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6/19/2007 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonIn his book, "If I Did It," Simpson describes a scene during his infamous Bronco chase where he debated killing himself with a Magnum:

A.C. drove another half-mile or so and pulled into an orange grove, where no one could spot us, not even from the sky. He got out to take a leak, and the moment he left the Bronco I reached for my grip. I unzipped it and pulled out the Magnum. I was in tremendous pain, and I saw nothing but more pain ahead of me, and I decided to end it. I realized, I can make this stop. One shot to the flicking [sic] head and it's over.

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if only he had pulled the freakin' trigger we wouldn't have to be reading this today.

2631 days ago


OJ is the best, he is the funniest, he is so cool.....What?,.... Oh, I thought you said JJ,........... never mind.

2631 days ago



2631 days ago

baby girl    

I'LL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2631 days ago


O.J did it! That's all I have to say.

2631 days ago


It's not too late O.J. Go ahead, we'll wait while you find a gun and pull the trigger!

2631 days ago

where is the justice    

He wanted to commit suicide because he knew that he was guilty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2631 days ago


YOU HATED BLACK PEOPLE AND USED THE RACE CARD, OJ .. KILL YOURSELF NOW!!!. You hated blacks yet you used them to threaten another race riot in LA so you could free yourself. You never saw your own mother and while you were rich living high, she was in poverty in a pitiful small apartment. You had but one black friend, but never others, they were all white as was the neighborhood you lived in. YOU LIED TO EVERYONE AND WHEN I MET YOU WITH NICOLE, YOU WERE CHARMING. BUT, YOU ARE A KILLER AND YOU HAVE CAUSED PAIN TO EVERYONE. I know who you are. You are scum. It was never a black/white racial game, but you played it and caused harm to an entire city, a country. I despise you as most all of us do. I'm likewise sick of blacks and Sharpton playing the race card when they should be in prison from their crimes. Why dono't you just become a Reverend OJ .. works for many blacks .. but then you stil lhave no black friends.

2631 days ago


why are people hating so much on oj?
if he did it, trust and believe that the lord will not let him go without penalty. if he didnt do it, then why send an innocent man to jail. karma is a bitch, and if he actually did it, he will pay.
i, for one, dont know how a man can kill someone and not fill guilty about it (if he did it). the guilt would drive me into insanity, even if i was charged for it.

2631 days ago


Guess this waste of ectoplasm thinks he's been out of the limelight for long enough, therefore needs to generate some cash by getting in the media spotlight again--- perhaps to meet his civil lawsuit obligations?

Letter to O.J.--- you need to go away and get another sad, pathetic life on a small desert island. Words cannot express what a waste of space you are.

2631 days ago


Hey OJ , I think the real killer is on the 7th tee right now, get your golf clubs and go check it out.

2631 days ago


Would you idiots get a grip. OJ Simpson was INNOCENT!!! Listen to what he said. This is what happened. The lesbian who was living with Nichole was in trouble with drug dealers. Ron Goldman.....wrong place at the wrong time. There was a racist detective Mark Thurman who wanted to be the "famous" cop during the trial. If OJ REALLY wanted to kill his ex-wife, he had more than enough money to have her killed by a professional!!!!!! That idiot cop was the first on the scene, grabs the bloody glove that didn't even fit OJ, accidently on purpose drops it in the backyard, and you know the rest. In other words, the freeway incident was because OJ knew people were going to rush to judgement and wanted to commit suicide. So the story is this...............drug dealers after her room mate, Nichole won't tell them where she is, they kill both innocent people. Your perception is OJ goes over to her house, kills her and her friend, goes home, takes a shower, goes and buys a hamburger, gets into his limo and goes to the airport. And only 2 drops of blood were in his Bronco. It would have been a mess, and he would have never had the chance to clean it up. THE CLINCHER BEHIND ALL OF THIS.............OJ WOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT THOSE TWO CHILDREN ASLEEP IN THEIR ROOMS THAT NIGHT, ALL ALONE AFTER HE "SUPPOSEDLY" KILLED HIS EX. The jury knew this, alot of us knew that, and the prosecution made asses out of themselves. Now OJ is broke because of a "rush to judgement" society.

2631 days ago


Just go away.... we all know you killed Nicole and her friend and so do you...!
Do you sleep at night? I know your daughter was all messed up like Paris, I hope that has changed. I see you walk pretty stiff these days, guess your blaming that on the football... But, you and GOD both know you killed her and Goldman....may you stiffen up so badly that you can no longer be seen in public ever again........YOU KILLED HER

2631 days ago


Why are we even reading this crap? This man is waste of air.

2631 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What a pussy-he should have done the world a big favor and offed himself. Quit reporting on this has been killer-no more press for this traah!

2631 days ago
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