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Anna Nicole Pot Judge Burns Out

6/15/2007 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Lawrence Korda has decided to weed himself out of the Broward County courts, announcing his early retirement from the bench. Righteous, Your Honor.

Korda, who heard arguments in the Anna Nicole Smith case, made a hash of things when he was arrested in March for allegedly firing up a doobie in the park -- and then pleaded not guilty -- to toking-up in the city park. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Korda's reeferiffic exploits sparked an official inquiry, which he avoided -- talk about harshing your mellow! -- by stepping down yesterday. Korda, according to his lawyer, was considering retirement anyway.

Hizzoner will be ganja for good on July 2.


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This is the place where you can read about every medicine we dispense beacause of a lonely, bored idiot with nothing better to do.

2618 days ago



NGUYEN: First of all, let's go through the list, if you would, of the many different drugs that were in her system, nine different ones. She had some anti-anxiety drugs, some antidepressants. Now, I want to talk about this for a minute, because a lot of people do take antidepressants, several of them. So if you mix that with a cold and flu medication, what can that do?

MORRONE: What you have is the opportunity for drug interactions that could be dangerous. If high doses of cold and flu medication sedate you, or make you drowsy, and make you confused, and those are the same side-effects you get from higher doses of antidepressants, then you have a compounded effect, and that's really not what you want.

NGUYEN: She also had methadone in her system. Aside from treating heroin addiction, what else is methadone used for?

MORRONE: Methadone is a very strong analgesic. It's used to treat severe pain. It shouldn't be used to treat mild to moderate pain. It's used to treat severe pain.

The advantages of methadone is it has a very long half-life. The disadvantage and the risk of methadone is that it has a very long half-life.

NGUYEN: OK. Well, talk to us about what that means, because the methadone was found in her bile. So that -- does that mean it contributed to her death?

MORRONE: Methadone, not being measurable to a significant level in her blood, but being found in her bile, is evidence of sometimes what we call enterohepatic circulation, that when the drug's absorbed, it's re-circulated through the GI tract and the blood, and it's concentrated in the bile.

Methadone also concentrates in the liver as an organ, and the gallbladder, which fills with bile from the liver, is directly related to that. If the methadone's concentrating in the liver, and the gallbladder drains the liver, then that's why you have higher concentrations of methadone in the bile in the gallbladder.

NGUYEN: All right. Another major factor that let to her death was Chloral Hydrate. Talk to us about what this is.

MORRONE: Chloral Hydrate is a sedative-hypnotic. It was first used about 165 years ago -- excuse me -- it was discovered about 165 years ago, and it was used clinically about 132 to 133 years ago. So it's been around a long time.

NGUYEN: Is it a sleeping aid? Is that what it is?



MORRONE: Yes. When we say sedative-hypnotic, it helps you go to sleep quickly. I use Chloral Hydrate when somebody is claustrophobic and they can't go in the MRI and we need the scan. I have to put them down to put them in. But if you're going to take it at home, it should be supervised, and you shouldn't be mixing it with anything else.

NGUYEN: Well, we want to talk about that in just a minute, but one of the last things that was found in her system was a human growth hormone which she took through injections.

What could this do, just looking at all these different drugs that she had in her system?

MORRONE: Human growth hormone is very controversial. It should be supervised by an endocrinologist, and there should be an good indication for it, not just weight loss. That's too much of a faddy (ph) or trendy use. And human growth hormone was the end result of brain cancer in Lyle Alzado, one of my favorite NFL players from the Oakland Raiders.

NGUYEN: Do you know -- do you find it odd at all just looking at the nine different prescription drugs that she had in her system? What does that say about what she was going through, both physically and emotionally?

MORRONE: Well, if you look at that, we hear in the news that there were nine different medications, but five of those nine medications were controlled substances to use pain -- or to treat pain or anxiety or depression, and that says where she was. That that was a side of her that nobody saw.

There was a lot of pain. Soma is a muscle relaxer, it works for pain. Methadone is an analgesic, it works for pain. And those Ativan, Klonopin and the Valium, that's three difficult medicines that do the same thing that when people come to me and they're on three different medicines like that, I say, hey, pick one. You get one, you can't have all three. You should not be taking all three of those.

NGUYEN: So you think a doctor prescribed all of these to be taken together, or are we looking at several different doctors? And is there some legal ramifications that they could face?

