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Richie Sambora -- "It's All About Me"

6/19/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comApparently, Richie Sambora doesn't have such a big problem with drugs or alcohol that it couldn't be cured by a simple week of detox and therapy! The rocker and the rest of Bon Jovi were performing on "Today" this morning when Matt Lauer asked Richie about his recent Lohanesque trip to treatment, with Sambora revealing, "I did detox." No biggie!

The band rocked the "Today" stage and gave middle-aged women all over America something to brighten their morning. Richie's stay at rehab, er detox, was so brief that most of these fans probably hadn't even heard the news, or that he's busted up with Denise Richards.

From rock group to support group -- and back in a flash!


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#1 Richie Sambora is NOT a has been, I've seen Bon Jovi in 2003/2006 they still sell out arenas and totally rock the house, it does concern me he wasnt in rehab nearly long enough.

2685 days ago


"I did detox". What this means is that for several days he took a sedative, probably Librium, which kept him from going into withdrawals while the alcohol left his system. You can actually do this just as easily at home if your general practitioner will write you a perscription. I detoxed at home several times before kicking alcohol for good. It's done all the time. Detox is the easy part, it's actually fun; you're all mellow on sedatives for several days. IT'S THE REHABILITATION PART THESE STARS ARE MISSING. And they know it. What they are doing is drinking very, very heavily for a period of time, their bodies become very physically dependent, then they can't function, so they "detox" to clean out their bodies back to zero physical dependancy, and then start the cycle all over again. Trust me, I used to do it all the time till I got the REHABILITATION part correct.

2685 days ago


I'm not a Bon Jovi fan, but I was watching the Today show this morning and saw the performances and Matt Lauer talking to Richie Sambora.

Richie mentioned that he had a rough year and particularly mentioned that his father had died. Jon Bon Jovi was nice about sticking up for Richie when it seemed like Matt Lauer wanted to grill Richie on his issues.

I wouldn't put down Richie for anything. He has had a bad year. Divorce, break-up and the death of a parent. He said he went to detox and is in therapy. I don't see anything wrong with that.

2685 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Um, Kris Peterson,

You referred to 'the billionaire Starvos Miarkos,' but I think you were joking. That isn't his name, not even close, and plus, he hasn't got any money! It's his DAD that is a billionairre. Like so many of the subjects of TMZ's attention, Stabby is just another trust fund brat (TFB).

2685 days ago


Kris @ 2:02pm
The funny thing is, if Paris saw you she wouldn't even acknowledge your existance. Maybe your loyalty should be better placed. Just sayin'.....

2685 days ago


#3 Mission

have you ever heard of american trash? looks like you are admiring it a tad to much.
have seen you on other websites with the word Mission and you did the same
admiration for the low life of america shame on you.
thats why the world hates us so much our bad taste and sleezy ,skanky admiration
of all these Hollywood trash, never mind just the political stuff, Hollywood is also
part of this game of hate. get a life people, read a book, stay away supporting this
trash and you be surprised how you expand your mind's. Most of Hollywood trash
is OUT of their MINDS.

2685 days ago


Kris Peterson.. you are a D wad.. and you know nothing about this band. you are jealous is all.. i'll bet you are one ugly person with no life.. prob fat too !! You peeps are always the ones to be little people. RIchie might be having a tough time but he is friends and very supportive fan base, I am one of them.. and LOTS OF MONEY HONEY !! money might not make ya happy but it sure helps !!
RIchie you were HOT today !! LOVE YA BABY :)

2685 days ago

Nita Drink    

If you want to comment about Paris, go to a different story. See the statement above?:

"Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry." It even says please.

Bon Jovi rocks!

2685 days ago


If any of you went through the year that Richie went through, I have no doubt you would have turned to alcohol to deaden your feelings.

He looks heavy because alcohol, when a person drinks to the extreme, makes a person gain an incredible amount of weight! Booze is very high in calories!

For those of you who are saying that Bon Jovi is washed up, how many albums have you put out in the last 7 years???? These guys are work horses, and aren't afraid of working to please their fans. Plus they give back to their communities!!!!

Yes, I'm a Jovi fan! These guys are talented, and have been around for nearly 25 years. How many groups from the 80's or today can say that?

For the record.....the guys have put out nearly one CD a year for the last seven years!!!! I'd say they're still relevant!!!!

Guess jealousy has gotten the best of y'all!!!!

2685 days ago


Richie & the boys are definitely NOT has-beens! They've been together for 20 years & they'll stay together for as long as they want., hopefully another 20 years! Most of your singers & bands today won't last that long. They have a shelf life of 15 minutes.

Kelly Clarkson cancelled her tour because tix weren't selling. Can't say that about Bon Jovi, they are selling out concerts all over the world!

2685 days ago


Hey Richie, get a trainer u r way to fat man........has been

2685 days ago

roy pressimone    

richie sambora was a total idiot for not fighting to save his marriage to heather locklear. she is doing better and richie looks out of shape and tired. what a dumb idiot ..roypressimone

2685 days ago

Denise Go Away!!!!!!!    

Well still no standing up and being responsible for screwing up his daughters life. But of course neither has his Bitch. I believe David Bryan suffered the exact same loss's and I don't seem him acting like a Big Ole Dumb Ass. GROW UP RICHIE!!!!!! Get off your soap box and be real for just one minute.

How long will it be before he kills someone or ends up in jail for DUI. Can't wait to see the pictures from that event!!! Then what's his excuse gonna be????

2685 days ago


What is the controversy? My friend was not a full blown alchoholic. He just knew he was starting to get bad, so he detoxed, started therapy and has been dry ever since. Somple detox works for some people. I hope it does for Richie. I met him at a Bon Jovi show and he is the nicest and most laid back guy around.

2685 days ago


Looks like he should have gone to fat camp. Only old people like me still listen to them so that does make them a has been, no new fans. I seen them 30 years ago in a bar in Jersy and they rock now like tey did then, just not as long.

2685 days ago
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