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Paris - My Family's Getting Ripped Off

6/19/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is spending a lot of time in jail with a cinderblock outlook on life, says her mom, and when she tried to improve the view a little bit, the guards weren't letting her have it.

Kathy and Rick Hilton called in last night to FOX News' "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren, and Mama Hilton said that when she asks Paris what she's doing during the days, Paris tells her, "I look at the ceiling. I look at the walls." And when she tried to put up some family pictures, "the guard came in and ripped them off."

Meanwhile, Rick Hilton told Van Susteren that Paris' now-famous Father's Day card was "kind of cute," making light of her plight. "It showed me holding her hand against the glass with her on the other," said Rick. He also addressed his own dad Barron's donation to Sheriff Lee Baca, saying it happened "a year and a half ago" and denied there was any favoritism shown.

Lindsay Bags Big 21st Bash

A soon-to-be fresh-out-of-rehab Lindsay Lohan won't be blowing out her 21st birthday cake candles in Las Vegas after all. She canceled the July 2 soiree at PURE Nightclub, reports Us, and as her rep puts it, "We were confused why PURE was even still promoting it. But Lindsay will not be having the birthday party at PURE and is focusing on her recovery 100 percent." As for the club, which had planned to open specially on Monday for the Lohan party, they tell People that they, "wish her the best as she is taking care of personal matters at this time."

Isaiah – Getting Star Treatment from ABC?

Just-fired Isaiah Washington is getting some support from the most unlikely place -- a petition circulated by a prominent gay activist who wants the ex-TV-doc brought back to "Grey's Anatomy," says Page Six, and says that ABC's firing smells of racism.

Jasmyne Cannick has collected over 1,000 signatures on her petition against ABC, alleging that Isaiah's firing "adds to a disturbing new trend" where minority actors have been canned at the network, including Star Jones, Alfre Woodard and Harold Perrineau.

Party Favors -- Something's in the Water Edition: Tiger and Wife Have Their Cub ... Keri Russell Has One, Too ... Brady and Gisele Steak Out Vegas ... Jeri Ryan Ties the Knot, Again

Think Tiger Woods really gives a cat's ass about finishing second in the US Open? Probably not, now that he and wife Elin Nordegrin have welcomed their first child, a girl, Sam Alexis Woods. ... Keri Russell and hubby Shane Deary welcomed a baby boy, River Russell Deary, on June 9, reports People. ... Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had a meaty, mushy repast at N9NE steakhouse at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, with Gisele ordering a pan-seared filet ... and a side, says a spy, of hugs and kisses. ... Jeri Ryan -- remember her, "Star Trek" fans? -- got married to L.A. chef Christophe Eme last night over the weekend in France. Ryan was previously married to former Senate candidate Jack Ryan.


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It doesn't matter that Paris's grandfather made the donation to the Sheriff over a yr ago. He'll want another one when he comes up for re-election that's why he let her out. She violated parole and kept on violating parole. That's why she's serving out the rest of her sentence. She blew it for herself.

She can't except responsibility for her own actions because she's never had to. Hell, her mother can not even teach a sense of responsibility or personal ethics for that matter. She has the opportunity to send a message to the younger sibs in the family. If I was Paris's mother her sentence would not stop when she got out of jail. If she wanted family support and financial support she would be required to do community service with the victims of dui offenders. She would be required to educate herself. She would have to convince me that she had an understanding of why she had to serve the time.

Thank God my daughter, who's only 18 and not 26, has common sense, works hard, doesn't drink and drive, doesn't do drugs and has more respect for herself than to surround herself with losers.

How sad, Pari's story was bunched up with Tiger's story. Love him or not his parents raised him right and he is a good role model.

2647 days ago


Lets compare the differences between the city attorney's wife and Paris Hiltons cases shall we:

CA's wife Michelle:

1. NOT on probation for DUI. Nor has she ever had a DUI.
2. Standard traffic violator. Went straight from right turn only lane. Lic suspended for not providing proof of insurance.
3. Never actually got a ticket that she operated while suspended. Dates presume that she just was operating while suspended. Which she probably did.
4. License was NOT suspended for DUI.
5. Only rumored by ex employee that she drove the city attnys vehicle to a medical appt where the car was dinged. No accident report is not uncommon when only the drivers vehicle was dented.
6. That rumor didn't surface until the Paris case... hmmmm. who wants attention?
7. Did i mention she was never on Probation for anything nor violated it and had a requirement to serve out the rest of her probation in jail?

Paris Hilton:

1. DUI busted, plead, got lucky enough to get probation for that offense.
2. Paid the fine.
3. Followed no other conditions of even standard probation. (could she even pass the random drug tests?)
4. Violated probation - drove without license. Couldn't afford a cab? As the family driver for a ride? A friend? Her boyfriend?
5. Could only use a vehicle for work, school or emergencies? Work and emergencies do not include club hopping. darn...
6. Violated it again and was dang arrogant about it.
7. Guilty, here comes the sentence.
8. Sentenced to finish out probation period in jail.

Come on.. she couldn't keep her nose clean for the duration of probation? Granted it's a big nose but still.. Let this be a lesson to her mates... if you think probation is hard.. jail is harder.. DUH!

2647 days ago


I keep seeing people write that Paris was jailed for driving while suspended...

