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Wayans to El Paso: F**k You and Good Night!

6/18/2007 8:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damon WayansComedian Damon Wayans walked out right before a sold-out performance in El Paso, Tex. on Friday night because two female friends of his were not "immediately allowed into the club," the El Paso Times reports.

According to the paper, Wayans left five minutes before his second show on Friday, and shows on Saturday and Sunday -- all sold out -- were cancelled as well. Apparently "Marci X" was never shown in Texas.

The Times says anyone who purchased tickets to the show will get their mo' money back. Calls to Wayans' reps were not immediately returned.

UPDATE (6/20) -- Damon's reps sent TMZ this statement:

Never in 20 years of performing comedy has Damon walked out on a performance. Unfortunately, after driving 14 hours from LA to El Paso and looking forward to performing all weekend, Damon was put in the position where he felt he had no other choice than to leave. The Comic Strip comedy club had neglected its contractual obligations, and Damon was not receiving anything close to the warm welcome that the El Paso audiences were giving him. We regret that the actions of a club owner affected audiences coming to experience a great night of comedy.


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VIncent Oshana    

I am Damon's feature act and I was there the night this happened. First of all, I have to say that I have worked with Damon Wayans for over two years and he is by far one of the kindess most professional people in the game. All you people leaving negative comments should go back to bartending or whatever it is ya'll do and stop trying to be judges. You weren't there. Damon's guests were told to wait outside for an hour. Then when they were finally let in there were no seats left and the management knew this. Also, the driver that the club provided for him was drinking all night. THAT"S UNPROFESSIONAL. And by the way....Damon is a A list Celebrity . You won't be seing him on Dancing with the Stars.

2653 days ago


Damon Wayans & The Death of Professionalism
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Damon Wayans used to be one of my favorite entertainers. Now even through my anger, I feel pity for him. Ego is a bitch and I guess his got the best of him in El Paso. Damon was booked for 8 shows June 14-17, his deal was guaranteed and was basically 100% of the door revenue. Tickets were expensive and most were sold at the last minute. Thursday shows were only half full and this seemed to bother Damon, as he kept reminding us that he was a "Major Star".

By Friday evening both shows for Friday & Saturday had completely sold out and Sundays shows seemed to be heading towards selling out as well. After a decent performance Friday @ 8:00 (decent not great) Wayans did not appear to be in a very good mood. I thought he was just burnt out after partying like a rock star Thursday night.

Now here's where everything went south... three girls he had met at a bar the night before, arrived and demanded VIP treatment. Normally I would have no problem with this, but the show was SOLD OUT! Wayans was demanding that we displace paying customers and provide his groupies a prime table. As a club owner my obligation is to my paying customers, I told him I would seat those that paid $37.50 to see him then I would arrange some seats for his guests. There was no screaming, no yelling this was just common sense and I had believed the matter resolved. Five minutes later he proclaimed "I'm out". We practically begged him to reconsider... at which point he made threats about what he would do to my reputation and walked out on a full house. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a professional entertainer, and a fourty seven year old one at that (not very mature huh?). He never contacted his agent and apparently had no intention of fulfilling his contractual obligation. He basically spit in the face of everyone that bought a ticket to see him. Hard working staff members were also left without income for the weekend.

Since the incident I have been told by other comedy professionals that this is not unheard of for Damon. The way he treated autograph seeking fans was also disgusting to me, you can politely refuse rather than being a rude asshole.

Now Damon has apparently concocted a story on his MySpace Blog that I was somehow being a "racist prick." That is an easy word to throw at someone, but in this instance it has no basis in fact. If Damon wants to blame the incident on something he can blame it on his overinflated ego. There was nothing said or done during our brief time together that could be construed as even remotely racist. In fact the most I ever said to the man was that I am a huge fan of his work.

What a sad and pathetic turn for a "once great performer"...Good luck with

2653 days ago

the shadow    

Number 7 you sound as if you were one of the females who was not "immediately addmited". Sounds to me as a lack of profesionalism on his part. So now we should feel flattered if some millionaire artist/whatever decides to show up to entertain us. Maybe the new tactic should be to have these morons perform first and then we pay on the way out.

2653 days ago


I must say he is the least talented of all the Wayan clan. I used to have respect for him , but now I no longer do . You can read all about it at

2652 days ago


I live here in El Paso(El Chuco) and I was there. What happen was he picked up some strippers and told the doorman to get them some seats.When the doorman told him that he would have to wait till all the paying customers took there seats first and then he would find the girls(strippers) some seats. Well the DIVA didnt like it and stormed off like a litttle bitch shouting Ive never been treated like this. What a pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!

2652 days ago


I was actually at this show and all I can say is this article is a little misleading. Not what the El Paso times reported but what his rep is saying. His "friends" were two strippers he had met the night before. I'm sorry but they don't deserve preferential treatment. The show was packed and the next two nights were completly sold out....I don't know how that isn't a warm welcome! And as far as the club owner being racist that is a bunch of crap! The owner seems to be a great guy and doesn't give preference from one race to another. From someone who experienced this first hand believe me the only person to blame was Damon Wayans himself.

2652 days ago


I agree with Cymie... I would have done the same thing. It's all about the way you let people treat you. I think its bad business on the part of the club owner. What a dumb ass! Not only did your bad attitude mess it up for your audience, but now other comedians know the way you treat them. Especially, since he could defenitily sell out the Don Haskins Center (like Goerge Lopez)! I think the people of El Paso should give him a break. Good luck on getting someone better than him! Kathy Griffin, after this... NAH!!

2650 days ago


It is a well established fact locally that the friends were local strippers. Wayans called into a radio show and actually said this in reference to the vehicle that was driving him around..."It was small.... it was like a clown car. I'm a star and I have my comfort zone."

So what was the real reason he walked out? Because his new stripper friends were not given special treatment? Because he didn't get a limo? He keeps changing his story because everyone in El Paso knows this was not about racism.

2650 days ago

Millicent Ceaser    

Well,I was at the last show, and sitting at the front table!It was a geat show and I'm sorry about the fact that many missed out. BUT,I agree with Damon..The comedy club should have made accomendations for a comedian of his magnitude!!! But,like most business owners in El Paso,GREED always take priority!!! So,It's not about race,or money .....It's about RESPECT! And,he definitely has earned it! So,all you haters...don't hate...JUST
RECOGNIZE!!! A fan for Life,Mascent

1493 days ago
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