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Should TMZ Be Held In Contempt?

6/20/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonThe legal trustee who is in control of the OJ Simpson manuscript "If I Did It" is upset at TMZ for publishing a link to the manuscript and running a story with several excerpts. The trustee is asking a judge to hold TMZ in contempt of court.

Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family. Fred Goldman, who was initially outraged that Simpson would try and peddle a book about how he might have committed the killings, had a change of heart and wanted the script sold and the proceeds directed his way.

In the court papers filed today, the lawyer for the trustee wrote, "...during the time that the Manuscript was published on the TMZ Website, literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, downloaded the Manuscript, and now hold [the] property on their hard drives, property that is now freely transferable around the globe at the click of a mouse."

The legal papers claim "TMZ blatantly and intentionally violated the automatic stay." Last week, the judge had ordered the parties involved in the case or their agents not to disseminate the manuscript.

The trustee's lawyer is asking the judge to order TMZ to reveal how it obtained the manuscript. The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...."


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Come on Mr. OJ... let's see you take ANYONE into a court room. Where would you get the money to do that? Doesn't that money belong to your children. Don't write it if you don't want it read.

2646 days ago


Harvey Levin, you "screwed up" jerk.

2646 days ago


Why don't OJ just Go Away? The Public does not want any books from him or about him. His Lawyers are in this, for the bucks. They are just as Greedy as he is. Why try to use TMZ for their Madness. OJ started this mess......

2646 days ago


No, TMZ should not be held in contempt of court. Also, the entire manuscript was not on this site, at least I didn't see the entire manuscript. Since the book will be sold and profits will go to the Goldman family, I will purchase it.

2646 days ago

Mary T. many shows will you be on tonight explaining yourself...If I were you I'd lay off the O.rangeJ.uice saga..makes you look like you're in his corner.........and he really doesn't have one where it count the MOST.........

2646 days ago


I love # 15 & 16 comments. You can't bet them.

2646 days ago


Post the transcript!

2646 days ago


I think TMZ has a right to deliver the news... Freedom of the press... but if there was a court order? I guess the courts will decide. Mr. Levin is an attorney, he can hold his own!

2646 days ago


Whoever gave the story to TMZ should be held liable, TMZ reports all the trash that is supplied to them.
What is the deal any one with a half an ounce of sense knows he did it, and he laughs in the worlds face cause he knows he got away with it.
people will still buy the book so BIG DEAL, they'll still get their money.

I'd like for TMZ to round up OJ's "fabulous" Jury and get their opinions of the

Those folks on the jury who let him walk are the scumbags, who freed thier fellow scumbag leader!!!!

2646 days ago


Of course TMZ should be held in contempt - they had no right to publish the property of someone else - as for all the comments that TMZ has done a good thing - TMZ only posted the manuscript to draw more readers, not out of some sense of obligation to do the right thing by hampering the royalties that would come from the sales of such a book. It is TMZ itself who has given the spotlight back to OJ once again. Vigilante gossip columnists? Hardly. As for the Goldmans, who knows what they are planning regarding the money and what they are feeling? When all of you out there lose a son in such a manner and recieve NO justice, perhaps then you can have the right to judge but until then, you should all keep your mouths shut. A wise man once said "judge not lest ye be judged".
I find myself constantly amazed and saddened that the general public feels justified in judging the celebrities of our time and how out of control the whole gossip industry has become - just because these people were fortunate enough to have been born with enough talent to make them famous or unfortunate enough to have gone through such a scandalous and tragic affair as to make them infamous does not give any of us the right to assume anything about them. Ourselves as a society should be ashamed of our morbid and out of control fascination with them - it is us who have created the paparazzi and fueled the tabloids' increasingly intrusive and demeaning behavior towards these people and I for one am ashamed.

2646 days ago


Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family........ But did this same judge give anyone the right to pass this manuscript on to anyone they choose and have it placed on the Internet? That question remains to be seen. I think far too many sites like this just want to be the first to post something and never factor in anyone eles thoughts or wishes before doing so.

2646 days ago


I've wrote 2 comments and haven't seen 1 of them on here, I believe it was drug dealers who did the killings not oj and goldmans all they want is money,anyone who can't see that is stupid! let them go sue the man in the moon, I hope they don't get anything at all! shame on them, is that why you have kids, so if they get killed you get paid?

2646 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

Look site like TMZ & Perez Hilton cater to the bottom feeders of society,who expects
much from these sites(?) I don't.It's fun to go to PEREZ HILTON & make fun of the failed HIV infected fat nothing & get "news" here on TMZ but to expect much content,morals,ETC from the people who post here(including I) or from horrid excuse for a human or even a HOMO like Perez Hilton AKA Mario Lavenderia is ABSURD.I mean fatso steals,lies,makes fun of kids & has no life but trying to be something he will never be,worthwhile.

2646 days ago


Link to the transcript?

2646 days ago

Mary T.    

Posted at 1:21PM on Jun 20th 2007 by Bob
Bob, buy the book cheap-skate........when the Goldman's have it published.......

2646 days ago
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