No, she wasn't. Paris Hilton went to Jail for violating PROBATION. When a PROBATIONEE (that would be Paris in this case, no different than anyone else on probation) violates PROBATION. They are required to serve the rest of the PROBATION in the slammer, jail, the hoosgow, the can, the clink, you get it...

Paris did not just violate her PROBATION once.. but many times. About the only thing she did according to the RULES OF PROBATION, was pay the fine.

This had nothing to do with driving on a suspended license. It had to do with wantingly violating PROBATION time and time again as if the RULES OF PROBATION did not apply to her.

And that folks, is why Paris Hilton is sitting in a cell, staring at the walls and ceiling. Also, she probably says that stuff because lets face it if she was even in a Holiday inn she would tell her mom how bad she is suffering.... no wireless internet, no clubhouse, etc, etc...

2647 days ago


Pardon my stupidity, but she can't be too bored since she spends all her time on the telephone. Every time we hear something about her it is from somebody who talked to her on the phone!!! What's the deal??????????????

2647 days ago

Go away!!    

Gail B - well said, you spoke the facts and facts only with no emtion attached (except for the crack about her nose, good going) Let's see if anyone in paris' camp has a good answer for this. They will probably come back with the tired old "you are just jealous"

2647 days ago


Thanks for that, "Just the Facts". I have to admit tho, there is no way I would want to be Paris Hilton. I come from much more humble beginnings and feel very good about the career I've built, I've had jobs that allowed me and my daughter to live in various places in the world and I look back (I'm only 39 but still I look back.. LOL) and always think about the great memories her and I had as well as my own memories with my parents.

My parents taught us first and foremost to always do the right thing. So some advice for folks like Paris and her ilk; be the example and do the right thing. Sometimes when you do the right thing it's really hard because there are times when doing the right thing means you're doing it alone. And most importantly, do the right thing when noone is watching. When there is no reward.

That is when you know what you're really made of. So, I am not jealous of anyone. And not Paris. I wouldn't trade being me for anything. I worked darn hard at being who I am, having what I have and doing what I do. So, I'd rather just stay me now that I am reaping the rewards from it.

2647 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Ironic how when LIndsay was "going ahead with her birthday bash in Vegas" they made such a big story out of it. Now that she's cancelled it and wants to focus on her recovery they run a little tidbit about it not even listed under Lindsay's name on the left?! Good for you, Lindsay! If Lindsay and Paris straighten out and Britney keeps her clothes on TMZ's "ratings" are gonna tank.

2647 days ago


Re: 38. Paris is not even liked in the hamptons thats why whs hangs with the b list crowd in LA...what arses,...

The Hamptons lost it a long time ago. Now you have people like Howard Stern there. Not exactly classy!

2646 days ago


90. IF PARIS GETS 45 days Shouldn't DELAGADILLO's wife get it TOO?

NO! She didn't drive drunk or violate any court orders. This happened 10 years ago, in the city of Santa Monica, before she was even married to Rocky Delgadillo.

She was fined 186.00 and paid it. Case closed.

2646 days ago


If the City Attorney's wife jumped off a bridge would Paris? .......... Ah, the thought.....

2646 days ago

Rev. Father Maximiadis    

For quite some time, the TMZ website has been inundated with hypercritical postings regarding Paris Hilton and her family. These postings have outweighed any of the unprejudiced, constructive comments, or information serving the public interest; by a very long chalk. They have consisted, for the most part, of irrelevancies, assumptions, unadulterated poppycock, hypotheticals, and salacious smut.

Amongst this public onslaught, a few objective postings featured a catalogue of “facts” detailing the progression of events from the original apprehension of Paris to the legal proceedings, her non-compliance to judicial matters of form, et cetera, and finally to her incarceration. Although these “facts” cannot be denied, as they are on the court records, police files, and in ‘public information’, they are only part of the proceedings.

Public opinion is deduced from editorial controlled media reports. Media reports, for pragmatic purposes ( amongst others ), omit publishing entire proceedings; as in the Hilton case. Unpublished facts underpinning the basis of the judge’s final decision of law ( i.e., the conviction and sentence ) included the entire proceedings between the defence and prosecution, admissible medical or psychiatric evidence, and in all probability, pre-sentence reports, with recommendations, et cetera. These factors of the proceedings were quite conspicuously absent, subsequently public opinion was formed from only the limited known “facts”.

Paris was then incarcerated, after which some anomalous circumstance occurred shortly afterwards, that brought an additional wave of public abuse against her, the district attorney, and the sheriff. Those bent on assassinating the characters of others, in these circumstances, ought to refer to Article Four, Sec. 2, l.519-21, and Amendments, Article Five, ls. 645-646; of the The Constitution of The United States.

The American judicial procedures, I believe, would be based upon equitable principles and rules. And if any irregularities occur – as appeared to have happened in the Hilton case – the American jurists would be more than capable of letting justice be served - calmly and objectively - without any unnecessary scurrilous outbursts from an hysterical sector of the public.

Paris Hilton has been incarcerated for a misdemeanour, and for failure to observe an instruction of law. She did not commit a felonious crime; there was, fortunately, no victim, yet the apparent magnitude of public condemnation was grossly disproportionate to the offences. When are the anti-Hilton campaigners going to recognize that this matter has been dealt with, and move on to their next celebrity?

2646 days ago
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