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Paris Still Freezing in the Cooler?

6/18/2007 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton basked in the warm glow of her mom and pop's love on Father's Day -- not to mention sister Nicky's as well -- but her biggest problem, according to her mom, is warding off the chill of her cold, cold cell.

We've told you before that Paris is "freezing" in her cell, and it doesn't look like things have heated up at all. Mom Kathy complained to assembled photogs that she thought Paris' arm might be broken, as Paris apparently kept rubbing her arm, shivering in the cold, reports the New York Daily News. That's cold!

The Hiltons turned up yesterday evening around 7:15 PM, and stayed for an hour. When collected photogs yelled out "Happy Father's Day" to Rick Hilton, he deadpanned, "It's not ideally my best." Meanwhile, Nicky's ex, Kevin Connolly, says jailbird Paris is like a "cat," says People, because "she always lands on her feet."

Rosie Right for "Price," Says Bob B.

Bob Barker's choice to replace him as host of "The Price is Right?" Rosie O'Donnell.

The outgoing Barker, who's last show aired Friday, told reporters that CBS is going to "have a meeting with Rosie," but that the network might not want, as he so decorously put it, "a lady host. As far as I know, they've only auditioned men."

Apparently, Rosie told Barker (when he was on her show back when) that she "loved" "Price" and wanted to host it some day. Todd Newton of E!, Mark Steines of "Entertainment Tonight," and tan man George Hamilton are among the other purported possibilities.

Cruise -- High Priest to Perform Wedding?

We all know that Tom Cruise is at the highest level of "clear" in the ranks of the Church of Scientology, but is that enough to allow him to perform a wedding? Women's Wear Daily (via Page Six) reports that Cruise might be the officiant (or whatever they call it in Scientology-speak) when James Packer, Aussie heir to a $6.5-billion fortune says his "I Dos" on France's Cote d'Azur this weekend.

Party Favors: Olsen Twins Get 300K for Bday Snaps? ... Vanessa Slashes Reality Plans with Knifing ... "Fantastic" Opening for "Silver Surfer"

The Olsen Twins celebrated their actual birthday last week with a low-key champagne toast, but the real party -- which they threw over the weekend -- may net them $300,000, which is how much they asked for photos, reports Gatecrasher. ... Also in Gatecrasher, Vanessa Minnillo wants a reality show all to herself but those knife shenanigans she got into with Lindsay Lohan may have slashed any plans for that. ... The "Fantastic Four" sequel made a ton of money over weekend, $57.1 million to be exact. Which means that they'll probably do yet another one. Oh, wait, they already are -- a spin-off of "The Silver Surfer."


No Avatar

Two Buck Chuck    

Great reporting! Especially since Nicky's ex is KEVIN Connolly, not Eric.

2682 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is a great country or what, Paris is still in jail, Lindsay in rehab and Britney is just out of her mind. Rosie on the price is right, Hell NO!

2682 days ago

Dawn Day    

Ohhhhh, I thought he was going to say Paris is like a cat because she's always in heat....

Broken arm?? Kathy, Mom, Slut Breeder or whatever you are referred to....she's a junkie trying to deal with not having her recreational substances. Read the symptoms...just Google. Or have a servant do it for you.

2682 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

ROSIE! Well of course that would be great for BOB!

2682 days ago


Broken arm go to hell hiltons this is all so stupid and sickening hope she rots in there

2682 days ago


Who cares.

Just Go Away Paris Hilton & Hilton family.

2682 days ago


Rosie would ruin the Price is Right.
I sure as hell would not be running to 'come on down' with her, omg, thats sick !!!!

We will miss you Bob Barker. Thanx for thje laughs.

2682 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Aren't the medics going to look at Paris's arm??? Why can't she get another blanket? If LA County cannot afford to give her another blanket..Why the hell isn't her family allowed to bring her one? Why isn't she allowed to wear a sweater? Why are they torturing her and no one is doing anything about it??? Paris's BASIC civil rights are being denied!

2682 days ago


I thought Nickys ex was Kevin Connely?

who the crap is Eric?

2682 days ago


One interesting consequence of the Paris Hilton ordeal is that it may being to light the horrors of incarceration - these people are in detention centers - not prisons where felons are housed.

Many of these problems would have never seened the light of day if she had not been going through this.

Imagine what it must be like for those with no future or hope or love or caring media??

Detention should not be torture - she is not a hard nosed convict - nor should she suffer emotion damage or psychological problems as a result of this confinement.. I

What kind of Christian society is this??????

2682 days ago


Broken arm? Come on...the Hilton family is so's easy to see where Paris gets the Drama Queen thing from...geez...

2682 days ago


Jem Jensen....get a grip!!!!
There is nothing wrong with Paris...she's a spoiled little brat and she'll survive...this is just what she needed....some time to give some thought to her pathetic life and what she might do for the world instead of what the world can do for her...
In fact, you are pretty pathetic too....her family is the same as all of the other families with loved ones in better,,,,and the Hiltons can't bring her a blanket know Mommy would just use it to smuggle in Paris' drugs...

2682 days ago

paris hilton is ugly as helllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

#6 ur right i hope that bitch dies of aids!!!!

2682 days ago


But what with arm ?

2682 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Drop Dead Kim! Oh wait, you already are dead..Pathetic indeed!

2682 days ago
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