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Britney Pissed

Over Crazy Billboards

6/18/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' high powered attorneys are on the attack over some offensive billboards that are driving her nuts!

Spears is fuming over a series of ads for a wacky morning radio host in Florida, which uses her bald-headed image along with the headlines: Certifiable, Shock Therapy, and Total Nut Jobs. Apparently, Spears is still a little sensitive about her current mental condition.

The letter, posted on The Smoking Gun, is addressed to a lawyer for Clear Channel Communications (the parent company of the Florida station). In it, Brit's lawyer Lynda Goldman claims it's "outrageous in the extreme" that the company didn't take the billboards down nearly two weeks ago -- when she says they promised they would. Goldman added that Spears' "likeness has a multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations" and she would be entitled to "very substantial damages" as a result.

Team Spears is now demanding photo proof that the billboards are removed -- and threatening that if Clear Channel continues to ignore their demands or provide misleading or inaccurate information about the billboard's removal, it does so "at its peril."



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I agree with Southerngal11105. Why have Clear Channel dealing with your lawsuit right before your "Comeback Tour 07 or 08 Whatever" Real dope move, Britney!

2654 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great billboards! Mom of the year - NOT!!!!! Nasty ass ho!

2654 days ago

gumby damnit    

to britney and her lawyers KSS my and everyones ASS

2654 days ago


I just made the most delicious pot of jambalaya!

2654 days ago


that pic of her looks just like my neighbor, he's a child molester...

2654 days ago


Spears "likeness has a multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations"...OMG, please. Typical lawyers, always spewing trash. Britney, you shouldn't complain about free publicity. Especially when it's the best you've gotten in years!!!

2654 days ago

kim suck    

Love the billboard!!!! Put them up all over america~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

2654 days ago

Lennon P    

You know, if Britney is going to run around like a piece of trash she doesnt need to be getting mad when people commercialize it. This is a parody and she cant do crap over it, legally! I personally love the billboard and would pay to sponser it if asked. It would be a good investment spending money on those billboards than paying three bucks to see her on the cover of some magazine showing us stuff (lucy gucy) we dont want to see. I will admit, I loved Britney when she first came out, heck I adored her, but now? She is a has been that has went to hell.

2654 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................Glad it's not me!!!...........But you gotta love it!!!..............Maybe she'll think twice before doing her doo-whacka-doodle in public.....What 'sdone "IN PUBLIC.".....Stay's IN PUBLIC"

2654 days ago


Not ya, but, HELL YA!!! Leave em up!!! Listen up Clear can't buy this kind of publicity....although you probably will ......have to pay!!!!

Clear Channel gott'e'm deep pockets.....push her over the edge....again!!!!!

Seatlle Mike

2654 days ago


she looks like a bull-dog, with rabies...

2654 days ago


#43 Come on, you had the balls to post that ridiculus rant. Let's put your face on the billboard.

2654 days ago


The point is that in the law there is something referred to as THE RIGHT OF PUBLICITY. It's rather new but gaining momentum fast. It's broadly derivative of copyright and trademark law, although no official registration is required. Basically it means that no one can use the image or likeness (VERY BROADLY DEFINED ACTUALLY) of a celebrity without due compensation. Injunctive equity could only be sought only on the grounds of defamation of character, but this photo was taken contemporaneously with public news surrounding the great Spears wig-out of 2007, thus it would be hard to assert that it is defamation., unless Spears can proffer evidence that it was done maliciously since she is a public figure (this is where the law by it's own language defines people differently - Spears and her kind have rules to play by that differs from the rules all of you have to play by.....THE LAW IS DESIGNED DIFFERENTLY FOR THE FAMOUS....learn it, live it, accept it. THUS CCC probably cannot be prohibited by keeping the billboards up. However, they will have to pony up the bucks for the use of the image. This is a very speculative task that varies by celebrity. Often the rate can be ballparked by looking to the market Q score for the celeb where one is established, but often the amount is determined by what the celeb herself thinks is "fair". For Spears, current IP valuation of the image use would probably be 10k, per month, per billboard. You gotta love this business. Where else can someone be completely wigged-out, make a fool of themselves in public without every thinking of making a profit off of it only to reap a financial windfall from it, without having done anything. How much was your paycheck for today?

2654 days ago

oh my    

I laughed when I saw the billboards..lmao0 I see them every time I go to the airport. I hate MJ he is a racist bastard. He will soon have no radio show. Hes the next DON IMUS!!! I lived in NY and never heard someone talk like him. He got it coming to him! That piece of larve

2654 days ago


This board is fun y as hell. I gues the truth hurts her.

2654 days ago
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