MORRONE: I think that there was not communication between her doctors. And I don't know if that was designed by her entourage, that she got certain things from certain doctors. But no one doctor would prescribe all of these, knowing what they do, because of the risk. Remember, I said there were five controlled substances of the nine that you've listed.

NGUYEN: All right. Dr. W

2618 days ago


12305. The finger is pointed at her entourage… They all stood by and watched her die slowly,” said Nancy Grace on her Headline News show, tinged with her trademark anger over developments. “She was not in any shape to inject herself or take her own nighttime medication.”

She also reported a bad flu and experienced vomiting, severe diarrhea and couldn’t urinate.
More ominous is that the drug was allegedly delivered by injection into her right buttocks, a task likely done by one of the entourage. “Somebody has to help you do that,” according to Dr. William Moroni, a medical examiner in Michigan. “You can’t get the angle. The hand is reversed, thumb position is wrong and you can’t see. You need help.”

“I think that Howard and the doctors Anna was seeing were keeping her in a stupor” said Dr. Carole Lieberman. “When you consider she had a history of substance abuse and had such psychological problems, the (prescriptions) were particularly dangerous,” the psychiatrist said on Showbiz Tonight.

She noted that many of the laundry list of drugs that were prescribed for Smith in the day’s after her son’s death, including anti-anxiety Lorazepam were in liquid form, fairly unusual. “Since this is a medication that is tasteless and colorless, Whether this was put in her food, in her drink, without her knowledge (is a question).”


Posted at 8:11PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Kerry

2618 days ago


12309. "I think she had too many drugs, just like Danny (Smith’s late son)," her mother, Vergie Arthur, told ABC’s "Good Morning America" on Friday. "I tried to warn her about drugs and the people that she hung around with. She didn’t listen."

"She was too drugged up," Arthur said. "By the last interview I saw of her, she was so wasted."

Posted at 8:19PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Kerry

2618 days ago


Scroll 3/4 way down to where Tony Potts is grilling Ron Rale about the off shore accounts. I wish Tony Potts would go on the record and tell everything he knows and has seen. Since LB dumped him for Howard and ET....I bet Potts got the ol' howie shaft!

Posted at 10:44PM on Aug 1st 2007 by HKS is a Squatter

2618 days ago


12345. ET Online -Anna Nicole Smith plans to bury her son next to Marilyn Monroe

Posted at 11:33PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Guess Who ?

2618 days ago


The bloggers posting here have absolutely



2618 days ago








2618 days ago


1. She died with other people's prescriptions in her system which is illegal.
2. Cipro was prescribed to Alex Katz on 02/02, Anna arrived in Florida 02/05 and stated she was feeling sick. Why was Cipro prescribed to Alex Katz 3 day's before she was sick? Who and why Alex Katz?

Under the name of Alex Katz:
Cipro: Antibiotic, prescribed Feb. 2, 2007; 15 pills left out of 20.
Tamiflu: Antiviral flu medication, prescribed Feb. 5, 2007; eight pills left out of 10.

Posted at 2:04PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Trainwreck

2618 days ago


12439. Scope of Forensic Pathology
The Forensic pathologist:

Is a qualified medical doctor who has completed training in anatomical pathology and who has subsequently sub-specialized in forensic pathology. 'Fully qualified' forensic pathologists are individuals who, for example, are certified by the American Board of Pathology ("board-certified") (United States) or who are eligible for inclusion on the specialist register of the General Medical Council (GMC) having obtained Membership of the Royal College of Pathologists (United Kingdom).
Performs autopsies/ post mortem examinations to determine the cause of death (such as a bullet wound to the head, exsanguination, strangulation, etc.) and (in the USA) the 'manner of death' (for example homicide, accident, natural, suicide or undetermined). The autopsy also provides an opportunity for other issues raised by the death to be addressed, such as the identity of the deceased etc.
Examines wounds and injuries.
Examines tissue specimens under the microscope histology in order to identify the presence or absence of natural disease, as well as to determine the 'age' of wounds and injuries etc.
Interprets toxicological analyses on bodily tissues and fluids to determine e.g. overdoses or deliberate poisonings.
Forensic pathologists also work closely with the medico-legal authority for the area concerned with the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths i.e. the coroner (England and Wales), Procurator Fiscal (Scotland) or Coroner or medical examiner (United States).
Serves as an expert witness in courts of law testifying in civil or criminal law cases.

