who gives a flyin F@#K!!!!!

2688 days ago


I love love love Luis Miguel.
He is a great Mexican crooner..a la Frank SInatra/Michael Buble...
He has been an entertainer his whole life. He is notoriously private and is never photographed with out being in control of the situation.
I think it all stems from the fact that he was also known for his swept up cool 1980/90 hairdo and NOW he is losing his hair...and doesn't want to be photographed at an unflattering angle.
Also I think he has destroyed the acting career of his current girlfriend. She used to be on every other telenovela
She is never seen anymore.
But more to the point TMZ>>>WHy report on PICTURES YOU COULDN"T get of someone most Americans don't know?>
SLow gossip days with Paris in jail and Lindsay in Rehab I guess

2688 days ago

Nick Schmidt    

sorry about that.. It was me..

I did it just to prove how stupid the paparazzi really is and how they are hunters for just a photo..

what idiots and you took the bait!!!

Nick Schmidt

2688 days ago


Ah Earl don't be so ignorant
Luis Miguel was born in Puerto Rico
which makes him what ?////////////
Legal as you can make it and from birth

2688 days ago


With so many illegal border invaders in the USA - who gives a flying f**k that Luis ate at Mr. Chow.

So, why didn't he go to one of the ethnic restaurants in east Los Angeles where he would have been recognized, appreciated and unthreatened.

2688 days ago



2688 days ago


This is America, nobody knows you here. get over yourself!

2688 days ago


If he's virtually unknown here in the states, why is he hiding?
Could it be that he wanted people (the paps) wondering who the hell he was?
Does he have a state side concert tour coming up? MMMMMMMM

2688 days ago

Kevin T.    

Maybe he's embarrassed to be seen eating Chinese.

2688 days ago
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