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Dead McMahon in Bad Taste?

6/20/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Death struck twice for the WWE this week, and the real fatality is making the WWE wonder whether the staged one should stay in the script.

WWE fem-fighter "Sensational Sherri" Martel was found dead at her mother's home June 15, and just three days before, chief butt-head Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion on the "Monday Night RAW" broadcast. Foul play wasn't suspected in Martel's death, but cops have said in reports that the cause wasn't natural.

In light of Martel's real death, we're told there were discussions inside the WWE about abandoning their current "McMahon is Presumed Dead" storyline, with many WWE folks feeling that it was in poor taste.

But c'mon, folks, this is the WWE we're talking about! Not only is McMahon staying dead, the WWE, according to reports, plans to push the storyline even further with the discovery of DNA evidence linking McMahon, his limo driver and a "mysterious third party" to the fictional attack ... all for consumption this Friday on "WWE Smackdown."

That sound you hear is Owen Hart, spinning in his grave.

The WWE had no comment on the situation.


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PEOPLE!!!!! Wrestling, no matter what brand it is, WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA in Mexico, or NJPW in Japan, is just a SOAP OPERA! How many people on the daytime soaps die and then magically come back? Do you all have nothing better to do than p*ss and moan about something 99% of you don't follow or watch anyway?

2682 days ago


"It's you that should really take a reality check and realize that Vincent Kenndy McMahon, would have no "wrestling empire" if it was not for athelets like Sherrie Martel." - Dark Maiden

You should also realize thet these 95% of wrestlers out there (past and present) wouldn't have had a career if it weren't for this villian Vince McMahon. So what, he's scrupulous, shrude, and does anything to make a buck. What successful businessman doesn't??

2682 days ago


It's not a felony to be 'presumed dead" which is what Vince McMahon is. Although the WWE could get into huge trouble for misleading their investors. It is a crime for a publicly owned and traded company to mislead their stockholders, which analysts say the WWE may be doing with the whole VKM is dead angle.

2682 days ago


PEOPLE!!!! Wrestling, no matter what brand it is (WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA in Mexico, or NJPW in Japan) nothing but a SOAP OPERA! If anyone of you bothered to watch it and follow it for maybe a week then you would realize there are storylines, angle, and works that set up the actual matches that take place. How often does someone in some daytime soap die/vanish/disppear and then when sweeps come along they magically come back? It's no different here. Sensation Sherri's death is sad and she will be missed by many if not everyone in the sports entertainment industry. Truth be told, if she was still alive, and probably before she passed, she was applauding the work. All the appropriate permits were obtained by WWE in the state of Pennsylvania (where this occured), the limo explosion was done in a controlled environment with firefighters and EMT's on the scene, and was all done the night before Monday Night RAW on Sunday evening. There have been newspaper articles stating this as fact. McMahon's "death" or "presumed death" is only the real viable way (and if you watched WWE regularly you'd understand) to get the CHARACTER of Mr. McMahon off of TV. The USA network which televises Monday Night RAW was growing weary of the ratings and the fact that Mr. McMahon, the character, was "hogging" the spotlight and getting too involved in nearly every storyline. Fans grew tired of this so they had to get rid of him. Now if you watched WWE the limo explosion shouldn't have been much of a surprise or you shouldn't have been taken aback too much. Given the history and lengths that company will go to for shock value. They've had idividuals "crucified" during PPV's, they have casket matchs, barbed wire matches, Steve Autin use to drive monster trucks into the arena or crush VKM's car while he was in it. They have a character who eats actual worms, where's PETA? They have scantily clad "divas" wrestling in pudding matches. They've had a live sex show with Edge and Lita on national TV. Vince McMahon had his own "Kiss My A**" club where on live national TV grown men would kneel and kiss his bare bottom. It's always been about and always will be about SHOCK value and in today's society this shouldn't be a big deal!

2682 days ago


first and formost RIP Sherri! The WWE did nothing wrong here. They wanted to satisify USA with the ratings so they came up with the Vince "death angle". No one knew that Sherri would die a few days after the angle was staged. That itself, was just bad timing. Yes WWE should think about all their fans, b/c as we all know, that there are youngters out there that are wrestling fans and really can't determine what is real and what is fake. Vince is alive and well. The car bombing was taped Sunday night. Vince walking in the back of the arena where all the superstars were was taped b4 Raw started. But the shot with Vince actually walking to the limo was real. It amazed out they pulled it off. So basically as soon as Vince got into the limo, they went stright to the tape of the limo exploding which made it seem like Vince really blew up in the limo. Come on folks, it wrestling, and this is a bad story line that they used. As far it being fake, i would say its not b/c the injuries are real. and to the person who commented on Eddie death and said that was a script, it wasn;t. His death was unexpected and they choose to put it part of the show b/c he was still an active wrestler, and WWE gave the superstars a choice to wrestle or not because they were dealing with the death of a wrestler. WWE is a big family and all its staff i'm quite sure a very close to each other. And i'm sure, that everybody behind the scenes at WWE including their stockholders and etc, knows the truth of everything that is happening. And Vince is not faking his death, its just a storyline and thats it. So He can't go to jail just for doing his job and what he does best which is entertain WWE fans like me, and make a living for himself and his family. In closing, i do agree, WWE shouldn't of took that far!

