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Candy to Britney: It's No Pap Smear

6/16/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Britney:

You made me do it. I didn't plan to write another letter now. I took two weeks off from because I didn't feel strongly about what anyone was doing -- or else I couldn't decide which side to believe.

You've driven me back to my laptop to ask why, if you have to slither in and out of cars, do clumsy imitations of gymnasts and wear clothes that are just too tight, trashy or skimpy, do you have to pose in front of photographers all the time? We've seen the body parts, poses and clumsy attention-seeking tricks before. You're wearing out your welcome. Some people never can turn away from a train wreck, so who can blame the photographers for waiting for your next one? Do you really want captions such as TMZ's own "Victim of Pap Smear" and "Does Britney Change Clothes for Cash" to be your legacy? You can do much better.

Unlike some others who are famous for being famous, you initially earned the fame and respect you achieved. You were a giant star, a Mouseketeer, a singer whose song titles became part of everyone's vocabulary. You made some missteps. We all do. But, when you become more famous for hideous, irresponsible actions than accomplishments, it's time to step back and figure out where you want your life to go. So many young girls still see you as a role model. Give those kids a reason to look up to you. They're probably even tired of the endless speculation about what undergarments you may or may not be wearing. I know their parents would like you to move on and get dressed. Even the school uniform was more dignified.

You're doing all right with the wigs. I know the paparazzi have a bounty on your (wigless) head. I think it's great that you have a variety of wigs (some very stylish) when you go out in public. If you do feel you need to show how your hair is growing back, at least make a deal with a photographer to sell the photo and donate the money to charity. Do you know what a statement that would make?

Enough with the sorry grabs for attention. Deep down, especially for your sons, people want you to succeed. You can always get attention if you need it. Visit someone famous in jail and attract a zillion photographers if you're that addicted to fame. Americans like winners. We like those stories about what people do with second chances. How about a moratorium on train wrecks and some time out for paying back the fans who helped you succeed?


Candy Spelling

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Oh Candy. You crack me up. There are so many things going on in this world and you have SO much money. You can't use it for a good cause? You just spend your time writing letters to a lame website? Sad.

You're chastising Britney's ill-fitting clothing style and her not guarding herself 100% of the time. Well, that's easy for you to judge, because you don't live it.

She gets attention even when she drives her car. She doesn't even have to do anything more drastic than get her nails done and it causes a commotion. Sure, she may like the attention, it's Hollywood. Don't most people there like it to some degree?

When you live your life under the microscope and EVERY single time you move, there's about 20 photographers near you...wouldn't you forget the fact that they're there and just start living your life without complete regard as to each move you make. If she did that, she'd have no real life. That would be unfortunate. She's gotten used to them being there that it doesn't really phase her so she's not always careful with each move.

As for the picture of her pink underwear, why is it that Britney gets the bad rap when the photographers are the one's kneeling to get that half second shot where her legs aren't together. I've seen the video from her getting in and out of the car and she didn't open her legs for attention, in fact, it was BARELY noticeable. All it took was .5 of a second to get that ONE shot.

Again, why don't you use your energy on something more significant rather than petty or on your daughter tearing apart that nice family? Get over yourself. Aaron would be ashamed.

2664 days ago


Med -cart here to see paige nast
Time to make macramé hanging baskets and give TMZ a rest dear.

2664 days ago


This is the dumbest of all your letters. Why do you get on someone for liking attention when most of the time, it's unprovoked and not asked for, especially when your own daughter tries so hard to get media coverage?

It's very brave of you to write this, but not for the reasons you think.

It's brave because after cutting your daughter out of your husband's will and airing your dirty laundry to the tabloids, you still have enough guts to talk bad about others.

Britney can show her fanny accidentally a hundred times and she'd still have more class and integrity than you think you're showing with these letters.

2664 days ago


-----> paige nast

2664 days ago


I'm not even sure that Britney does her antics on purpose, or at least some of them. I honestly think she is somewhat slow, and that's why she was very easily manipulated when she was younger. She wasn't smart enough to think for herself. And now that she is trying to think for herself and act like a grown-up, she doesn't really isn't capable of doing this. That's why you see the juvenile behavior, the strange outfits, weird antics, etc.

Unless she has her family or her manager/agent take complete control of her again, she will continue to be a mess, and her life and her career will continue to be a laughing matter to all of us.

2664 days ago

paige nast    

and ps. I dont care who she is talking about, if that actually is Candy Spelling, I sit with my jaw dropped in disbelief at the way she is choosing to portray herself. Paris, Britney, it doesn't matter to me. What does matter is truth, and the truth is that this woman, Candy Spelling, is trying to benefit off of others misfortunes ( Paris and Britney in particular ), and their misfortunes happen to occur in front of nearly every television and computer in America, if not the globe. While we should be focusing on IMPORTANT ISSUES ( iraq, which draws a plethora of parallells to Vietnam), we instead focus our attention on celebrities, the Paris/Britney issue is actually relevant. While the judge proclaimed to be all for justice and not treating Paris any different than any other L.A. citizen in the same circumstance, he instead pulled the iron fist and was far more harsh on Paris than any other, and created a media frenzy in doing so. People are fooled by what seems to be the truth and that is what i am absolutly against. I have never said that Paris, Britney, Lindsay, etc., are role models, I simply have said that Candy Spelling is just another example of a celebrity attempting to get attention and benefiting from other's misfortune.

2664 days ago

paige nast    

and whoa, i dont idolize Paris, Britney, etc. My point is that Candy Spelling writes these letters for all to see on TMZ for attention. If she had such good natured intentions she would address the individuals privately, but since she wants attention she posts them on a gossip website. And to all who criticize me, I ask, (again..) If your mother, father, brother, sister, etc, happened to be suffering from a debiliating drug addiction, or a life-threatenening mental illness, would you write to your town, city, or state newspaper to address the individual and express your concern ( while humiliating them....), or would you appeal to them personally. Microcosm.

2664 days ago

tooth fairy    

Her daughter, Tori, isn't doing any better than Britney. Having an affair with a married man... Tori is so stupid, why did she go for that broke ass? Hell ya he is going to treat her like a queen because he is damn broke.

2664 days ago


When did Candy Spelling suddenly become the Matriarch of morality? Are the card games getting old or is it just that while sitting in your fabulous estate sipping Crystal that was ushered in by one of your servants you had nothing better to do than council Britney Spears? I LOVE IT! Candy you rule. I so love that you are linked up with TMZ. I think you are so cool..I saw you going into Louis Licari as I was exiting Mr. Chow the other day and though we should hang out at Teddy's our Les Deux or Hyde. If you write about it your should experience it afterall.....I CAN SEE IT NOW- CANDY SPELLING IN A FEUD WITH LINDSAY. You only live once and in this town to have a brave soul like Candy is oh so SWEET!

2664 days ago


Bravo Candy...BRAVO!!!

2664 days ago


This news is soooooooo OLD!
I dont see a come back for this one on the rise! Trash takes itself to the curb!

2664 days ago


I see Candy's been hitting the crack pipe again...

2664 days ago


I enjoy Candy's letters, all 3 of them have been blunt and truthful, she has hit the nail on the head and I even get a little humor from them. She has a talent!

2664 days ago


i hate Tori Spelling , Britney too

2664 days ago


Its pretty clear that Britney has plenty of ass to go around it would be nice if she would give some of that ass to poor Paris her ass is so flat she don't know whats the front or the back of her underwear

2664 days ago
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