Posted at 2:09PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Trainwreck

2618 days ago


Just to set the record straight you guy's are incorrect. Perper is a Forensic Pathologist, his job is to determine COD and to assist authorities to determine MOD. Why he and the authorities didn't follow up on the fraudulent prescriptions is any one's guess, at minimum the doctor should have been charged in Broward County.

(c) Warning on label
The Secretary shall prescribe regulations under section 353(b) of this title which shall provide that the label of a drug listed in schedule II, III, or IV shall, when dispensed to or for a patient, contain a clear, concise warning that it is a crime to transfer the drug to any person other than the patient.

Posted at 12:58PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Trainwreck

2618 days ago


12409. If the Seminole police is so competent and the Brodward county ME Dr joshua Perper is so professional, why are both of them so reluctant to to proceed with the investigations of two men who were murdered at the Hard Rock resort and Casino, the deaths occurred several months ago, the first man was found murdered in his hotel room, the second man was found in the Hotel parking garage, The families of the two men has hired attorneys to represent them , they want answers from the police which until now has stalled the investigation, Dr Perper has not yet realeased any autopsy result in the two merders. The attorneys for the families are questioning the motives behind the delays.

Information found in The Sun Sentinel.

Posted at 11:46AM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Guess Who ?

2618 days ago


12411. KING: A combination of Methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro were all found in Daniel's system, her boy who died, and at a memorial for him in October in Texas, you said you wouldn't accept that his death was an accident.


HATTEN: Exactly. Exactly. Because I knew Daniel never took anything, not even a cigarette. Not even a cigarette. The one time...

KING: And you're saying...

HATTEN: The one time he did drink was on a TV show, her show, in St. Bart's, where it's legal. Had one drink over dinner and he was faded, which shows no tolerance. He never...

KING: So how do you account for that in his system?

HATTEN: You know, who else was in the room?

When Anna woke up, she was screaming, "You caused this. You caused this." The entire hospital floor heard it. The only other person in the room was Howard K. Stern, OK?

When Daniel -- in his -- in Howard's words, when he came on your show, Larry, he said that Daniel was not even tired. He offered him the bed, he was not even tired, in Howard's words, I quote.

Then he said he was hungry so he went and got him food, didn't he?

When he came back, Daniel had helped his mother to and from the bathroom, a sane mind and body. But after he ate the food, he mysteriously asked how come I'm so tired, Howard? Why? How come?

Not, I'm tired, dude. I'm going to crash.

Do you understand?

KING: You're implying Howard was somehow involved?

HATTEN: Danny never took anything. I've known him since he was four years old. I used to baby-sit him. I used to take him to school, along with a few other people, but, you know, at different times when I couldn't, and no one has ever seen him take anything, ever.

It's just another red flag.

Here's another red flag. On your show again, he says -- and you were keen enough, smart enough, to catch onto it. He says yes, well, we had this marriage ceremony at, you know, commitment ceremony and, you know, I've loved Anna for a very, very long time.

You even said I hear you saying you love her, but what about her loving you?

Well, I'll tell you that right now, I hope the feeling is mutual.

You hope the feeling is mutual?

OK, psycho.

You know? What is really going on here?

Posted at 11:51AM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Trainwreck

2618 days ago


12404. HATTEN: Because I have seen him -- I've witnessed Howard give her Vicodin, Valium, Vinegrin (ph), morphine, Demerol -- shall I go on? I mean it's too much for someone to take over a period of time. That's considered aggravated death, you know what I'm saying? Acclaimed effect over the years, whether he gave it to her the last second or not, it's just not acceptable.

KING: Would your guess be that the final results of the autopsy would show that?

HATTEN: I'm sure it will. That's my opinion.

KING: Why would she do -- why was he giving her that? He was supposed to care for her a great deal. What...

HATTEN: My friend became his cash cow. I witnessed her become a cash cow to him. There were -- she was the sole breadwinner and that family basically he had taken her cases on a contingency basis. Nothing was ever won. The money that he did make from the show or anything else that he handled from her, that was all from her.

Everything was his celebrity and his fame -- his money all came on her back.

Posted at 11:42AM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Trainwreck

2618 days ago


Marge, here is the article. WHO was the 'source' that was aware that an 'employee' of Anna found her. And WHO was the same source that would feel the need to mention Katz name and know this person was on duty? Did this dr. visit Anna and try to get them to take her to hospital? Maybe this is the "house" dr. Moe talked about. Just speculating!

Posted at 4:01PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Where is the Justice?

2618 days ago
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