Tara Reid's Mouth -- Takes on All Comers

6/20/2007 10:56 AM PDT
She showed signs of improvement, but apparently it didn't stick -- Trainwreck Tara is back and tongue-friendlier than ever!

TMZ cameras snapped Ms. Reid in a car parked outside of Hyde last night -- no word on if she actually made it through the doors -- where she sucked face with one of her male passengers. With Paris behind bars, Lindsay in rehab and Nicole Richie heading to court, how else is a girl gonna get attention in Hollywood these days, right?

Reid wasn't the only one getting some action in front of Hyde -- TMZ also caught "wasted" porn queen Jenna Jameson simulating a little girl-on-girl action in the back seat of her ridiculous new white Rolls Royce Phantom. One can only speculate what (or who) went down after that.