2682 days ago


To the few yahoos that are asking if Vince is really dead... NO HE IS NOT and TMZ really should have done their research the right way because the "Vince Is Dead" story was done a few days BEFORE Sherri died and was actually TAPED the Saturday BEFORE the Monday night episode of RAW that Vince "died". I actually love the story line cuz personally RAW was really beginning to bore the hell out of me but I do have to say I am a bit disappointed they didnt really do much of a tribute to Sherri (as much as I hated her though) and that isnt right.

2682 days ago


Anyone with the 10-13 year old kids shouldn't be letting watch Monday night Raw in the 1st place. secondly wrestling has had a million angles over the years that made this crap look tame. I'm only shocked they pulled this at such a down time of the year. No MNF or 1st run prime time shows or NHL/NBA playoffs left to compete for ratings. Raw makes USA the highest rated cable network.

poor taste? yeah, mainly because we all know that the ending will be a let down and before long Vince will be back on tv

2682 days ago

Auntie Em    

Since when did WWE care about anything being in poor taste??

2682 days ago


lol! The only thing that would make this more pathetic is if they wrote Trump back into the storyline!

2682 days ago


I'm a huge pro wrestling fan and want to say that I'm impressed with TMZ staff for this article -- and for getting it right! More often than not, the mainstream media doesn't "understand" WWE; hell, the day after they aired the show when Vince McMahon's limo blew up, reported it as if it was a real story. Good job.

2682 days ago


TMZ really needs to hire a new writer if it wants to run wrestling-based stories.

WWE had once made a promise to the parents of its young fans never to run murder storylines. The Mr. McMahon death storyline is a betrayal of that promise.

2682 days ago

pointing out the truth    

wrestling is just a soap opera for guys! This is all fake and and people continuously do things in wwe that they do on soaps! i use to de a huge fan when i was younger till my dad took me to a wrestling match and got me front row seats he thought i would like it i was so excited 'till i saw how fake it was i was sitting to close and could see them actually hitting the mat instead of each other! I lost interest and I was 12! If you let your children watch explain to them thats it fake!

2682 days ago


Pro Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world and whatever Vince does is gold. You can never go to far. Pro Wrestling is 100 Percent of my life. Go Vince keep pushing the envelope because there is no limit.

2682 days ago


Wrestling is NOT only for men, women watch it, too!! my husband doesn't watch it, but my son, my mother, and I are addicted. At least it's better than soap-operas that show people just sleeping around the town being male and female whores...I wonder if most if you people that are saying "wrestling is fake" know a little something about how Owen Hart died. He died IN the ring. AT a pay-per view. Obviously, not too much is fake. It was a stunt that went horribly wrong. Yes, the storylines are a bunch of B.S., but so are the storylines on EVERY other show on T.V. (hello! ever hear how survivor is scripted or anyother 'reality' show?!?) These men and women go out every night and chance something really bad happening to them, for the audience's entertainement. I've always hated when people call it "FAKE". Yeah, the dialogue is, but not much else. I'm confused, if some of these rejects knew how many of these wrestlers had got hurt, or died in the ring I wonder what they'd say.

I agree with the McMahon thing, though. VERY poor taste. I didn't know about Sherri until I read TMZ (which is a sad thing), and I still thought the whole 'explosion' thing was too over the top. Death is NOT something to take lightly, and definately should NOT be put into a storyline for ratings. Bad Boy, Vince!!

So, before all of you go on and continue saying wrestling is fake, do a little back-checking first and find out what has and can happen in the ring. Which is why there are disclaimers during the shows, and they even have some of the wrestlers themselves state "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME." Remember the kids that were on the news?? There is at least 1 kid that broke his neck (heard about that here in Michigan anyway) one kid that was dumb enough to set himself on fire, and a few others that got seriously hurt because they and their dumb-ass friends were trying to copy what they saw on T.V. Gee, how fake is it now?!?

2682 days ago


This is a pretty sic joke........what Vince won't do for ratings...........

2682 days ago
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