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Scaffolding Goes Up Around Angelyne

6/20/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AngelyneAngelyne, the overinflated, self-indulgent, perennially pink L.A. icon, who has bombarded the city for years with billboards featuring her own wannabe-glam image (one read "Barbie wishes she were me") is now working ... out of a storage shed.

The curvaceous platinum blonde, age unknown, a local legend known for tooling around town in pink form-fitting pants in her pink Corvette, was forced out of her Hollywood Blvd. office after nearly 20 years, because a high-rent hotel is under construction.

The pink wannabe diva was paid a small amount of relocation green by the city, but she wants more cash. She told the L.A. Times the developer refused ... saying, "Honey, take me to court." Another case of subpoena envy!


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The Wheel    

That is sooo not true that she is 49!!!!!!! She is definitely OVER 60 years old. Notice you NEVER see her without gloves or see her hands except for the one time in L.A. Times magazine when it showed her hands VERY crippeled and knotty with arthritis. But give the woman props for not being fat like others her age.

2626 days ago

Debra Disney-Dior    

The world needs more Angelyne's. She reminds me of old time movie stars. When stars were dressed to the nines, mysterious, and of few words.

2626 days ago


I know her story, through the friend of her ex. She had a VERY rich guy fall madly in love with her a long time ago. She wanted to be famous and the guy that was head over heels for her, put up billboards to make her happy. Many, back in the day, loved her photos. After the guy died, his will left for her to continue with the billboards. She is now and has been since the guy died, a prostitute. She has long time regulars who still pay her alot. It's so sad.

2626 days ago

San Francisco    

I was visiting a buddy in L.A. when we saw her in the car.
I waved to her, & she beeped back a "hello". Sweet.
Hey, leave the lady alone. Is she bombing another country? Stealing from the poor? She's just an eccentric person, & we need more like her, & Grace Jones, Annie Lennox......

2625 days ago


I agree with Bliss. She did have a very rich Armenian man who took care of her. I remember seeing her billboard back in 1968 on Sunset Blvd.
She looked young in the Billboard but difficult to say exactly her age. That was 40 years ago so she can't be 49.

2624 days ago


Wish you read-tards would stop posting that sheit. Pay more attention here. 20 years of billboards haven't helped this "lady" so try and be nice, y'all.

2683 days ago


I saw this hag at Muso's when my Mum took me in the late 80's. She looked 100 then. I was in the bathroom washing up when she came in. I can't tell you how frightening she looked. She was about 30 pounds, 15 of them bad implants. The skin on her upper arms hanged like a wizards sleeve, so I imagine her vah-gine was pretty crepey also. I followed her out to her pink Corvette and examined the mess that was she. I will never forget that day. Years later I got an apartment in Beachwood Cnyn and saw that car occasionally. Does anyone know just how old that woman is? I googled, but didn't find out. Pls help. I have PTSD after seeing her as a yungun.

2683 days ago

Mary T.    

WHO THE HELL?????????????????????///

2683 days ago


my bro and I saw her at a stoplight in hollyweed one day...she was in that obnoxious pink corvette with those saggin fun bags drooping off her chest. We were openly goofing on her and she shook and head and sped off. $400,000 to reprint that litter? c'mon!

2683 days ago


This is a prime example as to why I am sooo thankful I don't live in L.A. I have less plastic in my car!

2683 days ago


In the early 80's, I saw her with John Holmes! Both were very scary.

2683 days ago

Grace E.    

Many more Americans will be adversingly affected by emient domain laws where by property is taken away from original owners if new potential buyers can prove that their new developement will increase the tax base.

2683 days ago


I use to see her all the time on Hollywood Blvd. in her pink corevette when I us to live in Hollywood, about 20 years ago. Wow!!!! all she does is drive around Hollywood all day and night........

2683 days ago


Is she really still alive??

2683 days ago

Kevin T.    

IMDB lists her birth year as 1958 without a source though.

2683 days ago
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