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Sting's Daughters -- The New Hilton Sisters

6/18/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sting hit the club scene in Las Vegas over the weekend after performing with "The Police," but insiders say the the real party was his two daughters.
Sting and daughters Fuschia and Bridget
After their concert at MGM Grand, Sting and The Police hit up JET nightclub at the Mirage, where their party took over the club's raised stage/VIP area. Sources inside the club tell TMZ that Sting, wife Trudie Styler and two of his daughters, Fuchsia and Brigitte, partied like ... well, rock stars. A TMZ spy tells us, "Sting and his wife danced like a couple in love, never letting go of each other's hands, but his two daughters danced wildly enough to make Paris and Nicky jealous."

The word is that after her jail stint, Paris is going to slow down her party train. Let's hope these celeb sisters jump on!


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Sting is an inspiring person and has made musical history. He writes his own lyrics, plays an instrument and sings with passion.
For all of you that responded negatively about his daughters it takes a real man or woman to suffer ignorance and smile.
Be youreself no matter what they say.
Ignorant people say and do Ignorant things to other people because of there Ignorance.
You people are ignorant period.
If you can't say anything good about someone keep you're mouth shut.
That means to keep you're teeth clamped down over you're tongue.
Sting and Trudie are beautiful people with a beautiful family and don't deserve you're judgments.

2676 days ago

A fan of Katie and Mickey Sumner    

I agree with RonBo.....And these pics do NOT do them any justice, they are both very pretty women. At least THEY have not been so neurotic like Paris and Nicole to be IN and out of JAIL for their own adult stupidty drinking and drive, suspended licences.

Perhaps Katie and Mickey can show the two of them ( and the posters ) something that money can never buy... and that's CLASS!! Something Paris and Nicole will NEVER have and Katie and Mickey HAVE had for years !! At least they dont ride their parents coattails to get their fame... they've accomplished things well on their own, not using their name and throwing their money about like those two.

Of course posters like the twits posting negative comments have about the same mentality as Paris and Nicole.......and thats not saying much!

2638 days ago


Glad to see the family out having a great time. And for those highly intelligent people posting...might want to check your spelling first. It just makes you look more ignorant. If that is possible. :)

Oh and Kate is not Trudie's daughter she is Frances'. Sting's first wife. And let us know when your photo is online so we can critique it as well.


2673 days ago

All American Girl    

Not Lookers!!!

2684 days ago


They were dancing wildly? So? That doesn't mean they were drinking, doing drugs or having sex. I dance wildly too and I'm not a "party girl"

2684 days ago

Mary T.    

Well, the certaqinly are not PRETTY...not even worth a second look

2684 days ago


Someone hit them with an ugly stick.

2684 days ago


I predict a couple of nose jobs in the near future.

2684 days ago


Celeb sisters? They aren't celebritites..

2684 days ago


like mother like daughter...fugly.

2684 days ago

sara g.    

.. please say it ain't so....they are not even cute..fugly..

2684 days ago

Dan Cooper    

Were they out driving after the night long bender?

Did they drop out of high school and never complete their education?

Do they have a television show emphasizing how they can't function in the day to day world that we all live in?

Have they done some porno films?

I think they have a tough role model to live up to.
Assitionally I highly doubt that Paris is giving up on her whore crown.

2684 days ago


Does the phrase "Ugly Jugly" mean anything to you? They are ugly like theHilton girls who also need nose jobs. Face it, just because you "made it" does means your kids are special or gifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turdie, I mean Trudie is ugly and Sting is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!

2684 days ago


Oh, way to go TMZ...why don't you just announce that your trying to destroy these two poor girls before they even have a chance to proove themselves. JERKS!

2684 days ago



I predict face and body jobs for these dogs in the near future! Big freakin' noses breathing up all the earths air.

Woof, woof, woof bitches! Back to the kennel!

2684 days ago
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